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3 years ago

HTC Windows Phone 8 specs leaked for three new phones


The dust has barely settled from the Windows Phone Summit and we are now seeing leaked specs on three new HTC Windows Phone 8 devices. Here's what we know about the Rio, Accord and Zenith.

Rio: The Rio would be considered an entry level Windows Phone featuring a 4" WVGA display, 5mp camera with 720p video capture, 512mb on board memory, 14.4Mbps HSPA and a Qualcomm MSM8227 processor.

Accord: Stepping up from the Rio will be the Accord that features a 4.3" 720p Super LCD 2 screen, an 8mp camera with 1080p video capture, NFC support, 1gb of RAM, dual-core processor and 42Mbps HSPA+.

Zenith: The Zenith will be the upper end model featuring a 4.7" 720p Super LCD 2 screen, 8mp camera with 1080p video capture, 42Mbps HSPA+, and a quad-core Qualcomm processor.

All three Windows Phone 8 devices are slated to ship this year with the Rio and Accord scheduled tentatively for October and the Zenith later in the fourth quarter (in time for Christmas?). Granted all these projections are dependent on how smoothly and timely Microsoft has Windows Phone 8 ready and all the carrier involvement that we have grown to love.  

It should prove to be an interesting summer...

Source: Verge

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3 years ago

Audible goes live on the Windows Phone Marketplace


We heard mention of the Windows Phone app yesterday at the Windows Phone Summit and today, the app launched. The free app taps into Audible's audiobook library of more than 100,000 titles and delivers them to your Windows Phone.

If you haven't signed up for an account, the Windows Phone app includes eight excerpts from various authors to let you try things out. There are listening achievements, Facebook and Twitter integration to let you share with friends what you are reading...err..listening to, and the app supports, and

Audible for Windows Phone is a free app and you can grab it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.  We'll take Audible out for a test drive over the next day or two and get a review on the site shortly.

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!

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3 years ago

Skype version 1.2 update now live in the Marketplace


The version 1.2 update for Skype has been released from certification and is now available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Just to recap, the update fixes a handful of issues with the previous version and adds the following improvements.

  • All phonebook contacts with at least one number are shown in Skype contact list.
  • Ability to edit phone number in dial-pad before calling.

Fixes contained in the update cover issues involving calendar notifications ending Skype calls and instant messaging crashing the app. There still remains issues such as the app requiring a minimum of 512mb of memory on your Windows Phone, no Bluetooth support for audio or video calls, and answering an incoming call will end your Skype call.

If haven't seen the update pushed out to your Windows Phone, you should see the notification out shortly. If you haven't tried Skype for Windows Phone, you can find the free app  here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, jon b and dario, for the tip!

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3 years ago

Carphone Warehouse starting the Windows Phone 8 hype


In a press release sent out today in the UK, the countries biggest independent phone retailer, Carphone Warehouse has confirmed their future support for Windows Phone 8 and they sounds pretty excited about it.

Graham Stapleton, Chief Operating Officer at Carphone Warehouse says, “What was once a battle of hardware between the manufacturers, has now become a battle of software. Both customers and developers can look forward to reaping the benefits in the coming months, as Windows Phone 8 brings some much needed variety and depth to the market.”

Graham adds, “We will definitely be supporting Windows Phone 8 in line with the key manufacturers. There are some very exciting devices due this Autumn sporting the new operating system, and they will be fundamental to its success.”

I realize that all the UK carriers and retailers will sell Windows Phone but it is nice to see the Carphone Warehouse with such positive statements.

Combined with them selling the Microsoft Surface the stores are going to be very Metro-ish. ( I think I made that word up!)

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3 years ago

Windows Phone App Review: Thumbz


Windows Phone App Review: Thumbz

Thumbz is a photo sharing app for your Windows Phone that allows you to... well... share and get feedback on your photos. Once uploaded to the network, other members can vote up, down on your photo as well as leave a comment. You in turn can rate and comment on others photos as well.  You can also use Thumbz as a informal public opinion poll if you include a question in the image description.

Thumbz does have a novelty feel to it but it also has the potential to be a decent photo sharing network.  It just needs time and to see it's membership continue to grow.

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3 years ago

Full Windows Phone Summit presentation now available for viewing


We've covered a lot of ground today with nearly 7,000 of you joining us for our Live Blog this morning of Microsoft's Windows Phone Summit.

And there's no doubt we're still reeling from all of the new things announced today from Windows Phone 8 to Windows Phone 7.8. We can talk endlessly about it but for now, we'll just leave you with the full -hour presentation for you to enjoy.

