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2 years ago

Subway Surfers picks up Halloween-themed New Orleans update

2 years ago

Four different ways to do a Windows 8 screenshot


Beginner's Tips Series!

There are tons of reasons why you might want to capture an image on your Surface Pro 3, or other Windows 8 computer. Maybe you want to preserve a pic of your high score for posterity. Perhaps your IT guy won't accept "My Outlook isn't working" as a legitimate gripe and wants a screenshot of the error message. Or just maybe, you write for a technology website and often find yourself needing images when creating "How To's" for your readers.

Whatever the reason, Windows 8 makes is super easy to getting a pic of your screen. If you are new to Windows 8.1 or have a Surface Pro 3, you may be wondering what your screenshot options are, so we break 'em down for you.

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2 years ago

New report says Microsoft may end production of ARM-based Surface tablets

2 years ago

These dual-layer, glossy cases for Lumia 920 are 46% off today!

2 years ago

Satya Nadella says Microsoft has 'full and sustained support' for Surface program

2 years ago

PC shipments decline slightly in Q3 2014 as industry may be recovering

2 years ago

Lumia 1020 is the brains behind a new 3D printed telescope

2 years ago

BBC iPlayer for Windows Phone gets a small update

2 years ago

Italy-based Miia to release new 4.7-inch Windows Phone device

2 years ago

Carcassonne review – The classic board game returns as a universal game for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8


Early this summer, a big batch of Xbox Windows Phone and Windows 8 games disappeared from the Store and into the ether. Some of these games would return without their Xbox features, we reported, while others would stay gone for good. One of those delisted titles was Carcassonne, a strategic board game from German developer Exozet games. This week, it finally returned to Windows Phone.

Formerly a Windows Phone 7 title, Carcassonne has been upgraded to Windows Phone 8 status. The new version looks better and plays faster than ever. It has a new cross-platform online multiplayer mode that should make playing with friends easier than before. And even better, Carcassonne supports universal purchases. Buy it once and get the Windows Phone and Windows 8 and RT versions. Read on to find out how the game plays and what changes the Remastered version brings!

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2 years ago

Roku App Review - Turning your Windows Phone into convenient remote


Over the summer, Roku officially released a Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 version of their Roku app, which turns your device into a handy remote control for your Roku device.

The Roku app has a simple interface and will automatically detect your Roku devices. We've been using it for about a month and find it to be a nice app to have handy for situations such as when you've lost your Roku remote, too lazy to get up and get your Roku remote or are in the mood to battle your better half with dueling remotes.

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2 years ago

Lumia 530 and Lumia 630 Diwali offers detailed by Microsoft India

2 years ago

Twitter teams up with Microsoft to show breaking news tweets on MSN

2 years ago

Microsoft ranked fifth most valuable brand in the world

2 years ago

Microsoft needs your help in predicting the future

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