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Convince an iPhone user to switch to Lumia

Many iPhone users are probably very comfortable with iOS that they might be hesitant to switch to a different platform. That’s the case with one of our forum members, GPendolino. He’s quite interested with the Nokia Lumia 1520, but he has some concerns. He’s currently using an iPhone 4S.

Head past the break to see if you can talk him into a Lumia device.

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One of GPendolino’s concerns is security. He feels Apple is very secure. Is the same true with Windows Phone?

Another concern is gaming. He loves simple stuff like Words With Friends or JetPack Joyride. Sometimes, he likes some of the higher end FPS games that Gameloft produces.

GPendolino is reaching out to the community to read some of your impressions. Can you help him make the leap over to a Lumia? Head over to the forums to see the rest of his concerns. Several others have responded already and just remember, keep it civil! 


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Convince an iPhone user to switch to Lumia



No need to convince anyone to change. He/she should do their research and make an educated decision. 98% of the people I know own an iPhone an because I was provided one for work (iphone5) I already know I will never own one for personal use. And none of them (friends) can convince me to leave my Lumia device.

And 90% of iPhone users have one because "everybody else has one". That's about the most research the masses will do..

Which is why I said, "This is good". I'm fine with people getting the iPhone if they have a good reason, but I hate those who just get it because "everyone has one" and "it has apps".

Convinced two if my work mates to swap to WP, they hate it. You know there biggest gripe, no Candy Crush. All their IOS friends had it, they didn't. I LOVE my WP but if they don't have the same apps on offer as IOS then not a lot of people will take the WP plunge!

Why are they idiots.... Their reason for owing a smartphone van be different to yours... Playing those short-term fad games is their way of connecting with their friends while being busy with their lives.... Nothing wrong with them...

Also, one can feel bad when all of the is talking about something and you cannot join in because those are ios/androis only...

But this is a think that MS needs to break fast for WP, convenience the DEVs to release apps simultaneously or in close proximity... And also increase WP marketshare so that people/Devs take notice..

Exactly, for me I don't care about games (well, Wordament aside!) so don't care if the latest fad game is on WP or not. It was Words With Friends, we got that eventually, then it was Temple Run, we got that eventually, etc, etc. We are nearly always behind. For a lot of people those silly games are actually important. Their friends are playing them, they are a challenge that they do together and if WP doesn't have them then WP just isn't an option for them.

You guys are all right, all important tasks can be accomplished with WP at least as good as with an iStone, but that's not the point.

Where MS and Nokia have been failing is public perseption. It just isn't as cool if you can't play candy crush and such stupidity. And the coolness/perception on what the phone can do, is the point that sells the numbers. Nothing to do with facts.

So before this issue with apps, and the fact that WP 8 is still missing little features that even Symbian had, are corrected, there is no chance in <downstairs> that WP will rise to any significant numbers. Especially in US with iStone leading the way.

It's SO true though!  Until WP gets the same apps at the same time as iOS and Android it will NEVER be considered a serious alternative by many people.

I moved from Android to WP and I've never looked back, but I'm interested in the technology whereas most people I know don't care about how it works etc. they just want the same apps as all their friends.

It's a fact that cannot be disputed.

I agree.  I use my Nokia Lumia Icon as my business/personal phone and couldnt be happier.  I switched from iOS, now iOS seems dated and dull.  I dont have time to play games on my phone, I run a business.  WP enabled me to transfer all of my contacts and work related information quite seamlessely.  My cousin just bought the iPhone 5S...he's not very happy with it.  It freezes on a regular basis and his cell strength (both on Verizon) is less than my Nokia.  I guess the iPhone is great if your 17 and have the desire to play games on your phone all day, I, on the other hand, am an adult that needs my phone for productivity.  

Agreed. And notification centre. Although i do praise WP, I'm reluctant to advise some (particularly younger) people to get a WP until it can compete properly, other wise they will get it, miss some reeeally basic features, move back and never try WP again.

Yes... One of my friend have iPhone and he doesn't know how to use gps!!! He got it just coz he have a lot of money...

+1 to that. I asked my sister why she opted for an iPhone instead of a Lumia 820 and she looked at me as if I was bonkers. "Everyone I know has an iPhone, so...." I thought, multiply this thinking by 100million and you've got the iPhone sales right there. :P

Worldwide mobile sales, what % are Apple?

Seems to me that large iPhone sales % spoke about are USA only?