So grab your favorite potable and curl up to your computer's LCD display to feast your eyes on the future of Windows Phone.

Source: Channel 9

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3 years ago

WPCentral Podcast - Windows Phone 8 and its future (w/ Special Guest: Paul Thurrott)


Join us for our special Windows Phone Summit podcast as we discuss Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft's new vision for our mobile OS. We answer your questions, cover the main points and clarify some others. 

Join Daniel Rubino, Rafael Rivera and special guest, Paul Thurrott of SuperSite for Windows for an exciting and authoritative discussion on today's announcements.

Full HD video after the break...

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3 years ago

Huawei confirm they are joining the Windows Phone 8 gang: Press release


We posted earlier today the news that HTC had confirmed their commitment to Windows Phone 8 and it looks like Huawei are following suit. In a press release sent to us tonight Huawei have announced their 'extended relationship' with Microsoft and on the cards is their first ever Windows Phone.

It would appear that Huawei are going from strength to strength. Not only are they one of they biggest phone manufactures in the world, but they now are entering a new arena with Windows Phone.

This has to be great news for the consumer as traditionally the companies device prices have been low in comparison to its competitors. We could well see the cheapest Windows Phone 8 device from Huawei and going by recent releases on other operating systems they seem not to be falling behind in any way, shape or form.

You can catch the full press release below but on a personal note I think this is super news that Huawei are joining the Windows Phone gang.

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3 years ago

Tetris stretches its legs as the Xbox Live Deal of the Week again


We saw a lady wearing these at E3. I approved.

After a lengthy delay on the Marketplace update, nothing could please bargain hunters more than a repeat Deal of the Week, right? Somebody thought so, as this week’s DOTW is Tetris from Electronic Arts. Just like August and November last year, it’s on sale for $2.99, down from $4.99.

The Windows Phone version of Tetris is actually quite slick. It’s got great visuals and a good remix of the classic Tetris theme “Korobeiniki.” There are numerous gameplay variants such as Gravity and Radical that add a bit of variety to the game we’ve all played a million times before. Some have complained about the touch screen controls (swipe left and right to steer, tap to rotate, and swipe down to drop pieces), but I find them to be natural and effective enough. Our review also praises the game’s stat tracking. The actual game does not feature tights however, for better or worse.

Tetris is on sale for $2.99 for one week. Puzzle fans who aren’t too busy with Fling can pick ol' Tetris up here on the Marketplace.

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3 years ago

At last, Fling is now available on Xbox live for Windows Phone


After an unusual delay, the Marketplace has finally updated. That means Fling from Miniclip is now available!

Fling is a puzzle game that plays much differently from Miniclip’s previous Xbox live releases. In each level, players must flick furballs into each other with the goal of leaving only one monster on the board. Furballs can only travel horizontally or vertically and they only stop when they hit another furball, so you’ll need to experiment and/or think a few moves in advance to win.

Fling can get pretty tough what with all the planning and such. Factor in an Achievement for completing 500 (!) puzzles and it might take quite a while to complete. Not everybody has that much time on their hands - or in some cases, the brain power. Thankfully, help is near at hand. This online Fling solver will knock out even the toughest puzzles. No, it won’t make anybody smarter (playing on your own would probably be more useful to that end), but at least it can save that precious time we capitalist citizens value so much. I kid!

Fling costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Get it here on the Marketplace.

Update: The price rose from 99 cents to $2.99 shortly after launch.

Thanks to Zebrasqual for the tip!

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3 years ago

Windows Phone 7.8 update available in weeks? [Updated--not exactly]


An interesting tweet from Nokia USA is suggesting that the Windows Phone 7.8 update will be rolling out in the coming weeks. Now we've seen Nokia have short turn arounds with past updates (the connectivity issues) but that mainly dealt with in-house issues.

The Windows Phone 7.8 update is a little different in that it is coming from Microsoft and has more cooks in the kitchen so to speak. We also don't know what changes the 7.8 updates will have beyond the Start Screen modifications.

While we like the customization features Windows Phone 7.8 brings to the table, we're going to be a little skeptical on the "coming weeks" time frame.

Who knows, is it too far of a stretch to think the Tango update could become the Windows Phone 7.8 update?  

Update - Looks like Nokia may have got their messages a bit mixed up. They Tweeted to us a clarification on the whole update:

"The update coming to Lumia owners in the coming weeks will bring Wi-Fi sharing and flip-to-silence. Start screen update is TBD."

