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3 years ago

HTC TITAN available at AT&T for just a penny


Should the Nokia Lumia 900 be not up your street, and if 4G LTE connectivity isn't a feature you're particularly bothered about, the HTC TITAN is a highly rated Windows Phone and could well be the right one for you. We reviewed this beast of a handset (and it's successor), which is also backed by strong reviews from AT&T customers.

AT&T's web store is listing the Windows Phone for $0.01 (with 2-year contract), a good snatch for anyone interested. Featuring a massive 4.7" LCD screen, 16GB storage, 8MP camera, and a 1.5Ghz chip, the TITAN is capable of handling whatever you decide to throw at the device.  While the penny sale is a very nice deal, unfortunately the off-contract is still stuck at $549.99.

Source: AT&T; thanks Rodney for the tip!

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3 years ago

Custom Tango ROM Metro^7 available for the Lumia 710


Metro^7 is a custom Lumia 710 ROM built on the Tango release, and is now available over at the XDA developer forum. The author, XDA member vova1609, states that you need to have your Lumia 710 interop unlocked, but then you should be good to go with flashing. 

Some highlighted features:

  • Fully unlocked
  • Install XAPs using Internet Explorer
  • Bazaar pre-installed
  • Bluetooth File Transfer by DFT pre-installed
  • Exclusive wallpapers "metro ROCK"
  • Added tethering functionality
  • Deleted Nokia's apps (Nokia Music, etc.)
  • Added Google and Yandex as available search engines

As well as the ROM and included functionality, an exclusive pack of 'metro ROCK' wallpapers are included, featuring multiple designs to match the system theme. Please note that Windows Phone Central does not take any responsibility for any issues your device may develop using this (or any other) available ROM. Use at your own discretion.

Source: XDA, via: Plaffo

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3 years ago

eBuddy XMS updated, now with group messaging goodness


Phew! We've been following the evolution of eBuddy XMS on Windows Phone since inception. The once ugly duckling app is now a beautiful and powerful alternative to the native Threads feature built into Windows Phone.

We're now hearing from the team that an update is propagating through the Marketplace, enabling 30-way group messaging across iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone devices! (If your friends are still rocking Nokia s40/s60 devices, they have to wait a little longer.)

eBuddy XMS is a free app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. We haven't gotten our hands on the update yet, but if you have, share your thoughts in the comments or on our forums.

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3 years ago

Nokia to launch Lumia 610 in Belgium next week for €249


Nokia has released a press statement detailing the imminent Belgium launch of the Lumia 610, the manufacturer's most affordable low-end Windows Phone. It is expected to be priced at €249 (including VAT). Should you be on the lookout for a low-end Windows Phone to get you started, either the Lumia 610 or 710 fit the bill nicely, depending on what deals draw you in. The smartphone will be available in glossy white, magenta, cyan and black

Nokia has been present in the country previously promoting the Lumia family of Windows Phones with cupcakes being handed out, but if the Lumia 610 and 710 don't interest you, the Lumia 900 is also being stocked in the country for €599 at

Source: Nokia Belgium (Bing translate),

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3 years ago

Windows Phone App Review: FastMall

3 years ago

Feeding America moving from Blackberry to Windows Phone


America's leading domestic hunger-relief charity Feeding America has ditched Blackberry support and is on its way to Windows Phone. The organization already makes use of Microsoft products including Office 2010 and Lync Server 2010, so the move makes sense with further integration possible while mobile. The Lync Windows Phone app and Office Hub are good examples of this. 

The move not only connects already utilised services, but the charity also calculated that savings could be found with the avoidance of costly annual server maintenance expenses. The cost reductions also hit devices with a 24% price drop per Windows Phone, with each smartphone improving access to information and services that employees rely on for productivity.

Kevin Lutz, vice president of Technology at Feeding America, had the following to comment on the Windows Phone adoption:

"Windows Phone provides a level of integration with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 and Lync Server 2010 that are not available with the iPhone, iPad or Android."

A feel good Tuesday story. Check out the press release after the break.

Source: Microsoft; thanks Morris for the tip!

