Corona Labs announces SDK support for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store Apps

Corona Labs SDK

In the continuing push to lure developers, Microsoft and Corona Labs today have announced a collaboration to bring the Corona SDK, "the leading 2D app development framework", to both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Corona Labs currently supports iOS, Android, Kindle and NOOK with a single code base, allowing their 300,000 developers to more easily code for various platforms with greater speed. With Windows Phone and Windows 8 backing (aka Windows Store Apps), Microsoft and Corona hope to reach a broader audience for new apps and games.

David Rangel, COO, Corona Labs notes:

“Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 have proven to be great platforms for developers, and their growing user base presents a growing opportunity…We look forward to working with Microsoft, empowering Corona developers to build apps for Windows devices…”

The SDK has proven to be quite popular as it does not impose branding requirements, nor charge per-app royalty. Instead, Corona SDK is based on a subscription model. It works over C++/OpenGL for graphics. Some noteworthy companies that utilize Corona include EA and NAMCO Bandai.

This isn’t the first time Corona has teamed up with Microsoft. Back in 2011, the released a software development tool for Windows XP for coding iOS and Android apps. This time, the tool will be used to develop apps for and not just on Windows (and Windows Phone).

The beta for Windows Phone 8 is due in “early 2014” and will be followed by “full support” for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.  For more information, head to coronalabs.com or their press release.


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Corona Labs announces SDK support for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store Apps


Read Cortana.. Mind somewhere else. BTW can't wait for some leaks/news on that.
Good thing for MS more support, more SDK's will help devs port apps easier and rethink WP platform.

I third that. Part of the reason behind me getting wp8. My wife would rather have a Master Chief voice, lol.

I'm glad there are gonna be more apps coming to Windows Phone, but I checked out their website and, honestly, none of the featured apps jumped out as exciting. Still, better than nothing.

Is your corona covered? If not, then it's time to legalize foreskin. Join the movement: #i2 for the win.

I CAN'T WAIT! I have tons of apps that I have developed for iPhone already, it'll be awesome to see them on my lumia 928 :)