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3 years ago

Monday Brief: Open webOS 1.0, BlackBerry Jam Americas, the definitive iPhone 5 review and more!

3 years ago

Leaked official HTC 8X video reaffirms the Windows Phone sporting LTE?


A video of what appears to be HTC 8X marketing material has been leaked on YouTube, and it reveals an interesting feature of the Windows Phone - LTE support. Earlier last month we took a look at the HTC 8X sporting the Verizon 4G logo, which further confirmed -- alongside the leaked roadmap -- that the US carrier would indeed be taking the handset under its wing, and that it would be compatible with greater network speeds.

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3 years ago

Oracle to adopt Nokia Maps as default location services provider


A Nokia spokesperson confirmed today that the Finnish company has reached a deal with software powerhouse Oracle to provide mapping capabilities for Oracle's variety of applications. The deal is expected to be announced tomorrow at the OracleWorld conference in San Francisco. This is a big score for Nokia, but not too shocking, considering that Oracle has been locked in a legal battle with Nokia's chief location services rival, Google.

This deal is not the biggest one that Nokia has struck from a financial perspective, but because Oracle sells on the enterprise level, as opposed to single customers, it could open up plenty of opportunities for them. Nokia purchased digital map maker Navteq back in 2007 for $8.1 billion and has been heavily focused on expanding its foothold in the world of mapping and commerce.

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3 years ago

Updated Comparison Guide for Windows Phone 8 devices


We had already created a comparison guide for the higher end Windows 8 devices but many requested a complete guide that included the HTC 8S and Lumia 820.

The specs guide is not designed to be exhaustive but should cover the key differentiators between models. We have the visual guide for comparing the devices by size included below as well should make the decision of what to go for even easier. 

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3 years ago

From the Forums: More iPhone comparing, how much would you pay for Apollo hardware?

3 years ago

HTC 8X Windows Phone caught carrier testing in downtown San Francisco


The other day we saw the Nokia Lumia 920 out and about in Washington, presumably being tested one way or another. Now it's the HTC Windows Phone 8X's turn.

Reader Rodrigo L. spied this interesting setup in downtown San Francisco this past Thursday morning.  From the photo we can see three HTC 8Xs and what appears to be an older Samsung make (kudos to the first of you who figure it out).

If we had to guess, this looks to be carrier testing with perhaps different variations on radio software for signal strength testing. We suppose it could also be for static photo taking but we're leaning on the first idea instead. 

Any carrier testers out there want to lend a hand on telling us what's going? Sound off in comments. Either way, only 4-5 more weeks before we're rumored to be able to grab this phone on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. 

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3 years ago

The Quote updated, search feature added


We took a look at the Windows Phone app The Quote a while back and found it to be a nice app for our Windows Phone but with room for improvement. Improvements that the latest update, version 2.8, brings to the table.

Version 2.8 brings a search feature and performance tweaks that improves load speeds. The Search feature is your basic keyword search to hunt for a particular author or topic. It's a nice feature when you're looking for a specific quote and don't have the time to surf through the library.

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3 years ago

Chase Mobile for Windows Phone now available in the Store


Chase Mobile now available

For those who have been eagerly waiting the arrival of the recently announced Chase Mobile banking app, your day is here. The app is now available to download and it should be available globally (or at least in markets where Chase is around).

The full app feature log is after the break as it's quite long along with the link and QR code.

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3 years ago

Vodafone cancels HTC Trophy Tango update due to WiFi issue


Bad news if you're on Vodafone and were yearning for that Windows Phone 7 Tango refresh. The update was originally due in July but that time has since come and gone with no update. Now Vodafone has confirmed in a blog post that Tango has been canceled:

"Roll out of this update has been canceled. We have now been advised that this update will not be rolling out to Vodafone customers globally. This is due to a critical WiFi issue identified during testing in an overseas market. We expect the fix for this issue to be included in a future update but do not have any information on delivery timeframes."