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3 years ago

Family organiser app AboutOne now available exclusively for Windows Phone


Last month we broke the news that Philadelphia-based, Microsoft BizSpark featured startup AboutOne (website), a family organiser service, was set to launch an exclusive app for Windows Phone. Without repeating what we wrote previously, the service enables families to view information and personal details broken down in a digestible interface. The app is now available on the Marketplace.

The free app, backed by a tier-plan (2GBs free) cloud-based service, offers users a mobile companion to the AboutOne web interface. Functionality includes organising memories, todos and household paperwork in a single accessible location. The service builds on calendar and address book tools users are already using, enhancing both with document filing and reporting tools. It's a neat startup, that's for sure.

Of course, there's much more than what we've covered, so be sure to give AboutOne a look over should you need something with similar functionality. You can download AboutOne for free from the Marketplace.

via: Windows Phone Blog; thanks Rodney for the tip!

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3 years ago

Lumia 610 Windows Phone heading to Clove UK for £180


Clove has published an article on their blog detailing the news of the Lumia 610 heading their way. The UK retailer expects to stock and ship the Windows Phone for just £180. The low-end device sports 8GB internal memory, a 3.7 inch display, 5 megapixel camera, and the Nokia Collection of OEM apps including Maps, Drive, Transport, Music and more.

Don't be fooled by the specifications, or the pricing, as the Lumia 610 is a speedy little handset that packs a punch. The Lumia 610 is available at Clove in both cyan and black versions, with first stock expected by late May. Note that this version doesn't appear to sport NFC, which is set to launch on Orange later this year.

Source: Clove UK; thanks Richard for the heads up!

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3 years ago

Big Winners of the 30 to Launch Microsoft developer competition announced


It seems every time we cover news that includes the Social Mints app, it's always winning some kind of award. This story is no different as the app is one of four recently announced winners of the Microsoft 30 to Launch developer competition. We previously looked at 30 to Launch when it... well... launched earlier this year. The winning submissions (out of over 130 entries) were Social Mints, Brain Cube Reloaded, Play The Hunt, and Surf Info.

Social Mints is a familiar name here at Windows Phone Central HQ, as we've covered the app numerous times and have even reviewed the social stalking beauty. Should you not be aware of what it's about, it's a must-have for any social media geek that enables users to keep track of what's trending, how it's trending and what you should be looking out for. Winner of the Core77 Fast Track to the Mobile App International Design Challenge and featured at Mobile World Congress by Microsoft, Social Mints has been recognized for it's intuitive design and functionality.

Brain Cube Reloaded is a puzzle / platformer which is developed using the idea of a rubik's cube. Players progress through levels attempting to smash bosses into Oblivion. Oh, did we mention it's a free game?

Play The Hunt is an interesting concept, which enables users to actually go on treasure hunts using their Windows Phone. Clues and locations are provided and users will find themselves playing through mini-games, before uploading photos of their location and then progressing through the next step.

Finally we have Surf Info, an app for surfers around the U.S. coastline and Hawaii. Surf destinations are rated for quality among other related statistics and values.

Winning developers will each receive a state-of-the-art entertainment package. Find the QR Codes for each app below.

Source: 30 to Launch; Thanks Pratik for the heads up!


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3 years ago

Nokia Lumia 710 and HTC Radar 4G included in T-Mobile Magenta Deals, starting May 18th


More details for the upcoming T-Mobile Magenta Deal Days have come to light at TMONews. The deal will see customers who sign a 2-year contract renewal or are active on any voice plan with a qualifying 2GB or higher data cap or mobile broadband plan, be eligible for the handset offers. Classic plan customers must have passed 22 months in their contract to qualify.

The Lumia 710 and Radar 4G are both included in this deal, which starts May 18th. The offer is a BOGO (Buy One Get One), with purchases on selected handsets being accompanied by a free second choice - after mail-in rebate. You could purchase the HTC Radar 4G (should you qualify for the offer, of course) and then pick up a Lumia 710 for free ($50 mail-in rebate).

The offers will be reportedly open to all customers, including those who are looking at new activations, qualifying upgrades, family and individual plans, and add-a-lines. We'll let you guys know when the deals kick off with more information.