Maybe, as this is an international app, you could give a world view, it would make more sense and be more realistic, imho.

But that's the point; by coming here, he is doing research.  He's asking those of us who use WP and Lumia phones to give him some of the benefits of the OS/device, to address his specific questions, and to assuage his fears.

Since you own and use an iPhone, you're in a perfect position to answer some of his questions; and isn't that more productive than telling him to go do his own research and make an educated decision?

If you can convert that's great, I wish words with friends was updates though. Most of the time ONE WP user can't convince (in my case) 42 friends that are playing words with friends to download and start over in a different app.

Yep. In marketing, brand name recognition is everything, regardless of whether or not the off-brand is the superior product.

LOL to Facebook. Few more years and FB is nothing but a site for old people playing Farmville. Its all over the news. FB used to be nice before they stuffed all kinds of crap on the screen and nothing loads right anymore. Lmao.

Actually there is an official words with friends app, but according to reviews it can be awful at times.

Sure, we do. But read the reviews and see when Zynga last updated it. They charge for an app they know is crap. It locks up devices and doesn't always work, and they refuse to fix it. Everyone should report the app to MS. Imo, anyone who bought it, deserves a refund as well.

Yep i agree with Dave. All these apps are supposed to be checked by Microsoft before hand surely.

I'd really like live tiles more if they just kept information available all time ala android widgets instead if flipping between app name and data. Kills any sort of quick glancing for information.

I was able to convince my wife to switch from android to WP8 last year. She saw how much I enjoyed my Lumia 920 over every phone I have ever owned, and decided to make the switch. She has been happy ever since

I try and convince my wife to switch from Android but nothing yet, she likes it a lot, maybe she will see when 8.1 comes out because she has problems with her phone. Both my kids has a WP8 and they love them.

I got 2 of my aunts, my uncle, my mother (who I got to sell other people on Windows Phone), my sister, 2 friends, and 2 cousins. In total I have moved over 15 Windows Phones :D

...and I'm still in high school :P

fantastic man ! i convinced my three dogs and my cat to switch,and they love it,they play all day at angry birds and watching movies :) (bullshi for bullshit )

The question is WHY did you waist time to convince the "whole" family and friends to go to windows phone, did you become a better student after ? people just don't mind there own business :)

I did the same thing and the reason is simple, I think companies that build superior producs should be rewarded by people buying their producs. That is why, given half a chance, I try and convince anyone to switch to lumia.

I got my three dogs, one cat, four fishes, 37 neighbors, 14 teachers and 52 friends to convert to WP last year. Please do the math. :)

For me iPhones are only multimedia phones while Windows Phone are multimedia and work phones. Plus if you can benefit of the entire Windows ecosystem you'll be in love for a Lumia pretty fast.

Huh? What "work" thing is better on WP than iOS?

Actually, what "any" thing is better?

The sad sad irony is, MS' ecosystem is stronger in iOS than on WP. Office is there. SkyDrive is there. Xbox music is there. And Bing is *better* there. Skype is *better* there.

Don't you dare. Mobile Office SUCKS on WIndows Phone. Formatting is limited as shit - there are less options than in this fucking comment box. Literally EVERY SINGLE iOS OFFICE APP I EVER USED offered more options. 

OneNote is sad too - on WP you can't even create a notebook.

I beg to differ on Bing. Read the ratings on IOS. (I did today). They are in the same boat as WP, but through an app rather than a button.

Chinese hacker broke Samsung and Chinese phones... Not Nokia.., which is the most popular wp phone platform.... Its more secure then other wp's out there and there is not even a single hack or break for lumias...

If you read the news carefully it seems to be a sort of claim.. They are no hacks available publicly and none of the info has been verified... So u cant prove yet lumias has been jail broken.... And if u check xda.. Forums... They are trying to hackin from last April but with no success

So can Windows Phone. It's just not popular enough for people to bother doing it. It's the same that happens with virus on Macs. They exist but are not as many since the OS doesn't have 10% of the market. Hence the myth around virus on Macs.

WP7 was a novelty. It had that going for it. WP8 probably was also jailbroken too already by someone somewhere ;)

He feels iOS is very secure, implying it's more secure than WP without saying so... that is NOT true! In fact it's the other way around!

Well it's the Apple effect. Because there's the myth that Macs can't get virus in them while Windows can, ergo, iOS can't get them either but WP can. I've seen that assuption made by a lot of people. He's not the first one.

Very true.

