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2 years ago

Xbox One: no backwards compatibility, no constant connection required

2 years ago

Xbox One brings Live TV to life with new Guide and more


Just as they did with the Xbox 360, Microsoft wants the Xbox One to be the all-in-one entertainment device in your living room. But this time the console is designed around that host of functions from day “One” as opposed to having them patched in later. Of course it will play games (and boy, do they look awesome) but like a smartphone it also does so much more.

Chief among these non-gaming functions is the new live TV integration. During the Xbox One reveal, Microsoft outlined some impressive new ways to watch TV and discover video content through the new Xbox. Seriously, the Xbox One will change how you watch TV – for the better!

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2 years ago

Halo live action television series directed by Steven Spielberg and more shows coming to Xbox One

2 years ago

Join in the Xbox One discussion over in our new forum!

2 years ago

Join Major Nelson's Xbox One Architecture Panel today at 3PM EST

2 years ago

EA Sports delivering four Xbox One exclusives

2 years ago

Microsoft unveils new Xbox One controller, sports over 40 design innovations


Microsoft has today announced the new Xbox One, but what would the Xbox 360 successor be without a controller? Fear not as the company has this well and truly covered. Reportedly sporting over 40 design innovations, Microsoft has improved the controller in many ways to further enhance the gameplay for gamers. Check out the new look.

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2 years ago

This is the Xbox One, Microsoft’s next generation console

2 years ago

HERE Maps gets big update with new LiveSight feature

2 years ago

Xbox titles Spy Mouse and Trivial Pursuit now available for all Windows Phones


The Xbox Windows Phone games SPY Mouse and Trivial Pursuit were introduced late last year as Nokia exclusives. That exclusivity ended today and both titles became available for all Windows Phones.

SPY Mouse is a puzzle game from the makers of Flight Control and has you playing the role of Agent Squeak, a super secret mouse operative. You guide Agent Squeak through over seventy levels spread out across six worlds. Each world has its own frisky hench-cat to defeat.

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2 years ago

Telstra promotes the hell out of Windows Phone, has video to prove it


We’ve heard a lot of discussion from users, mostly anecdotal, about their local carriers and how well they are promoting Windows Phone in the store. Some are horror stories, with reps pushing Android or the iPhone while often there are great experiences too.

Telstra though as evidently set the bar with their in-store advisements.

In fact, it’s so good that Microsoft has made a video in conjunction with the popular carrier to highlight their effort. It’s quite the achievement to see Windows Phone promoted in such a way and while US carriers like AT&T and Verizon are getting serious about putting Windows Phone front and center, we think Telstra here sets a great example.

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2 years ago

Microsoft Xbox: The Next Generation Live Blog

2 years ago

Latest Verizon ad showcases the Nokia Lumia 928's camera in low light


There's very little argument that the Nokia Lumia 92x series of Windows Phones performs extremely well in low light conditions. The latest Verizon commercial, #takebetterphotos, highlights the Lumia 928's camera's low light abilities.

Touted as the "best low light smartphone camera around" the thirty-second ad illustrates how well the 928's camera performs when lighting is at a minimum. Similar to the Lumia 920, the Lumia 928's benefits from the optical stabilization and Nokia's Lumia 928's benefits from the optical stabilization and Nokia's Pureview technology to improve photos captured in those dimly lit situations.

The Nokia Lumia 928 is an exclusive to the Verizon network and is currently running $99.99 after contractual discounts.

Source: VerizonWirelessThanks, pbroy, for the tip!

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2 years ago

Reminder: Live blog of Microsoft’s next gen Xbox announcement, 1PM ET today


In case you’re living under a cave, today is Microsoft’s big day: the reveal of the next generation Xbox console. We wrote about what to expect yesterday, and today, we finally get to see what it’s all about.

You can watch the event live on your Xbox 360, Windows Phone 8 device, or of course your PC.

We’ll have a live blog of the event in case you can’t watch it any place or you want some live commentary on the announcement (and to discuss with your fellow Windows Phone Central community members).

The event starts at 10AM PT/1PM ET. You can use this handy scheduler to see your local time or use the countdown clock below.

Link to event

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2 years ago

Squids for Windows Phone 8, an underwater adventure of tentacle proportions


Squids is a relatively new Windows Phone 8 game that has you playing the role of various squids in an under sea action adventure.

The story line has your team of squids in danger of an infectious black ooze that is corrupting the sea. Naturally, it's your job to build a team of squids to defeat the enemies and save the day.

Squids is a fun game that does grow on you and is a nice addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.

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