Source: TMONews

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3 years ago

Windows Phone App Review: Cartoon Camera

3 years ago

Top Hats for Fancy Cats because they deserve it


With the advent of Aviary's SDK for Windows Phone today we're still on this "photo kick" here at Windows Phone Central. So we're delighted to find this little free gem simply called Top Hats for Fancy Cats which allows you to dress up your furry felines. Or your friends and family.

The app is like many of the other photo overlay tools out there but this one has an extremely large collection of "fancy" wears. From monocles to canes, from top hats to elaborate backgrounds, this app will allow you to dress up everyone and anyone to the nines.

It's of course free with ads and inspired by the Reddit community who like the kittehs (see this post for an example). What can we say other than it's done well and is great for a laugh?

Why look at our lil' Zoe all fancied up!

Pick up Top Hats for Fancy Cats here in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

via: Reddit

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3 years ago

Monster Island for Windows Phone now available in the UK


Last Thursday, Miniclip’s beleaguered Xbox Live game Monster Island returned to Xbox Live after a month-long absence. While the physics puzzler’s Achievement problems were resolved, the game itself still could not be downloaded by customers outside of the US. This puzzled many of us since Miniclip is a European developer and all of their other Windows Phone games are available in multiple regions.

We asked Microsoft for comment and received this response,

“We are pleased to report that the Achievements have been improved and the US version is up on the Windows Phone Games Marketplace. We are working with the developer on some final testing for the worldwide release and hope to make it available soon.”

Miniclip shed some light on the Achievement gaffe but didn’t go into much detail about the regional issue:

“There were some original achievements (e.g., the ones we're using on the iOS, Android, etc.) that were against Microsoft Achievements policy. Unfortunately they only warned us after the game passed all the certification processes and was ready to be released. The game had to be taken out, and we changed the Achievements list… Yes, it will come to all marketplaces in the near future. :)”

That future must have just come to pass, because our friend Zebrasqual and several other gamers have confirmed that Monster Island is now available in the United Kingdom. Other parts of Europe like neighboring France don't have it yet though. At least British gamers can now get in on the bomb-throwing fun... Hopefully other regions won't have to wait too much longer either.

Monster Island costs $2.99 in the US. Pick it up here on the Marketplace.

Thanks to Zebrasqual or the tip!

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3 years ago

Photosynth for Windows Phone hits version 1.0. Official release imminent?


If there's one technology Windows Phone users have been yearning for it's Photosynth. The photo-stitching software creates "synths" or 3D images from your camera phone, giving an immersive photo that's hosted on the web. It then allows the viewer to pan around the image, zoom in and out and various other options.

What makes Photosynth ( frustrating for Windows Phone though is not only does the service have an iOS app, the company who makes it is owned by none other than Microsoft.

The Windows Phone version was noted to be a "top priority" for the team and we saw some real evidence of it existing back in February but not much since then.

Now, eagle-eyed reader Scott has found not only some test images but a Microsoft Twitter account that does nothing but post Photosynths. (We're not going public with the Twitter handle because we like to track these things and not scare them off) What's more, when one looks at the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data for the image we can see "__version_synther": "Windows Phone 1.0.0" listed, strongly indicated that the Windows Phone app is in final testing.

In fact the image above is an actual photo of a Microsoft employee's test computer which lists the steps in required for testing Photosynth. If you look closely, you can also see "(Windows Phone Only)" an "AugmentedReality" listed which is tantalizing to think about.  (And if anything, that's just kind of interesting to see how this stuff is done).

Should we expect a full-on Photosynth app for Windows Phone soon? We think so and it'd make sense that the app is due hopefully in the next few weeks as it coincides with Microsoft's big "official app" push which seems to be going on.

Fingers crossed people, fingers crossed. A big thanks to Scott for all of his detective work on this story!


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3 years ago

ING Direct features Lumia 900 on mobile web page


There have been numerous banking apps released for Windows Phone the past few weeks, but we've still not seen apps from other big names. ING Direct is one of said names that sports an app for iPhone, Blackberry and Android, but nothing for Windows Phone. Although there's nothing available, ING Direct does feature the Lumia 900 on the mobile website. 

While it's nothing huge, it's good to see some exposure for Windows Phone, and let's face it: Windows Phone has the most attractive / unique UI to show off.

Source: ING Direct; thanks ghoti00000 for the heads up!

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