I would even argue Windows is more secure. It's usually hacked last in hackathon events (with the exception of XP) and Microsoft spends crazy amounts of money in security.

This is true. Security firms have also stated that windows is way ahead of OSX in security. It just gets attacked less

If with "last" you mean between OSX and Windows, might be just the popularity or something, but there's been plenty of times that Linux machines have not been broken at all. But WP is kind of a different beast, and is very secure.

Also i cant see anything related to popularity its a wrong assumption ... Coz Huawei.... And... An Samsung which combined make 1% of wp were jailbreaked but lumias are 91% share for wp8 and people are dying to get jailbreaks are more popular then their counterparts.... Also just check in hackers are constantly trying to find a way for jailbreaks but they aren't getting anywhere due to the secure boot thing.... Samsung was only hacked due to vulnerability in its own app not on the other hand has no such security issues with the app....3rd.... Samsung has fixed the vulnerability in its new update gdr3 and for now its cannot be jailbreaked so enjoy.... :) With the real facts

We have to be honest with him. If he wants a phone for games he might as well stay with iOS. Games get released there first and the options are endless. Three years since its release and WP still doesn't get game releases on same day as the duopoly.

True. That's why he'll never get convinced to shift to WP if gaming is a major concern, which from the article seems like it.

I guess I'm an anomoly. I don't really play games on my phone. I just don't have much time away from home where I feel the need to whip my phone out just to play a game. For me, I use my phone to access certain spreadsheets, check email, catch up on facebook, and read a lot of news and stuff, and of course, the occasional phone call. If I want to play a game, I'd rather play it on my desktop or my Xbox One. For me, WP just works and works excelently. It's fast on my 920, has all the aps I need for the most part (still waiting on Sharebuilder, and Capital One 360 aps, and Xfinity Voice to Go). And I can customize my start screen any way I want really. I have had no security issues on it. Just like iOS, you need to be selective about the apps you download. All I can say is give it a try. Most carriers give you a 15 day return if you don't like your phone.

I use the Capital One 360 web app pinned to my start screen through "WebApps". Works well until there is a native app.

That is an easy one when you after let em know what happen with the student who get burn because her iPhone explode and burn her leg. Crazy!

That's probably what that student also said when a Chinese flight attendant died because she got electricuted by her iPhone. Yes, "$3!t" happens, but it seems to happen more often to iPhones.

Well when 100million devices are sold compared to something smaller, even a quarter of a percent (250K) might seem high. How often, percentage wise, do iPhones burn up? I pulled 250k out of my @$$ by the way.

Words by post is waaay better than words with friends. Plus, one thing I love about WP is there are so many apps and games IOS and Droid users wish they had, they aren't popular because WP is still new to ppl, you just have to search and anybody can find what they want, even if it isn't "popular"

What games do android/iOS people wish they had? I've never heard of such a complaint from one of those users. The number of people using WP who wish they could download an app available on the other platforms is much larger no matter how anyone tries to spin it.

The biggest example is SongArc, I have many friends with Android phones that after playing SongArc on my 920 they wish Android (or iOS) had that game.

Just because your particular android/ios bearing friends don't do it doesn't mean it doesn't happen, or maybe it's in your friends minds they just don't admit it to you because they know you post comments here.

I understand the exercise, but as a matter of habit I let people make their own decisions about which smartphone OS to choose, even if they are directly asking you to lobby.  To answer his basic questions, I don't worry about WP security and I'm happy with the game selection although if he is an Xbox achievement hunter he might be disappointed.  I find Gameloft titles to be pretty poor on WP, but I'm probably in the minority there.  I wish him the best of luck!

Edit-sorry didn't mean to respond to upsidedown

Security??? Please explain why this is a concern. Side by side comparison. Last ios update had a huge hiccup and anybody was able to get to somebody's info with a few taps.

Games are there. One thing you may like is the Halo: Spartan Assault. It's so far the best I've played and you can't get it on other phones. I have other FPS, like modern combat. More is available.
As for security, start using your outlook/SkyDrive with your WP and you outperform other platforms in terms of ease and security. It's MS, they've been paying attention to security more than anyone else! iOS and OSX are NOT secure! I'm an IT professional, I know! And don't even get me started with Android and it's lack of security!

...why is there an article to convince one specific person...? it should've just been an article to convince a multitude of people.

