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2 years ago

Photoplay updated, Live Tiles and toast notification support now available


We've covered Photoplay in the past and more recently took a quick look at an upcoming update that was to introduce push notifications and Live Tile support. This new release is now available and has been pushed out to the store. If you're not familiar with the brand, Photoplay is an Instagram-like service that enables consumers to utilise smartphones for photography and share shots on social networks, as well as their own.

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2 years ago

Simple Calendar gets another small update, bug fixes and a few features in latest update


One of our favorite calendar apps on Windows Phone (we have a quite a few choice options, these days) is Simple Calendar and the developer has been busy polishing up his 2.0 overhaul that recently went out.

Version 2.2. is now live in the Store and brings with it numerous bug fixes, performance tune-ups and some minor changes.

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2 years ago

Temple Run for Windows Phone 8 gets minor update, presumably improves things [Updated]


We have another vague update inbound for the popular (and long overdue) Temple Run on Windows Phone 8. The addictive game has now been bumped to version with no Changelog in tow, unfortunately. That means we’ll have to rely on you for some testing to see if you can discern any noteworthy changes.

We can say that if you were hoping that the 1GB of RAM limit was lifted, you will be disappointed. Firing up the QR link for our adorable Lumia 521 resulted in the now familiar “App not compatible” error message. Sorry folks.

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2 years ago

Jetpack Joyride Review: Soaring endless distances on Windows Phone 8


Halfbrick Studios supported the launch of Windows Phone 7 with the release of Fruit Ninja and the promise of Age of Zombies. But Fruit Ninja never got content updates (unlike on other platforms) and Age of Zombies never showed up, having caught a bad case of the vaporwares. Many feared that the popular Australian game developer had jumped ship from Windows Phone entirely.

Then in October 2012, Halfbrick’s Jetpack Joyride suddenly showed up as an Xbox Windows 8 game. Microsoft teased a Windows Phone 8 version shortly thereafter, but months passed without the game showing up. Miniclip’s clone Gravity Guy 2 actually beat Jetpack Joyride to market in March! Thankfully Jetpack Joyride finally cleared the perils of Xbox certification and landed on Windows Phone8 earlier this month (and for free). Turns out it was worth the wait!

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2 years ago

Nokia teases upcoming Lumia EOS with “41 million reasons” post


Looks like Nokia is finally letting the cat out of the bag, if only slightly, on their latest Conversations post from their official blog.

The post, entitled “41 million reasons to zoom in to Nokia Conversations on July 11th”, simply recapitulates the media invite news we reported on last week—namely that Nokia will be holding a press conference in NYC to announce new hardware.

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2 years ago

Rumor: Microsoft looking to once again alter the Windows Phone update process


It's no secret that Windows Phone owners have endured confusing and frustrating update processes on the platform and while Microsoft has looked at improving the speed and reliability of the rollouts, we're still not quite there yet.

Rumour has it now that the company is looking at revamping the update process once again from the release of GDR2 onwards. Whether or not this is good news remains to be seen.

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2 years ago

What will it take to get every app on every platform? - Talk Mobile


There are three ways to choose what smartphone experience you're going to have: by carrier, by device, and by apps. Choosing by carrier places the quality of your voice and data service first, whereas making a decision based on the device means you're after a specific platform experience and hardware features. But choosing by apps is trickier.

The current array of mobile ecosystems is simultaneously fragmented and unified across the many platforms. Some major apps are available on all or most platforms, as are apps from smaller developers. Other apps are exclusive to a platform by virtue of features unique to the operating system or the resource constraints of the developer. But if you need that one app to do what you need to do, then the carrier or the device don't matter so much.

But what if all apps could be available on all platforms? Is cross-platform development something that developers should be concerned about, and what are the pitfalls that can be faced in doing so? Is it better to build an app specifically for each platform, or should the app be built with a cross-platform web-based framework?

Users and developers alike can agree that having an app available regardless of platform is a great ideal. But at what cost?

Let's get the conversation started!

2 years ago

Walmart has limited T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 stock at select stores


The T-Mobile Lumia 521 is essentially the Nokia Lumia 520 with the usual North America mobile operator branding for exclusivity. The Windows Phone has been rather difficult to locate, particularly at Walmart stores. The device has appeared on SlickDeals and we've looked around the Walmart online store at various locations to confirm that there's stock available, depending on your location. 

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2 years ago

Huge Gameloft Windows Phone sale includes Amazing Spider-Man and Dark Knight Rises!


The Xbox Red Stripe Deal of the Week doesn’t update until Thursday, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a new Xbox Windows Phone deal today. The good folks at Gameloft are running a little sale of their own, with almost every single one of their titles marked down in price. The best deals of the bunch have to be The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises for three bucks apiece - those games only came out in March!

Full list with descriptions and store links after the break.

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2 years ago

Windows Phone snatches second most popular platform spot in Estonia, beating the iPhone


Windows Phone is performing well in Estonia, according to a report over on ZDNet. Mobile operator EMT states that Android is the most popular platform and sports a rather large lead over Windows Phone, iOS and competing mobile options. That said, Windows Phone is said to have more than 10 percent of the market, beating Apple sitting on 9 percent. Not only is Microsoft sitting firmly in second position, but we're even seeing some movement with iOS.

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2 years ago

Disney to bring back Mickey Mouse with mobile game and cartoons


Disney is finding a new lease of life for its Mickey Mouse intellectual property with a mobile game and cartoon shorts series that will go head-to-head with the likes of Angry Birds and Talking Friends to win the hearts of children. The company will be targeting Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The latter being a perfect solution with the Kid's Corner, enabling parents to restrict what their children can access but offer Mickey Mouse content.

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2 years ago

Oh Clock, an alarming app with voice commands


Oh Clock is a Windows Phone app that is a collection of time management tools that includes alarms, a stopwatch, and a countdown timer. To help make setting an alarm or starting the stopwatch/timer easier, you can use voice commands with the Windows Phone 8 version.

Oh Clock doesn't have many bells and whistle but does provide a user friendly interface the covers your time management needs rather pleasantly.

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2 years ago

White Nokia Lumia EOS shows up online in new leaked image


News flash. Nokia is making a Windows Phone that is going to be packing a camera with something like 41MP. That’s bonkers and we’re getting more and more proof of the existence of this upcoming, groundbreaking phone. We were recently invited to a press event in NYC on July 11th where we suspect and expect to officially learn all about the Lumia “EOS”. But until then we keep getting leaks here and there about the phone.

Today is no different.

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2 years ago

25 portable charging stations coming to NYC to help juice you and your phone

2 years ago Messenger, a free Google Talk client, updated with lockscreen support and doodling


The popular Messenger app for Windows Phone has been updated with some interesting features and is a great solution if you use Google Talk on the go.

If you're into the app and service to keep in touch with contacts, you'll love some of the new features in this latest release. We're looking at lockscreen support in a freely available solution. Messenger can now tap into one of five notification spots on the main locksreen and display a counter. Simple but effective.

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