The Daily Beast gets official for Windows Phone

The Daily Beast for Windows Phone

For those of you who like Tina Brown (and now Newsweek) in mobile form, you'll want to check out the official The Daily Beast app based off of the popular news/opinion site www.thedailybeast.com. From the app description:

The Daily Beast for Windows Phone

"The Daily Beast app is the quickest way to get breaking news from across the Web on your phone. The Daily Beast offers instant summaries of the Web's must-read stories, plus original news reporting, opinion, and photos."

The app itself is laid out very nicely with high contrast and bold graphics, smooth loading and nice transitions. Though it features an ad in the articles themselves (near the bottom) it's not too intrusive.

It also has nice integration with the Windows Phone "sharing" options  including the Social option (Twitter, Facebook, Live, etc.) and a swanky Live Tile that flips to show the latest headline.

Overall, a nice free app and great to see another official app on the Windows Phone. If it sounds good, go pick it up here in the Marketplace.

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Reader comments

The Daily Beast gets official for Windows Phone


This is what  we need to do.  Email, call,  contact every service you use and ask them when they are getting a WP7 app.  Send messages to your bank, cable company, etc whenever you pay your bill online each month.  The more we speak up the more they will realize we are a viable segment.

This app is wicked fast!! It really does feel like a native app even though the app is content and feature rich. At the same time makes me wonder about other apps in the marketplace, most of which staggers through heavy content.

Still need that WSJ app. Agree that we need to push hard on the media providers to develop and push out those apps.

Thanks for this tip. I downloaded the app yesterday and have used if multiple times. My new choice over USA Today. Good selection of news topics.

There's a lot of content here, however some of it is just repeated between groups...the interface seems dynamic and responsive.  There were probably more areas and editorial pages than I'd like to have to swipe through...Entertainment, Art, Books...etc, etc...  I like the way that the Guardian has these all as The Arts, and then you can branch off from there if you want to get specific.
The pop up ads are a bit of a pain, and take up real estate, which on a news app is a big negative for me, and a distraction as well.
And some of the news seems a bit "Fluffington Post" to me as well...I want news and developments, not creative writing and speculation.
I'm going to stick with USA Today's app for quick news fixes (and weather!) and the Fuse RSS reader for more the more specific and varied news feeds I've set it up for...and LOLcats too.
It would be nice if USA Today featured greater customization though.

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