The good news is it sounds like whatever issue there is with WiFi in Tango will be addressed for the planned 7.8 update, which Vodafone will most likely roll out. On the other hand that update still months away for current users.

Source: Vodafone; Thanks, prodromos, for the tip

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3 years ago

Windows Phone 8 and 7 devices get sized up in new comparison chart


For those who are considering a new Windows Phone 8 device, size may matter. And since we can't quite just head to our local carrier to get a hands on assessment, the next best thing is a well-made comparison chart to help discern any differences.

Reader Munkeyphyst had kindly made such a chart and it features all the new Windows 8 devices (ATIV S, 8X, 8S, Lumia 920, Lumia 820) in addition to some of the most popular current Windows Phone 7 devices (Titan II, Focus S, Focus, Lumia 900, Lumia 800). 

Biggest surprise? Who knew that ATIV S would be that tall? Sure it makes sense with its 4.8" screen, but it's still something else to see it sized up to the others.

Feel free to discuss in comments on whether size matters for you.

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3 years ago

HTC 8X's wide-angle front-facing camera sample gets posted


HTC testing the FF camera on the 8X

When we had our hands on with the HTC 8X a few weeks ago, we were able to test the camera and noted at the time that it was extremely quick (due to the dedicated image chip). Since then, some sample images of the rear 8MP shooter have come forth and they look really good for a modern smartphone.

Over on the official HTC Blog, they posted an interview with HTC product planner Anthony Rutter focusing on the HTC 8X and 8S. While most of the info in the interview is quite basic for our readers e.g. the new Live Tile system in Windows Phone 8, they did post a single image of the front-facing camera.

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3 years ago

AOL Entrance for Nokia Lumias gets a small update with better AR


Although AOL still gets jeers from those who think of the early internet days, the fact of the matter is they’re a huge media conglomerate who owns Moviefone, Huffington Post, Engadget, TechCrunch and more.

The other fact is this: AOL Entrance the app is pretty damn awesome. No joke. It’s powerful with some of those above services (especially good since the Huffington Post app is MIA), has music streaming built in (including Shoutcast support) and probably the killer feature: augmented reality for finding movies around you.

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3 years ago

See an update for Adobe Reader on Windows Phone? Don’t do it or you’ll be downgraded.


Users are being told to 'update' only to go back to Adobe's ugly past

We’ve reported on some issues with the Windows Phone Store lately, including oddities with updates. And just a few days ago Microsoft said they had started to roll out some fixes to improve things. We’re not sure if that has anything to do with Adobe’s “issue” here but it is coincidental.

Now, users are being prompted for an update to the app—we had ours this morning. The problem is if you scroll down through the notes, you’ll see the version is listed as 9.0. That’s a downgrade from the “new” 10.1 that was rolled out three weeks ago. In fact, a recent update (v10.1.1) was pushed to users though we have no idea what the changelog was for, but presumably it may have been the start of this recent update error.

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3 years ago

Photos of Microsoft store grand opening in Christiana Mall, Delaware


Windows Phone Central has been sent a number of photos that were taken by a reader who visited the new Microsoft Store in Christiana Mall, Delaware. The photos sent to us show the grand opening action unfolding with a sizeable group of attendees.

Microsoft has been busy opening a number of stores across the US, while outsiders who happen to reside on foreign land still wait for the day when the software giant decides to venture further than the shores of the states. We were at the opening of the Microsoft Store in Walt Whitman Mall located in Huntington Station, New York for entertainment and action.

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3 years ago

Nokia takes Lumia Windows Phone Challenge to V Festival


Nokia were at the V Festival, but instead of simply enjoying the acts playing on-stage the company was out in force to challenge smartphone owners to see if their device could best a Windows Phone - the Lumia 800.

the V Festival, like many other music events held throughout the UK, is a golden opportunity for Windows Phone to be advertised to younger generations. Nokia has stated in the past they wish to rejuvenate their brand with youngsters, and being present at music events is definitely an effective game plan.

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