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2 years ago

It's not just you: Bing web search results are currently not working [Update: It's back]

2 years ago

How to move media Libraries to a microSD card on your Surface Pro 3


Beginners' Tips Series!

My Surface Pro 3 has quickly become the device I use most often. And since what I do on it is typically limited to writing, crawling the web and communicating with people, my demand for storage is not very high. However, I always make sure that I have plenty of music on my Surface, which can take up a lot of space.

When deciding on which version of the Surface I was going to buy I knew I wanted an Intel i5 processor, which left me with 128GB and 256GB for hard drive options. From a storage perspective, it was a no-brainer for me to go with the 128GB drive. Knowing full well that I could increase the amount of storage at any given time by taking advantage of the Surface's microSD card slot helps with that decision.

Considering I already had a 64GB microSD card sitting at home, it was a decision that saved me $300 over the 256GB model.

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2 years ago

Google study: over half of teenagers use voice search daily

2 years ago

Nokia Refocus app latest to be rebranded by Microsoft to Lumia Refocus

2 years ago

Save big on these HTC One M8 tear resistant skin cases today—only $12.95!

2 years ago

Skype Qik lets you replace text conversations with instant video messaging [Update: it's live!]

2 years ago

Enter OrcKid, a Windows Phone arcade game full of evil sheep to hack and slash


Enter Orckid is an action packed Windows Phone game where you take control of a young orc warrior who has to hack his way through the various game quests.

The storyline has the Orcs nearing the brink of extinction and it is up to the young Orc warrior to save the day by defeating the enemies of the Orc. Available for low-memory devices, Enter OrcKid has decent graphics and challenging game play.

The game has potential but quirky controls tends to hold this game back and will a little fine-tuning to give Enter OrcKid a better chance of success.

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2 years ago

Leak shows that Acer is working on a 12-inch Aspire Switch with a new design

2 years ago

Microsoft launches Bing Elections for predicting results of US mid-term vote


Microsoft has been expanding the use of its Bing search database to provide predictions for things like World Cup matches, NFL games and even reality shows. Now Bing has launched a new service that will not only give US residents tons of information about the upcoming mid-term election on November 4 but will try to predict the results of those races as well.

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2 years ago

Highscreen preparing to launch new affordable Windows Phones in Russia


Russia-based Highscreen is looking to launch two new Windows Phones. The brand (owned by Vobis Computer) will bring to the market WinWin (pictured above) and WinJoy, two interesting names to match the variety of colors that will be available. These new handsets will be affordable solutions for those looking for an absolute bargain when it comes to picking up a new smartphone.

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2 years ago

Salesforce1 app for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 now in invite-only testing

2 years ago

OnePlus reportedly considering a Windows Phone smartphone [Update: not really]


Update: The Economic Times is now stating that the statements regarding the launch of a Windows Phone device were miscommunicated, and that OnePlus is not considering a Windows Phone handset after all.

"[Carl Pei] was speaking to the fact that we are open to choice for our users and had even at one point spoken with Microsoft about perhaps having Windows as a choice for install on the One. We have no plans to make a Windows phone."

Original story follows.

The Windows Phone platform has seen the addition of several handset vendors this year, and it look like one more manufacturer is interested in launching a device on the platform. In a recent interview with Economic Times, director of OnePlus Carl Pei stated that the manufacturer is considering a Windows Phone device.

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2 years ago

Standalone Kinect sensor for Xbox One is now available for $149.99

2 years ago

Hundreds of Dropbox accounts compromised via third party service; change your password now

2 years ago

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season is now available for Xbox One


The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season, the game that is, is now available for Xbox One owners for $24.99 in the Xbox Games Store and $29.99 on Amazon. The game includes all 5 episodes from the first season as well as the DLC "400 Days." The Walking Dead: Season One won hundreds of awards including Game of the Year from many gaming publications.

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