Countdown to the launch of Xbox One with this official Windows 8 app

Countdown to Xbox One

How excited are you for the launch of Microsoft’s latest gaming console, the Xbox One? Do you count down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until you can get your precious hands on the next generation gaming monster? If Xbox One is all you can think of, you might want to check out the Microsoft Store’s Xbox One Countdown app for Windows 8.

The countdown application starts out by offering exactly what the title suggests – a countdown to the launch of Xbox One. Feel free to cook up a cup of hot cocoa and watch the moments go by as the modern UI style clock gets closer to November 22nd.

If you get a bit bored (or aren't up to speed with everything), you can check out news articles, game trailers, and videos about the Xbox One and what's around the corner.

Head over to the Windows Store to download the countdown app.

Are you pumped for Xbox One – will you be counting down?

Source: Microsoft; via Neowin


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Countdown to the launch of Xbox One with this official Windows 8 app


I got this yesterday. It wasn't available in the Canadian store. Just change your region to the United States and you should be able to install it. They should have also created a WP8 version.

We ain't jobless like that gamer geek who sits at home and play all day and night to count seconds minutes. I got more time to smoke up. :D

Mice can't simulate triggers as well as controllers do. Also for natural movement, you need sticks, not keys. If its hard, all you have to do is man up ;-)

Well that's true. Whenever I play driving games I use x360 controller for windows, but for everything else, especialy shooters controlers absolutly sucks

Shooters on PC with a controller DO suck - they aren't designed for it. Shooters on console are generally great now, and I prefer console for 90% of my gaming.
Can't wait for Xbox One!

Bring it on :) now can you release the windows phone app or better still , download game preorders for xbox one.