Cortana support added to GoToMeeting in new Windows Phone app update


GoToMeeting, the popular online meeting service from Citrix that launched a Windows Phone version several months ago, has just received a new update that adds support for Microsoft's new Cortana digital assistant.

The update lets users access the app via Cortana voice commands, such as "GoToMeeting Start next meeting", "GoToMeeting Show upcoming meetings", and "GoToMeeting Start meet now". In addition, the 1.2.120 update includes some unnamed improvements to the app's user experience based on feedback from their users, along with a fix to deal with an unnamed app crash.

What do you think of this latest update for GoToMeeting? Thanks to Anthony for the tip!


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Cortana support added to GoToMeeting in new Windows Phone app update


What's the Citrix app got to do with your HTC 8S? I've got an HTC 8X and I'm still waiting for the update but this isn't the right place for your comment.

Umm. I'm pretty sure Microsoft owns Lync. And believe Citrix are their own company. They could be consider competing products. Unless there is something I don't know.

Microsoft has nothing to do with this update. Cortana has her APIs already open to any 3rd party app. It's up to those developers to integrate their app with Cortana. And Lync 2013 already has Cortana integration.

Like wise, I have used both. But bare in mind, team viewer is a package, Citrix separates all their products, which is probably why not many people even know about this

Anybody in corporate america would have heard of this.  GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Lync are the major players in web conference software.

Why Cortana opens list of websites rather then giving answers. I asked few simple questions 1) who is the president of usa?
2) who is the prime minister of India?
3) who is the prime minster of England.
4) what is the time in Chicago right now.
5) what is the colour of sky.
Every time Cortana opened list of websites searched by bing.

This is the wrong place for this comment, but I just went through each item in your list. Cortana spoke the answer for 1-3, displayed the time and have me web listings for the color of the sky.

Again I tried same set of questions.... Again same list of websites. Better I search for the solution in related thread.....anyways thanx a ton for ur response.