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1 year ago

New Surface 3 TV commercial is all about the facts, and throws in a little praise

1 year ago

Surface RT and Surface 2 owners in the US can get up to $150 off the Surface 3 with trade-in offer

1 year ago

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood hits digital shelves today on Xbox One and PC

1 year ago

Luno - a sleep walking, dark adventure for your Windows Phone


Luno is a somewhat interesting Windows Phone game where you are called upon to help a young boy, Luno, find his way through the woods and safely home.

The challenge is that Luno is sleep walking and isn't being very careful where he steps. You have to protect him from bear traps, crows, thorny bushes and other dangers as he treks through the woods. The side scrolling game is available for low-memory Windows Phones and has nicely drawn up graphics, challenging game play and overall, a fun title to have in your Windows Phone gaming library.

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1 year ago

Microsoft releases Lumia Camera Beta for some Lumia Windows Phones

1 year ago

Microsoft's Surface 3 is now available for purchase in the US

1 year ago

Latest Windows 10 for phones leak shows off transparent slider for Live Tiles, new Office apps


A new Windows 10 for phones build is expected to launch sometime this week, and it looks like folks in China have already gotten their hands on build number 10072. The leaked screenshots show that the new version comes with a transparency slider for Live Tiles, a feature that was revealed to be in the works earlier this year.

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1 year ago

myTube! picks up an update with improved startup times for low-end hardware

1 year ago

Metrotube gets updated to squash some annoying bugs


Metrotube has picked up an update, which is readily available on the Windows Phone Store. The latest release is only a minor bump for the app, but does address multiple issues fans of the unofficial YouTube client may be experiencing.

Version 4.6.2 fixes an issue that could prevent you from logging in, as well as addressing problems found on search pages in various languages. The changelog lists "other minor fixes", so we can assume the developer has worked tirelessly to squash all those annoyances that prevent you from enjoying a bug-free experience.

Download Metrotube for Windows Phone ($0.99)

Thanks, Mark W., for the tip!

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1 year ago

T-Mobile hands out free phones to existing Verizon customers to test-drive its network


T-Mobile is going on the offensive against Verizon by launching a "Never Settle" campaign that allows existing Verizon customers to try out T-Mobile's services for free.

The carrier is giving Verizon customers the ability to port their numbers to a new T-Mobile smartphone (while retaining their existing Verizon phone), which they can use free of charge for up to 14 days. After the trial, if the customers wish to stay with T-Mobile, the carrier will cover Verizon's Early Termination Fees:

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1 year ago

MLB At Bat returns to the Windows Phone Store with support for the 2015 season


There's some good news for you baseball fans out there: the MLB At Bat app for Windows Phone has finally been updated for the 2015 season. We previously reported that the app wouldn't be updated any longer. Shortly thereafter, the app was pulled from the Windows Phone Store and MLB began refunding paid subscriptions.

In an odd turn of events, however, MLB At Bat has made a return to the store with support for the 2015 season.

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1 year ago

Windows Central photo contest: Clouds

1 year ago

Windows 10 will include an option to play DVD movies sometime in the future

1 year ago

Review: State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition for Xbox One


I firmly believe State of Decay is Microsoft's not-so-secret weapon in the increasingly voracious console war.

World of Warcraft lead programmer Jeff Strain left Blizzard to head up Undead Labs, and from day one, the end goal was a full-blown zombie apocalypse MMO.

State of Decay is not an MMO, however - it is purely single player. The game acts as proof of concept for Undead Labs' long-term plans. To describe State of Decay and its Xbox One edition as prototypes is a disservice because I believe with conviction that this is amongst the best games on Xbox today.

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1 year ago

T-Mobile started selling the budget-priced Lumia 435 for $70


Update: The Microsoft Store site now has a listing for the T-Mobile version of the Lumia 435 for the price of just $70. It looks like only the white version is available. Thanks to Alexander for the tip!

Original Story: A newly discovered support page on the T-Mobile website may indicate that the wireless carrier will soon offer its own version of the Lumia 435 budget-price Windows Phone for sale in the very near future.

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