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2 years ago

Microsoft adds 1080p emulator images to Windows Phone SDK

2 years ago

Readit updated to fix battery and heating issues, new features also added


Readit has been out for Windows Phone since early November. The app quickly become one of the best Reddit apps in the Windows Phone and become our personal favorite. It’s a stunning app that has seen rapid success and updates since its launch. There’s even a Windows 8 version currently being developed. Version 1.4 of the popular app is now out, so let’s check out what’s new in this update for Readit.

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2 years ago

4Blend HDR updated, adds flash control and bug fixes


4Blend HDR is the latest HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography app for Windows Phone 8.  The app takes three photos of your subject at varying exposure settings and blends them together into one image.  The result should give the photo more dynamic colors/range.  4Blend HDR has a simple layout, a healthy selection of effects filters and a voice-triggered shutter.

We found the app to have potential but was held back, in part, by stability issues.  As expected, an update was released today taking 4Blend HDR to version 1.0.1 to address the stability issues.  The update also adds a flash setting to the control panel to allow you to turn off your Windows Phone camera flash.

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2 years ago

Microsoft quietly updates the Surface Pro 2 with slightly improved CPU

2 years ago

Firefox for Windows 8 in development, release slated for March


For those of you who are fans of Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, there continues to be a long wait as we anticipate a Windows 8 version of the application. The company had planned to launch their Windows 8 browser almost two years ago in quarter one of 2012 – that never happened. According to a new revised schedule on the Mozilla’s development Wiki, the release is now slated for March 18 of this year.

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2 years ago

Six Windows Phone Red Stripe Deals ring in the New Year


After all those December deals on Xbox Windows phone games, it’s only natural that the return to a single Xbox Red Stripe Deal of the Week would be less exciting. And so it is! This week’s Xbox sale game is alchemic puzzle game Doodle God from JoyBits. Doodle God last went on sale for 99 cents in July – here’s another chance to get it on the cheap.

If the repeated Xbox sale doesn’t light your fire, perhaps the remaining Red Stripe Deals will do it. Instead of two non-Xbox deals, we have five this time – all Windows Phone 7 and 8 compatible. Games Drive Hard Taxi from JuJu-Apps, Jack Hale from Igor Maliukh, and Toilet People from Muki Software are on sale for 99 cents. Productivity apps Chronos Calendar and Yivosoft Recorder also get discounts. Head past the break for descriptions, pictures, and Store links!

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2 years ago

Awesome Lock for Windows Phone 8 updated, free version added to the line-up


Awesome Lock is a Windows Phone 8 lockscreen app that allows you to customize your lockscreen with the latest news, weather forecasts, calendar events, tasks and a lot more.

The app was recently updated to version that takes care of a few bugs and adds a nice list of customization features.  In addition to the update for the paid version, the developer also has released a free version of Awesome Lock.

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2 years ago

Popular Android arcade game Traffic Frenzy arrives for Windows Phone 8


Here’s a nice change from the usual endless runners of late, as a decent traffic management game is now available for Windows Phone. The company behind Traffic Frenzy, Games2Win (site) produces many short-attention-span games for iOS and Android, with this title being popular on the latter. The development house is slowly bringing over many of those games to Windows Phone, and this is one of those.

Traffic Frenzy is a free game with solid, bold graphics. Its purpose? You have to manage traffic by acting as a traffic light switcher. In theory, this sounds like the dumbest thing ever—what’s next, Teeth Brushing Frenzy? In reality, the free game is kind of a fun, no brainer.

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2 years ago

App Update Roundup: SysApp Pusher gets background checks, My 500px and more

2 years ago

AppsQuiz, a game that will test your Windows Phone Store smarts


AppsQuiz is a new Windows Phone game that tests your knowledge of the Windows Phone Store icons (or logos) for many of the apps and games that are on the shelves.

The game is similar to the many logo/trademark trivia games (Iconmania, Logoarama, etc) but instead of guessing the manufacturer’s branding you are tasked with identifying a Windows Phone app or game based on its Store icon.

AppsQuiz is a fun game for your Windows Phone.  The game only has fifty levels, which may make it short lived for some, but we are hopeful that the next update will add more gaming to the mix.

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2 years ago

Subway Surfers gets new Mumbai update, but Windows Phone will have to wait


We’re still playing Subway Surfers every day, as the endless runner has raced to the top of our games list. But that doesn’t mean all is well with the game yet on Windows Phone.

For one, it doesn’t have 512 MB RAM support, which is becoming a bigger deal as low-cost Windows Phones become more and more frequent. The other issue is general updates. Today, Kiloo Games has released a new version of Subway Surfers entitled ‘Mumbai’ for iOS and Android. But Windows Phone won’t get it for some time.

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2 years ago

Wrist-First: This is Pebble


"The smartwatch kind of snuck up on us." I'm sitting with Eric Migicovsky in his office in Palo Alto. Even seated he towers over me, which might help explain his extraordinary vision. Or maybe he’s just that far ahead of the rest of us.

Earlier attempts at making watches smarter, everything from the classic Casio calculator watch to the Sony Ericsson MBW series, didn't do it for Migicovsky. They simply didn't do enough. Inspired by pen computers like the Newton, Psion, and the Palm Pilot, and their eventual convergence with smartphones, Migicovsky felt there was a place for a device that was even more convenient.

He wanted something that could take on a subset of tasks and make them available to you at glance, on your wrist, while in a meeting or on a run. After early attempts to hack extra radios onto the iPhone 3G, Migicovsky, a Canadian, switched his focus to the (at the time) far more accessible BlackBerry platform.

2 years ago

Low-end Nokia Normandy leaked in photo, showing off its Android OS

2 years ago

Citilink Indonesia releases official app for Windows Phone

2 years ago

Status Tiles helps you easily manage your Windows Phone connectivity and settings


Since Windows Phone 7 launched, there have been numerous attempts by developers to create the perfect settings and connectivity shortcut solution, but many have either fallen short and/or ceased development. So which app should you look at if you're wanting such a download? Cue Status Tiles.

The app itself has been available since November, but we've somehow missed it and the developer has just pushed out a small update.

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