Cyan update rolls out for Lumia 1020 in Canada [Update]

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Update: The post on the Nokia Canada Twitter page has now been pulled, so it looks like the release of Lumia Cyan for the 1020 might not have happened after all.

Original story: The official Nokia Canada Twitter account has revealed owners of the Lumia 1020 in the Great White North should be able to download the Lumia Cyan firmware update that contains Windows Phone 8.1.

This is just the latest in the series of roll outs for Lumia Cyan across the world.that began on July 15, which will bring a number of updates to Lumia phones along with Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1. In another message on the same Twitter account, Microsoft said the Lumia 1020 Cyan update is being pushed out on the Rogers and TELUS carriers.

The account also confirmed that another phone, the Lumia 920, will get the Cyan update soon, with the Twitter feed message stating it is currently in the "testing & approval phase". You can keep up with all of the Lumia Cyan and Windows Phone 8.1 updates on our special page devoted to that very subject.

What do you think of the Cyan update slowling making its way to Canadian Lumia phones? Thanks to everyone for the tips!

Source: Nokia Canada on Twitter


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Cyan update rolls out for Lumia 1020 in Canada [Update]



Why? It isn't like there is a whole lot to doing it. Download the software, flash the phone, let Backup bring back your apps and settings. It couldn't be more harmless of a process.


I'd rather downgrade now than wait possibly weeks for MS to activate the Developer Preview updates again.

"let Backup bring back your apps and settings. It couldn't be more harmless of a process."

That's just wrong information.  The majority of apps just don't back up their information since it's a developer opt-in process.  You're still going to lose a large portion of your data.

And this is why the ENTIRE file system should be accessible, just like it was on Windows Mobile. That way we could back up the entire AppData folder and never have any silly issues like this.

Just demonstrate a little more patience. The fix is coming. I hear you on the app data though.

Yea.. You would think WP users would have learned some patience by now but they still seem to be like a mindless horde that will trample each other to get a silly software update no matter what... Personally my 1020 running 8.1DP hasn't been giving me issues so I might as well just wait seeing as the changes Cyan brings to older hardware is almost negligible.. Definitely not going to waste 20gig reinstalling all my apps and losing all my app and game data just so I can say I have Cyan...

Same here 1020 working fine without cyan. Except for Here Drive which no longer works over Bluetooth. Had to switch to waze.

Oh I'm completely fine waiting for the fix.  It still doesn't excuse the joke of a backup situation though... not just for situations like this, but also for a replacement or worse yet a brand new phone (Microsoft needs to give users as much reason to buy new devices as possible.  Losing years worth of data is a very strong discentive.)

My 1020 is on 8.0 and couldn't find a new version for me when I checked "Software Update". Maybe it'll take a bit of time.

NO phones running dev preview are going to get the update until MS removes the block, period. Until that happens downgrade will be required for anyone who has it installed. The good ole early adopter tax. If you want to be on the bleeding edge you have to be willing to get cut once in a while.

I guess they can make UK Cortana available soon for everyone coz British accent is a neutral English accent and Cortana will catch that easily coz she 95% catches indian accurately. So I guess all English speaking countries can get Cortana easily.

The problem with Cortana is that they must tailor the experience to the region, not just the languague and that's what takes time.

Since when has there been a "neutral" accent? I've never heard of this. Besides, Canadians sound WAY more American that they do English. Also, Britain has many varied accents, singer of which I have a hard time understanding. :)

Yep its just the way media portrays the 'british accent' which btw covers Scotland Northern Ireland, England, Wales and a multitude of different accents across the board. US Media often asks anyone 'british' to adopt a queens English or Cockney accent for film & tv roles because that is all that is associated. Acting schools also often try to dampen any accents so that is all you hear. Unless you want to play a hobbit that is. The English language may have come from here but it varies a lot more than anywhere else in the world because of how long it has been used here. Kinect never understands me & I expect Cortana to be just the same.

I've got the developer's preview and it's not showing up.  I guess I'll try the software recovery tool after lunch, then try to update.

Either you'll have to downgrade to 8.0 or wait for MS fix. They have blocked the update for the dev preview

It's a well known match. It was on 'murican ice. You may have heard of the maple syrup trick? Jacque Val Jacque scored 3 goals in 3 minutes and fans started throwing maple syrup on the ice. It never caught on.

It's not released. No update was found for my Lumia 1020 on TELUS. The nokia canada account actually links to a US release webpage, not Canada.

Stop electing communists maybe you'll get Cortana.

If you don't know, by Canadian law Cortana can not be released until it also supports French.

Yeah I could see this working....but I guess I have 2 choice now, either downgrade and then update or wait for MS to get the fix.

I'm on T-Mobile with 925. Probably not going to downgrade from dev preview though I've never used bit locker. Surely they'll fix it eventually right?

According to MSFT they are working on a fix. I'm gonna downgrade the day it comes out then I won't miss 8.1.

Even I am waiting for cyan. Today I downloaded recovery tool of 57mb on my laptop. As soon as it arrives ill do tue whole process.

Glad to see Canada's getting it now AT&T needs to release it to my 1020, still running the dev preview gonna downgrade the day it comes out then I won't miss 8.1 @ all. :)

Thats the problem they have to many highend models to test unlike Canada where other then 1020 the ativ s sgh-t899m is the only other highend wp8 handset

Awe I saw this flash to on my app and got excited but then bam not a UK release for 1020... Why is it taking so long!!

what you mean what do we think of lumia cyan update rolling out to Canadians? we all gotta get the update, the more people get it sooner the better, i'm happy for them, keep the releases going

Can anyone confirm they've actually got the update on 1020 on a Canadian carrier? According to Nokia's facebook post that says it's released - all the comments are saying it isn't actually available. Don't want to downgrade from Dev Preview for nothing.

