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2 years ago

How to back up all of your Instagram photos automagically using IFTTT and OneDrive


The first video in a series of "60 Second Productivity Hacks, Tips and Insights on How to Get more Out of Our Everyday Technology Tools and Platforms" appeared today on the official Microsoft Lumia youtube channel.

The series of BrainCandy videos is being produced in partnership between Microsoft and CrowdCentric. Each week, BrainCandy will release a new Microsoft video featuring little-known tech tips, tricks and hacks to help digital professionals and consumers live better and work smarter.

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2 years ago

Windows 10 for phones may include Flashlight and 'Quick Note' in its Action Center

2 years ago

Internet Explorer has a security flaw when copying masked passwords on Windows Phone (Update)


Information security is always one of those topics that is hard to report on, especially with the sheer number of devices available today. The problem lies in what is dangerous, what is bad, or what is no-big-deal. Frankly, opinions vary on the risks and threats involved.

One neat feature in Windows Phone is the ability to select text and hit the Search key. The Windows Phone OS copies the information over to Bing (or Cortana), and it lets you search without having to copy/paste the selection. It is super useful and certainly convenient for speedy searches.

However, there does seem to be one instance where this feature works where it should not: password fields.

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2 years ago

'Project Spartan' in Windows 10 will use new rendering engine, while IE 11 will remain the same

2 years ago

MixRadio added to T-Mobile's Music Freedom list for unlimited streaming

2 years ago

Owner of Three UK will purchase O2 for £10.25 billion

2 years ago

Futurology 1.1: Smaller, higher-capacity batteries are closer than ever before


Recent advancements in Lithium Sulfur and Lithium metal anodes pave the way for smaller, safer batteries with higher capacities.

Back at the start of the year in our Smartphone Futurology series, we discussed the technology behind the battery in smartphones and what's to come in the future. This article is a quick update to that piece, looking at some of the recent developments in batteries based on Lithium chemistry — like the ones powering the vast majority of smartphones.

We'll take a closer look at what reduces your phone's battery life over time, and how high-capacity technologies like Lithium Sulfur batteries and Lithium metal anodes are closer than ever to becoming practical. Join us after the break.

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2 years ago Windows Phone app launches with access to over 300 CBS Radio stations [Update: Windows 8.1 as well]

2 years ago

New data confirms Lumia 635's ascent to Windows Phone dominance


Low-end and entry-level Lumias like the Lumia 535 and Lumia 635 continue to dominate the landscape, Windows 10 preview phones dip and Microsoft owns more than 96% of the Windows Phone market

AdDuplex ( have released their Windows Phone Device Stats for March, 2015. The story of low-end and entry level Windows Phones continue to dominate the landscape while new figures for India, Russia, Brazil, France, Italy, and the US reveal their unique stories.

AdDuplex runs a cross-promotion advertising network running on 5,265 different apps on Windows Phone, and the data was compiled on March 20 for this analysis.

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2 years ago

Review - BodyGuardz UltraTough Clear Full Body Skin for Nokia Lumia 1520


When it comes to preventing damage to your smartphone, there are a number of different options that offer varying levels of protection. If you are a Lumia 1520 owner, you may be looking for something that shields your device without adding much weight or bulk to the already monstrous monolith of a phone.

If that is your goal, you may want to consider the BodyGuardz UltraTough clear full body skin for the Lumia 1520.

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2 years ago

Amazon's daily sale prices Microsoft keyboards, mice and more for up to 61% off

2 years ago

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon expansion goes live for Xbox One for $15

2 years ago

HP partners up with Bang & Olufsen for better-sounding PCs

2 years ago

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Evolve and more Xbox games on sale in this week's Deals with Gold

2 years ago

Microsoft makes app development easier with Azure App Service


Microsoft's latest addition to the Azure cloud platform comes in the form of an app service. The Azure App Service will allow developers to easily build employee, partner, and customer-facing applications. By utilizing the new App Service platform developers will not only be able to build apps quicker, but also integrate them with popular services, have the ability for the app to autoscale as needed, and easily integrate with Microsoft Azure Websites, Mobile Services and Biztalk Services.

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