I switched from iPhone 4 to a Lumia 900 (cyan!) and have since upgraded to a Lumia 1020. I still don't miss that iPhone ;)

"Now, sell me this pen!". iOS 7 is awesome, it has a lot of cool stuff. Windows Phone has just as many neat stuff as the iphone, but the interface and customization are better. You should buy one instead of an iphone. Why? Considering the price difference, MS will treat you and your girlfriend with a good dinner.

I switched one of my best friends over to a Lumia 920 and now the 1020, and she loves it so much more than an iPhone. My other best friend came very close to switching, but likes her Apple ecosystem that she has going on at home (she's all iOS). But I mean if Apple messes up down the road I know we'll definitely have another convert!

Until 3 September I would. But once Nokia leaves the smartphone business I won't recommend anyone a Windows Phone over an iPhone (and I don't like Apple) until Microsoft proves that they're really committed to the platform and will at least match the level of support Nokia gives the phones. That means, for example, stop releasing apps first on Android and iOS instead of their own platforms.
Microsoft proves me that I will recommend Windows Phones again to people over iPhones.

You KEEP saying things like those but you're still here - I don't know when your threats to move to a different platform ever materializes! It's taking forever already!

I've said it tons of times. Here's a very simple resume:

1 - Nokia is still around and so I still use Nokia phones which run WP. I came to WP because of Nokia and nothing else and I will remain with Nokia until the end. So pray the deal with Microsoft to sell their D&S employees doesn't fall to the ground.

2 - Only once Nokia is out of the phone business will I change my daily driver over to a Sony Android.

3 - Even once my daily driver moves to Android, and so I will care less for what happens in and to WP, I will still be around because I will keep using the Nokia L1020 as my camera. And since I can't replace the OS in that phone, I will still be needing to know what happens to keep the phone updated (if anything happens, of course...)


So if you're hoping that my move to Android means I'll disappear from here...well...I have bad news. But you will probably see less posts by me because by them I won't care what the heck is going on with WP and what apps and features will be missing and I won't care that Microsoft releases their apps first on Android and iOS (actually, I will actually be very happy to see them do that). Since I won't be a customer anymore, I won't care so much for how bad things are being done or not.

Pretty much like Daniel Rubino (who owns both an iPhone and an Android device) who focus on WP but certainly keeps himself up to date on what's going on in other OSs.

Dam you ramble on about nothing more than anyone I have ever seen. For someone who tries to act educated, you ramble on just like a 3yr old that makes up stories from their imagination.

Either be happy with WP and be a better part of the community or be done with WP, quit being The Troll of WPC and move the hell on already. Either way, stfu already with your dumbass, whine Nokia whine, bullshit.

I was answering the guy and all I wrote is based on facts. It's not my fault you're too dumb to read the news. And I also don't recall asking for your idiotic opinion you pathetic old man (and yes, education is for those who deserve it. Which isn't your case).

O no, I got called old. You uneducated piece of garbage. Your non stop ramblings day in and day out have shown this entire community just how stupid you are and I promise you, I'm not alone in hoping you fall off the earth.

BTW, you couldn't keep pace with this 41 yr old on my worst day. Old, that's classic.

I'm not quite sure how spreading FUD is equated to "keeping yourself up to date on what's going on."  But really, I don't think you are even kidding yourself with your concern troll act.

Next time, read the entire posts. Had you done so, you would have noticed I wasn't bashing WP but just saying Microsoft will have to prove they take their platform seriously for me to recommend it. If not praising every single fart Microsoft farts is a troll act, then fine. Better that than to be a mindless stupid sheep that doesn't use its brain for anything else than to say "Amen" and "hurray"

If it isn't FUD, then why are you responding to a thread called "Convince an iPhone user to switch to Lumia" by saying "I can't recommend it"?  Did you think that's what the guy is looking for or are you just, as usual, looking for a prompt to retell your tired tale?

This.Seriously DJCBS,you write about the same thing on every article..can`t stand it any longer.Try to be On Topic and quit saying the same goddamn thing every time.

I actually already made the switch away from WP, I still like the simplicity of it, and I do recommend it to people who can benefit from that simplicity, but it was lacking some features I wanted, the home screen got stale without any real possibility to customize it, and the tiles seemed pointless without any functionality (home screen will be largely useless after a notification center).

Hand on heart, Sony on Android is the reason I replaced it with a Surface RT.

