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2 years ago

Nokia unlocks Pro Cam app for Lumia 920, 925 and 928 users with Amber


Good news if you’re looking to ramp up your photography skills on the Lumia 925, as Nokia is now allowing the Pro Cam app on that phone. Previously, the advanced photography suite was only available for the Nokia Lumia 1020 but it was also known that it would trickle down to the 92x series later.

Today, we can confirm that on our Lumia 925 we can install and indeed use the app. We also suspect that Lumia 928 users may be also be able to use it as well as those on the Lumia 920 who have received the combo GDR2 + Amber updates. In order for the app to work, it requires some OS modifications and the Amber firmware that those new updates bring.

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2 years ago

Skype confirmed to be integrated and bundled with Windows 8.1

2 years ago

Official YouTube Windows Phone app confirmed as being blocked by Google


It was just 24 hours between the time that Microsoft re-released its revamped Official YouTube app for Windows Phone and time that it became virtually unusable due to crippling error messages.

We surmised that the "revoked developer key" causing the error was the result of Google blocking the key being used by Microsoft's app, and it turns out that that was indeed the case. Despite collaboration efforts between Google and Microsoft, Google has told The Verge that they are responsible for the revoked key.

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2 years ago

T-Mobile pushing out Amber and GDR2 for Nokia Lumia 521 and 810

2 years ago

Verizon begins pushing out Amber + GDR2 update for Nokia Lumia 928


Rejoice people, we have word that not only is the Lumia 920 (global, not AT&T) getting the double punch of Amber and GDR2 (OS build 10327/8) today, but it is being joined by the Verizon Lumia 928. This follows just 24 hours after the update was spotted on Nokia's servers.

The update brings the new camera functions, FM radio support, Glance settings and the Other storage fix to the Verizon flagship Lumia.

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2 years ago

GDR2 and Amber updates have started embarking on their Nokia Lumia 920 world tour


We are getting reports from the Windows Phone Central faithful around the world that their Nokia Lumia 920s are starting to receive the eagerly-awaited Amber and GDR2 updates from Nokia and Microsoft. So far, we have heard from readers in Denmark and India who have received the Amber firmware update on their Lumia 920s. There is also word that Microsoft's GDR2 update has made its way to Sweden and Spain. Lumia 920s in Australia began seeing GDR2 earlier today, and we expect that others are en route as well.

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2 years ago

Nokia Lumia 625 – Unboxing and first impression; video and photos


Another month and another Lumia device is ready to launch from our favorite Finnish Windows Phone manufacturer. This time around it is the Lumia 625, an expansion of the Lumia 6xx series including its smaller cousin the 4-inch Lumia 620.

The Lumia 625 is Nokia’s attempt to continue to hammer the entry level market for smartphones by giving users a choice in design and features. While not as feature packed as the 8xx or higher Lumia series, the 620 and 625 offer some premium features for a low cost.

The big selling point of the Lumia 625? Its massive 4.7-inch 800x480 IPS display, which contrasts dramatically with the 3.8-inch Lumia 620’s screen. In the same series you have Nokia’s largest and smallest display offerings, which is quite interesting.

Head past the break to see our unboxing video, first impressions and some high quality photos of this compelling Windows Phone.

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2 years ago

Sprint and HTC almost gave you a way to customize the HTC 8XT Windows Phone, but killed it due to money


HTC was working with US mobile operator Sprint to introduce a colour customisation tool for the HTC 8XT, according to The Verge's sources. The online personalisation service would enable consumers to add and change colours on the HTC Windows Phone, offering more options that help make the purchase that much more unique. HTC Design Studio, as it was known, was dropped due to cost and complexity.

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2 years ago

The cloud isn't all silver linings – sometimes it rains - Talk Mobile


Put everything in the cloud, they said. Sync your files, back up your phone, put it all online, they said. It'll be great, they said.

And then the cloud stopped working. It was temporary, but for a while, everything stopped. Your email didn't come for a few hours. Your music was out of reach. That file you desperately needed for your presentation only came up as a 404. The cloud was gone.

As much as we love to tout the cloud out as the future, cloud data and computing is not without dark sides to accompany the silver linings. Does putting your data online mean it's going to be easier to compromise than if it was on your computer alone? Can we trust these companies we're handing our files to?

When we put files in the cloud, are they still ours? And what are we supposed to do when our cloud of choice inevitably falters and goes offline? The cloud is the future, but what dangers does that fog conceal?

2 years ago

Feedback to Nokia and Extras + Info get system updates today for Lumia devices


Yesterday we saw two app updates from Nokia including HERE Drive+ and HERE Maps. Today they’re bumping some system apps. But no need to rush as these are for the more benign Feedback to Nokia and Extras + Info sections, not bringing anything too new or exciting to the table as far as we can tell.

First up is Feedback to Nokia. This little guy allows you to rate your phone and send your thoughts about your Lumia right to Nokia for their consideration. With version of the app, we noticed that when compared to our older iteration it now has a pivot for the Nokia Improvement Program and the option to opt in or out along with an explanation of what it is (you can find more info on their website).

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2 years ago

Microsoft delays Xbox One launch to 2014 in eight European markets

2 years ago

Nokia Lumia 1020 launches in China, available for 5,999 CNY


The Nokia Lumia 1020 has already started shipping in the US, but other markets around the world are still waiting for the manufacturer to launch the new flagship. The latest market to see the handset released is China. Priced at 5,999 CNY (about $980), a fairly steep price point as we've come to expect. Retailer Suning has a promotion running for the Lumia 1020 with owners walking away with a free camera grip and 200 CNY Suning gift card.

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2 years ago

Racing around and blowing things up with Awesome Chase for Windows Phone 8


Awesome Chase is a new Windows Phone 8 game that puts you in the middle of a combat arena where you have to drive your car through various open courses, battling enemy cars, blowing them up and collecting various odds and ends.

Awesome Chase four game modes, four car classes, sixteen power-ups and six different gaming arenas. It is a fast paced game for your Windows Phone 8 device that has a certain level of appeal.

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2 years ago

Telstra: GDR2 rolling out for Lumia 920 tomorrow morning

2 years ago

Microsoft YouTube app for Windows Phone choking on errors, causing frustration amongst users


It’s been 24-hours since the surprise return of the Microsoft engineered YouTube app, thought to be complacent with Google’s terms of service (TOS). The app, as we reported extensively, is essentially the same as the one originally removed but now with pre-roll ads, no video downloads, voice and upload support.

While reviews and feedback from the app have been tremendously high, one of the core features of an “official” app is stability. The idea here is that since Microsoft is theoretically abiding by Google’s API requirements, the app should ideally never stop working (unlike third party apps). However, tonight it seems to be a fairly wide spread outage of the app on Windows Phone.

We tested the YouTube app on our Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020, on both Wi-Fi and cellular, and we were constantly met with the somewhat befuddling “Something happened and we’re not sure what” error message (see below). Nothing from YouTube would load and the app is basically dead in the water.

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