Core77 announces "Fast Track to the Mobile App" contest winners

Core77 App Contest

Core77, an industrial design and development magazine out of New York City, announced their "Fast Track to the Mobile App" contest back in October. Pairing up with the Windows Phone 7 team, the contest was aimed at young developers who could benefit from not only the prizes, but the exposure and portfolio content. After a number of finalists, the judging panel (including Brandon Watson) have selected the following winners:

the winrars

Bridge - "an integrated mobile tool for small team collaboration across time zones."

Blackbelt - "a level-up based business app aimed at improving company productivity and employee self awareness through objectives, incentives and competition."

Social Mints - "easily track and measure what people are saying about a company, brand or new product across the social media landscape."

Rhythmatic - "an easy to use and powerful business cash-flow management mobile app."

car-pal+ - "helps road warriors track fuel efficiency, find the nearest gas station, and monitor road alerts and maintenance history."

The prizes that go out to the above winners are:

  • Free Windows Phones
  • XBox 360 (with Kinect)
  • 1-year App-Hub subscriptions
  • App Development Deal (with revenue sharing options) to bring your design to life

The finalists have not been forgotten however. The first 25 to submit their apps to the Marketplace will receive a free Windows Phone. Core77 will also host a gallery featuring all the apps that have been published by mid-February, pretty cool. Be sure to check out all the apps that have made their way to being published.

Source: Core77, thanks James for the tip!


Reader comments

Core77 announces "Fast Track to the Mobile App" contest winners


Sweet -  I've just gotta publish soon to get one of them phones. Anyone know what phones they are?
Also, although the design is great I don't see how the top one will work. Would it be a VOIP app?

These apps (except for the Car Pal+ app) seem cool. Seriously, why pay $2 for something you can easily do for free on a smartphone? (e.g. basic math and check Google maps) This one product seems behind the times; maybe they'll do OCR for taking a picture of the gas pump, but even then, this should really be free... it has no idea what the true cost of average maintenance will be per car... now that would be cool...oh well