Would never entertain Sony on Android...... ever.

you know nothing. the only problem i have with microsoft is the brought out windows phones to slow and late. i have had windows phones since my LG INCITE and have not looked back. i like each update more then the prevous and i have have no plans to switch to another platform. i have talked to people about switching but not sure if anyone did.  with the new head of microsoft lets see if this guy is the right one for the job. i feel that since steve jobs died the new ceo is a idiot that will eventully sink the company . he was riding steve jobs coatail for a while and now it is on him.

Please re-read my post. You said I know nothing and then went to say "i have talked to people about switching but not sure if anyone did". Well if they didn't, there's a reason. I on the other hand don't like to talk people into switching to a platform that I have grown to have more and more doubts about. The truth of the fact is, Microsoft has neglected WP to the point where they're releasing apps first on iOS and Android and only then on their own platforms. So far Nokia has filled tons of gaps while the folks at Redmond sat and did nothing but very small improvements to the OS, all of them demanded by Nokia. If Nokia is gone, I don't trust Microsoft to improve their committment to the platform to go and recommend it to friends just to then have them complaining that it misses this and that. Sure, there's a new CEO and Gates is back. And believe me, nothing gives me more hope than the fact that Gates will be again pulling the strings behind Nadella and that Ballmer is gone. It would give me even more hope if Eflop would just go back to Canada. But anyway, I wrote that if Microsoft matches at least the level of committment of Nokia (which means improving considerably MS's committment to their own WP) I will recommend Windows Phones again to people over iPhones. Because while Nokia is around, I can say "look, Microsoft doesn't do sh*t but Nokia has been pushing the platform and adding tons of stuff to it". Without them, if MS starts doing what Nokia was doing, then I will say the same thing I said in the Nokia-Era. Plain and simple.
Will I be using WP as a daily driver without Nokia? No.
Will I nontheless recommend it over Apple and an iPhone? Yes.

I get your frustration & discontentment towards Nokia & Steven Elop. I felt the same way when Lee Iacocca bought AMC & the Jeep brand. He indoctrinated Chrysler's subpar quality into a respected brand in Jeep vehicles or Bob Lutz for taking the Hummer brand & putting GM garbage parts on it & turning it into pop star. But the truth is, I GOT OVER IT!!! It doesn't make sense to be upset over CEO's or companies for their lack of proper management. At the end of the day, Elop, Iacocca, & Lutz could care less about me & my ranting or vowing to never use their products again. So at some point in your life, you have to let bygones be bygones & leave the past in the past. We have to move on because they have.

That may not last long's likely that Nadella will put Office on Android and iOS too.

iOS very possible. Andriod I don't think it will happen. Not unless the relationship between Google and MS improves.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Microsoft put it on Android too, even if the relationship doesn't improve. They're still releasing their other stuff on Android anyway, even after the YouTube-problem. At the end of the day, Microsoft knows they'll profit more by having their stuff on the OS that dominates 80% of the market than to act like Google and remove and don't put their stuff there out of pride.

The war with Google will end eventually. As soon as there's real committment to end it.

Why not? There are already tons of MS apps on Android (thank you Microsoft!)

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Office is already on iOS.  Has been for quite a while.  And yes, they have plans to put Mobile Office on Android as well.  They've as much as said that when they started moving Office to a subscription/service model, oh, what, a year ago?

I was an iPhone user and to be honest, although its so much easier to play on a lumia ie.screen phone is still far behind new releases games wise, but still you get a hand-full of choices to pass the time and pretty good games as well!! I am very happy with the switch and not planning on going back.(I also have to point out that I still have my iphone 4s and check it now and then to see what new apps and games ios has to offer, but to be honest nothing that surprises me, so I never use it...)good luck with your choice!

Lol Muppets I love how everyone's posting in comments instead of the forum the news post specified. *facepalm*

My wife is a high school teacher, so I get an very interesting peek in to the attraction to iPhones by the current upcoming generation. I'm thoroughly convinced that iMessage is a huge reason these kids want iPhones! Ridiculous as it sounds, I see these kids with $650 devices using them for instagram, twitter, and texting/iMessaging. The narcissistic nature of not caring that its not cross platform is exactly what our society is cultivating, so they will, simply and reluctantly, switch to SMS for an Android or a WP user. This is a generalized observation, so please all if you sharp, self thinking WP users on the forum please don't flame me, because I have a deep respect for you! I think the high-schoolers on the forum might agree, however, that iMessage is a major iPhone draw for today's teens and the WP/Android users. In the schools are considered brainiac outsiders! Lol

nobody uses Facebook Chat/BBM/Skype/that Google messaging/iMessage to text and as a teenager, we kind of bully these people who use them. Everybody is on Kik and Whatsapp so we just get over it.