I thought the same thing... but then just thought "eff it" and I'll test it out for everyone. It's a Rogers 1020, unlocked, running on Telus btw.

I'll let you all know how it turns out.

.. ack not letting me post a screenshot of the recovery tool... at 73% downloaded... I guess you'll have to take my word for it

Thanks for doing it and letting us know...

Once you will have the update, could you also check if you got any performance for the camera, Cortana...(maybe)..etc

Thats what I was thinking as well. He should still need to check for the 8.1/Cyan update after the recovery.

Hi everyone,

So, that 73% was for installing the downgrade to WP 8.0. That's done and.... no update (not yet, at least). Probably can't get the dev preview because of the bitlocker thing, so looks like I might be stuck with 8.0 for the time being. I'll let you guys know if the update comes across anytime soon.

Thanks for doing this. Please keep us posted. My trigger finger is itchy and I'm ready to downgrade if the cyan update will be available.

actually i think u need to download to get it,just backup app settings,photos & video ,msgs if u need to cloud,then restore after, ezpz

I'm not sure what you mean by download to get it... that should be a give in... Perhaps you mean downgrade, and yes that is obvious. But, not a single comment here, Nokia Canada Facebook, or Nokia Canada Twitter has actually commented saying 'downloading now' or something similar. I'm not downgrading when everyone is claiming it isn't actually available.

I find all my updates from Rogers come at 6pm et the day it is announced on WPC.

WTF I have more 10 days waiting for Cyan on an unlocked Lumia 820, Lumia Black was only 5 days late
Lumia 820 UAE CV

Where the hell is Cyan for L1520mea . It has been almost a week since it rolls out in Finland & India.

+822. I'm happy other Lumia owners are getting it. Verizon will probably release it no earlier than September, based on their record of releasing WP updates.

Has that bug gone in WP? Tiles fdt blank for a while while scrolling? Is anyone still facing this issue with cyan update? I'm using pfd but.

Does anybody know how getting the Cyan update works if I've purchased an unlocked Lumia 1520 from Malaysia but I'm on the Rogers network in Canada?

I just remember something on wpcentral about there being someone in Canada who reported having the cyan update. Then he followed up by saying he got the phone from Amazon

It's based on the ROM variant, not the SIM or language region.  You'll get it when Malaysia gets it.

I wonder why the Nokia Update page has not been updated to show availability of yesterday's 1520 release and today's 1020 release.

I think I made the right thing downgrading my lumia 520 to windows phone 8 vodafone thinking would be right choice to have lumia cyan and 8.1 beacause i see that even if i dont have bitlocker the update wont come unless i downgrade

Out of all the Cyan updates, this is the device I am most hopeful for. The 1020 needs a refresh and camera enhancements.
Nearly everyone in my family has a 1020 or 1520 (AT&T) and while the 1020 can take some great photos, it can also take some terrible one too.
I'm hoping the Cyan update will bring some consistently to an otherwise stellar camera phone.

So, here's some interesting info I just came across on the AT&T website.

First, I went to the AT&T Software Support site and cannot find the Lumia 1020 listed anywhere.

Then, I login to my AT&T wireless account and click on "How to use my device" link. And I see this message:

Help for this new device will be available in a few hours. Please try again later.

So, I'm guessing AT&T is preparing to release WP 8.1 for the L1020 and is in the process of updating their documentation and so on. We could have a possible release later today, or this weekend.

I'm thinking Monday as well considering the leaked schedule of rollouts by evleaks a few weeks ago. But, who knows what can happen in the next 72 hours. Time to enjoy the weekend! Cheers everyone!

Yes, no update avaliable on 8.1 DP...so now the question is how long do we have to wait for 8.1 to be officially released so we dont need to revert.

Why is cyan available for Canadian service providers? And still there is nothing for cv 1020's ? When carriers approved the update why ms still didn't roll out for cv?

Ok I have refresh the Facebook page of Nokia Canada and now they even removed their post about the Cyan update.... WOW~!!!!!

Holy crap, the tweet is gone too, and I'm currently in the middle of downgrading my phone.


Son of a

Rogers doesn't sell the 1520. Your update will be based on whoever the original carrier/country is for your phone.

The tweet referenced as the source for this story has been taken down, and there's nothing coming up for my 1020 yet (Rogers). I think someone jumped the gun.

Just do not really understand why roll out has to be staggered I would rather not know who is getting it before I do... Sucks!

The 1020 update availability was a hoax. No new files for any 1020 variant showing up on Navifirm. Sorry guys. You've been played.

I don't see that happening anytime soon. The Bitlocker bug is very complicated and needs very careful handling. Data may be lost if they rush it. Then the shit would really hit the fan!!!!

I'm going to wait too.  Cyan in itself doesn't offer enough to make it worth the hassle.  Besides, I have a 920 and am with Rogers.  If how long it took them to get to Black is any indication, we'll probably be well into 2015 when it happens.

Use Nokia recovery tool, if you look close enough there's a article guide somewhere on WPCentral

Rogers is rolling out now. Have it on my Lumia 625 that was running wp8 but it is not yet on the dev preview running 1020 for obvious reasons.