Copy This updated with Windows Phone 8.1 support and Cortana integration

Copy This

Copy This is a handy Windows Phone 8 app that allows you to copy speech-to-text directly to your Windows Phone clipboard. Play This was updated to version 2.0.3 to work with the new speech APIs in Windows Phone 8.1.

This will allow you to press and hold the search button, say "Copy this…" and whatever you want copied and Cortana will add it to your Windows Phone clipboard.

Along with the Windows Phone 8.1 support, the version 2.0.3 update also redesigns the app to make the instructions for use a little clearer and adds support for en-GB speech recognizer.

Copy This is an interesting Windows Phone 8 app that could come in handy when you have your hands full. There is a free trial version available for Copy This that is fully functional but with ads.

The ad-free version of Copy This is currently running $2.49 and you can find Copy This here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Copy This updated with Windows Phone 8.1 support and Cortana integration


Would be nice if Microsoft did what Apple has done, and made a microphone button available system wide via the built in keyboard. Especially since Microsoft's speech recognition is actually really good.

I don't like the keyboard clutter. Instead I suggest holding the Windows button to say what you want to type. I'm still in school and you wouldn't believe how many times Siri goes off in class when people are just trying to text. It is so annoying.

Love that idea. That way it doesn't add any clutter to the keyboard, and the Start Button becomes functional again.

Seems like the perfect solution, actually. I want this by Update 1.

But on Windows Phone 8.1: Cortana (and TellMe, should Cortana be disabled for whatever reason) now respects your Media + Apps sound profile. So long as that's set to zero, no sound will be made.

Forgot about this app, will reinstall it, it's pretty handy and works great for speech to text as you can paste it anywhere, only problem is on Microsoft's side, yes the recognition is good enough but the amount of words Microsoft's engine lets you say before abruptly cutting you off is pathetic, you can barely get two proper sentences in. Google and Apple is far better in this regard. My money is still on the Redmond boys all the way so here's hoping it will improve soon as voice dictation and functions become more and more useful.

I, too, wish they would allow longer dictation length.  I'm a wordy MF and my text messages are always cut off halfway through.

Been using it for awhile now.... Great solution for apps that don't have native voice support... (waze?) it works well and price is fair... I recommend it.

Wow, 2.50$ for this app. Would never buy something this simple for this expensive. Cortana is providing the heavy lifting here.

The point is, all he does is leverage an API that allows him to retrieve the text from speech to text that MS built and then deposit the text into the clipboard. As I know C# code I'm rather positive that it is probably not alot of code to do that. Meaning, I don't feel he put in 2.50$ worth of coding into it.

Since you don't think the app is worth $2.50, why don't you whip up the code yourself and give it away for less, or better yet, make it free since your time isn't worth anything to me.

I am currently working on a rather extensive and coding intensive web site and it is in fact, free; even while the one other person doing what I am doing is charging for his. And as soon as I have this web site in a position that allows me to do something else, I have full intentions of making a Windows phone app and fully intended on making it free. So far, any coding project I've ever done that I made available to the public, I have made free.

However, in your rush to defend his, in my opinion (something I am totally allowed to have and voice), over priced app, you failed to notice that I never said it should be free, just that it wasn't worth 2.50$.

Perhaps you should read my post again:

  1. I never denied your right to have an opinion.  I merely disagreed with it.
  2. I suggested that you give the "trivial" amount of work away for less OR free,  not only for free.
  3. I also stated your time isn't worth anything to me.  So your entire first paragraph must have been for everyone else's benefit, not mine.  That's my opinion.

EDIT:  What you  charge for your work is your business.  What the developer of the "trivial" app charges for his is his.  Everyone else's choice is whether or not to buy.  That's the beauty of a free and open market.  If no one pays $2.50, then perhaps the price will change.  If enough people find value in it for $2.50, the developer and his clients still found an equilibrium.

Have a nice day.

My point is, that the value of the app isn't determined by the amount of effort placed into it's development, but rather by the amount of convenience it has provided for me. IMO, this app has provided me with well more than $2.50 worth of convenience and no one else has offered similar functionality for less.

This choice has been around for awhile. It still is using the Windows button as it's method of initiation. It hasn't even been updated to reference Cortana yet.

Fair enough, but I was not speaking of the additional choice from a chronological perspective.  The point I was making is aligned with JaiMento's assertion that he found value in the app of his choice and decided to pay for it.

I don't know how it works on iOS but Android does this right.  Anywhere you have a keyboard, you have a mic button (if you want one) which you can use to do voice recognition.  Maybe WP will catch up someday.

iOS does the same. The issue with this is that it's too easy to accidentally activate, with Siri going off in all kinds of quiet situations like class or the library.

Technically, at least in 8.0, apps could make use of this ability. However, most didn't. Microsoft tends to put more things in APIs instead of forcing it's capabilities on developers/users. That may or may not be a bad thing. One thing I do know though, is that it causes people who know nothing about the platform to make false claims, which doesn't help the platform at all.

I need a Lumia smartwatch with this. Or that u can talk to your watch and it writes everything down while doing other stuff. With my work that would be great.

Cortana on a watch would be awesome. It would feel like actually having Cortana from the game with you, minus the hologram.

That's a 2nd thing im hoping for. Said it earlier in a different post, Cortana as a hologram. So she can flip the finger at command or just by itself. :D but yeah, I hope they release that watch any time soon. Makes all my traveling and working as a dev a bit easier.

Why not just say "done!" instead of saying "copying this ..... bla2 to the clipboard" which takes time and energy to breath.

Audio confirmation for cortana so you don't have to look at the phone. This is typical behavior from cortana so voice texting and voice navigation.