Hmmm. Maybe a regional thing (Central Florida, here), but during my tenure in the at&t retail world, the high school crowd would struggle with breaking out of the iMessage mold and my daughter, who is a sophomore at FSU and got her first WM device in 2006 and WP7 on launch day, agrees with Mom/teacher that iMessage is the draw for iPhone in our region. I am a huge fan of WhatsApp and GroupMe, so I am with you. If you are not a slave to iMessage or, otherwise think you're not cool if you don't have the iPhone, you would sway towards the WP for gozillions of reasons. You are one of the smart ones, qudahamohammad. Obviously, there is still a huge attraction, as iPhone still dominates over a third of the market.

Worldwide mobile sales, what % are Apple?

Seems to me that large iPhone sales % spoke about are USA only? Maybe as this is an international app you could give a world view, it would make more sense and be more realistic, imho.

I'm a highschooler

Face time is another big draw. I don't get it, Skype is much better but oh no, it's not "face time".

I also got a complaint that 6Snap doesn't let you screenshot, Just like on iOS -_-

So, yeah! You're one of the savvy ones and a self thinker. I did, actually bundle (in my tiny little head) facetime with iMessage and you are right; for the life of me I can't understand why anybody wouldn't default to a messaging/chat/i.m./video chat client that is cross platform. So, the point is, until MS and their OEM partners figure out how to counter the attraction to those proprietary Apple messaging services, there will be, at least, that little pocket culture that will perpetuate the product. The root point for the O.P., however, is if you are savvy enough and not narcissistic with the messaging products, then its a no brainer that WP is the better choice with more hardware options.

I, for one, don't care for iPhone users to switch to Windows Phone. I love my Windows Phone and don't see the need to convince others. I tried to convince my girlfriend, my daughter and my son. They don't care about Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia.

Yet in my computer science engineering school, 70% of students (almost 90% male) have an iPhone...

Hmm, generalizations and prejudices...

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I love WP and will never use anything else but I'm afraid to recommend it only because I don't want an earful when they go to the store and not find what they are used to using. I might think of recommending it if we ever get a real Facebook app. I can imagine an iOS user not being able to send an emoticon while chatting in our pathetic Facebook app lol.

No way bro. No emoticons or stickers in chat, notifications are not reliable, you can't see if a message has been read, missing information in the news feed, and the app is slow as hell. Managing groups is a nightmare and you can't do a timeline review if someone tags you in a photo or status. I would love to agree with you but I can't.

I went and looked and you are correct about alot if those other than notifications at least for me. I guess my wife (she uses ios and never needed or knew some of those features existed) and I or any of the other friends I know on WP ever tried those things. Granted we are not hardcore Facebook users. That said does the mobile website also lack these features?

I provide free tech support to anyone who buys a Windows Phone, and don't support other phones. Since my family is technologically illiterate, this seems to help draw them in. >:)

my sister also is asking me for recommendations for what's to buy for her future phone. My sister is a really shallow user so she won't need a "powerful" phone, she just needs applications, specifically social applications like Instagram, Facebook and Vine. She switched from her last Nokia phone (Nokia E72) because she was tired from looking for alternatives for apps so she was happy with iOS.

Probably you are asking, what did I recommend her to buy? Well, as a satiafied Lumia 920 user, I suggested that she waits for the iPhone 6 or just buy a 5S. Why? because she probably blame me because "Windows Phone suck" and "where is Instagram Direct" and "omg unofficial Snapchat what would my friends say if it is fake, probably they think I am stealing their photos" and "why not all notifications aren't on the lockscreen?" so really, we need polished first-party apps and then we can discuss this.

Ingrained iPhone users want the real thing. No matter how good Rudy's versions are they want the official versions. And all of the features of the iOS and Android versions.

True, but still need official apps that are frequently updated, it's just the nature of the beast. Even with official apps that are updated people would still use Rudy's apps, simply because it still beats the official ones.

Is there a subscription music app on iOS that lets you stream and download for offline use? Really a valid question, I don't know if there is.

You can download songs on iOS xbox music? I couldn't fins where to do that on my wife's iPhone. Also it is severly lacking compared to the WP version. For example you can't suffle playlists.



EDIT! Just found with the newest update you can download songs on iOS

Remember minderbinder106, security is one of the considerations. Google and security are not synonymous.