Custom battery meter comes to the Windows Phone homebrew scene

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If you're on the cutting edge of Windows Phone hacking and homebrew then you probably have a fully unlocked device with a custom ROM running "Tango" 8773. If so, then you may want to take a look at this latest creation from Zealson over at XDA.

The simple XAP file will launch a mini-app to allow you to change the battery meter to a custom version. The meters have four options available: default, horizontal, vertical and circular with the latter three having a percentage number for a semi-accurate reading of your remaining battery life.

We say semi-accurate as the percentage doesn't get down to the 1% range and instead looks to be at 10% increments. Such a limitation is due to the API though who knows what magic these devs can whip up, so there may be hope for 1% changes too.

Of course as we mentioned at the beginning, only fully-unlocked ROMs can install this and luckily the Titan and Radar are now in that camp too

Source: XDA Forums


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Custom battery meter comes to the Windows Phone homebrew scene


seems slightly unnecessary, but I guess it looks cool. ah, makes me jealous though for a fully unlocked device.. Mr. Rubino, how bout a WPCentral 'How To' for fully unlocking devices so some of your more adventurous, though less tech-savvy, readers can get in on the action.

On my to-do list, no sweat.

It IS a bit daunting though which is why even I haven't done it yet. But will toy around when I get back from LA.

I would recommend the step by step guide to have screenshots. The only way I could do it for android when it was tough.

I have exactly zero desire to hack/ROM my Lumia.  Still have my GNEX if I so wish, and, well I got tired of all that.  Guess I'm growing up finally.  I just want my phone to work and work well (which both do bone stock).

Your desire may change if MS don't give you WP8 on your mobile. There are some cool unlocked-only apps... One that appeals to me is one that can backup all the sms messages. There are heaps of other awesome apps we don't have access to

5% increments, not 10%.
Also, I feel this hack does showan area that a higher resolution display would really shine. There simply aren't enough pixels to form nice digits.

That was a featured I miss on my wp7 definitely giving it a try. I recommend making an article on the screen capture app. One of my favorite home brew apps.

Strange to finally see it, been without it for so long. I cant say i miss it, my phone lasts a day or it does not. Consumption is dependent on usage, low usage gets you through a day, medium half a day, and heavy usage approximately 6-8 hours. No matter how you look at it, you need to charge a smartphone at least everyday. Yeah think i made my point, never thought i defend the clean battery bar, but it looks so ugly to have percentage...or numbers in there. Well well.

If you're fully unlocked, install the bazaar marketplace. Then install the app from inside bazaar. Its a nice app. Running on my newly rooted titan.