Thanks, Alexander, for the tip!

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3 years ago

Windows Phone 7.8, nice touch or not enough?


Now that the dust has settled on the Windows Phone Summit and we have a feel for Windows Phone 8 and a definitive answer as to the future of existing Windows Phones, how are you feeling?

There was always an air of uncertainty that existing Windows Phones would be eligible for update to Windows Phone 8. Still we had hoped that these phones would be updateable but with limitations.

While our Nokia Lumias and HTC Titans won't be able to run Windows Phone 8, they will see a Windows Phone 7.8 update. Some may see Windows Phone 7.8 as window dressing by giving Windows Phone 7 the appearance of running the Windows Phone 8. Some may not care for NFC or Windows 8 platform additions but will enjoy the more customizable Start Screen.

But is the Windows Phone 7.8 update a nice touch or not enough?  A bitter pill of sorts.

While some may see today's news as a bitter pill, there is some solace in knowing that Nokia is continuing its support of the Lumia line by releasing new apps and updating current apps. While our existing phones may not be able to make the jump to Windows Phone 8, it's nice to see they aren't being left completely behind. The 7.8 update may not be what everyone wanted to hear but it will add to an already nice Windows Phone system.

So what say you?  Does Windows Phone 7.8 do the trick until you can upgrade to a new Windows Phone or is Microsoft leaving existing devices out in the cold?


Are you satisfied with the Windows Phone 7.8 update?
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3 years ago

AT&T throws its support behind Windows Phone 8


HTC isn't the only Windows Phone partner throwing their support behind Windows Phone 8. AT&T released a brief statement that leaves no doubt that the wireless carrier will maintain a strong Windows Phone presence in their smartphone lineup. The statement reads,

AT&T plans to carry a new line of Windows Phone 8 smartphones launching later this year. The unmatched leader in Windows Phone –offering the very first 4G LTE Windows Phone smartphones in the U.S. – AT&T is home to the most robust Windows Phone portfolio of any carrier.

AT&T has backed Windows Phones from the start with the Samsung Focus, LG Quantum and HTC Surround.   While this isn't much of a surprise, it is nice to see the wireless provider voicing their continued support for Windows Phones. AT&T currently has five Windows Phone 7 devices in their line up including the Samsung Focus 2, HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900. It will be interesting to see what new devices are in store for AT&T later this year.

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3 years ago

HTC confirms its support for Windows Phone 8 with a press release - more than one device due?


We already knew from todays earlier Microsoft event that HTC would be continuing their support with Windows Phone but a press release direct from HTC has just hit my inbox so I thought I had better share.

Note the way that Peter Chou says 'smartphones' and not 'smartphone'. I presume we will see more than one new device then? Super news.

HTC, a global leader in mobile design and innovation, today pledged its ongoing support of Microsoft by backing the new Windows Phone 8 platform. Building on the two companies’ long mobile partnership dating back to 2000 and including more than 40 million phones sold, HTC will be bringing new Windows Phone 8 smartphones to market later this year.

“HTC is committed to Windows Phone more than ever and we are excited to be bringing new Windows Phone 8-enabled smartphones to customers later this year,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation.  “With the introduction of Windows Phone in 2010, Microsoft initiated a new powerful mobile ecosystem with a consumer experience that was both unique and user friendly.”

“We have seen great momentum for Windows Phone since its launch in 2010, with 100,000 apps now in the Marketplace”, said Terry Myerson, Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone at Microsoft. “HTC is one of our closest partners and we share a common goal in driving people-centric innovation, which makes it easy to work together. We can’t wait to see how HTC brings Windows Phone 8 to its product portfolio”.


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3 years ago

Microsoft announces the new Start Screen for Windows Phone 8 (Updated with Video)


Microsoft today showed off the new Start screen for Windows Phone 8. The new Start screen in Windows Phone 8 has three new elements, including

  • Variable tile sizes, including user customizable selection between small, medium and so-called “double wide” tiles
  • Removal of the “gutter” aka “the gap” known as the off-centered space to the right of the Start screen. The gutter was a carry-over from the Zune days but now Tiles will be evenly distributed on the Start screen
  • New tile colors – yes, while the 10 + 1 model of Accent colors for Windows Phone carried us for nearly two years, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8 will offer a wider selection of colors

The Windows Phone 8 new Start screen offers a more personal experience by being more customizable, giving users greater choice and control. Whle it doesn't match Windows 8 desktop exactly, it's fairly close and should please many users.  

Hit the break for more pics and a video highlighting the new start screen.

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