Daniel Rubino LOVES Jaybird headphones... watch the video here (don't blame us if you end up buying a pair!)

As Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations, I'll admit, I was a little worried for Dan to take to the #CESlive stage on Wednesday. Dan has a lot of passion for Windows Phone, but sometimes when you ask Dan to do to things that he's less passionate about or he doesn't feeling like doing, well, sometimes you get grumpy Dan.

My worries we're quickly alleviated though when the cameras came on. Dan rocked the stage hard with all his guests. In particular, I loved his interview with Jaybird. Normally, guests on the #CESlive stage are there to show off their products and convince the audience why they're awesome. In this case, it was Dan who did all the selling. He simply LOVES his Jaybird Bluebud X headphones. Don't believe me? Watch the video above.

After watching this interview, I immediately ordered a pair from Amazon. Be warned, if you watch the video you'll probably order a pair too. Awesome interview Dan!


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Daniel Rubino LOVES Jaybird headphones... watch the video here (don't blame us if you end up buying a pair!)


If Bose would make their sei2 headphones compatible with WP8 would there even be a question to what the best pair of headphones are?

Dunno, I haven't been so impressed with Bose latley. It's also nice to have something of quality that is different.

Are you serious??!?!?!?! hahaha, bose headphones are unanimously known as garbage and overpriced, they're basically the other side of "beats" headphones. As far as all in one with a microphone its sort of close I suppose but you can get an adapter cable and run tons of headphones and earbuds with a microphone.

Bose? Garbage?  High dollar yes but garbage?? Clearly you have never owned a pair of Bose. Beats I have never owned so I can't speak to them but Bose I have and I do. There are others that are pretty nice too, like my other phones, Technica ATH-M50's. I think they get real close to Bose in sound quality. But Bose is far from garbage.

I agree to garbage, I am an audiophile, and I have owned bose, beats (beats are the worst headhpones ever... CRANK DUH BASS FOR NO REASON) and all kinds of expensive headphones. bose arent the worst headphones ever, but certainly not the best, and are priced far above their quality range.

TL;DR: bose is horribly overpriced

I was looking for someone like you here (as I listen to my Grado's, lol). Thanks for saving me the time!

if you like Beats, then you must not care about fidelity or natural sound. you just want lots of bass and mid-highs.

go get some Grados or Sennheisers, or Shures, or even Bose. Otherwise, stick with your Skullcandy and consumer audio toys.

Bose & Beats? lol, no thanks. I have owned so much over the years, Klipsch, Shures, you name it.


Once I put on a pair of Sennheiser i-80s I stopped wasting my money and time. I haven't found anything yet that comes close unless I decide next year to break the $350 barrier and check out the $500 and above range of stuff you find on head-fi.org. Until then these Senn's are in full use, podacsts, audio both normal and experimental sound so amazing.

Had this for 4 months, then I decided to get these Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-111 .

Guess what?  I sold my Bluebird X on ebay, and glad i did. Because Nokia BH-111 is way so much better, and battery lasted longer. 

I wish my ears would hold ear buds and be noise canceling but I haven't found a pair yet that works for me especially since I'm a daily bike commuter and light cyclist. I did find a pair of Bluetooth DJ style headphones that cost me less than $40.00 at Big Lots and believe it or not, they make the likes of Beats and others sound cheap. Dam things have only been charged once over a month ago and still going.

They're just DJ style Bluetooth 4.0 over ear headphones. The mic is awesome for calls\txts and the sound is excellent. These are Big Lots exclusives so you can get them in store but as far as online I have no idea.

Awesome thanks! Didn't realize they were a exclusive. Ill check out my local store and see if they have em.

I find I have same problem. Does not matter what size tips they all fall out with the slightest movement. I have heard for a minimal fee, hearing centers can make tips for your ears. Have yet to try this myself though, lol could be just a big lie.

i don't even like beats but there is no way those things are better, $/performance sure they'll blow them out of the water. As far as getting ear buds that work you can go with any monster set and then order their pack of different sizes and it'll be perfect. monsters don't set you back that far either but their sound is pretty solid

get foam tips that you crush similarly to ear plugs, they expand in your ear and won't get dislodged outside of your cord being tugged.

I wouldn't have made the claim if I had not compared them. People tend to always believe cheaper is not better but its not always the case. I like Beats but like alot of things, I think they are way over priced. Monster on the other hand, I've never had luck with quality on their products, I'd choose Skullcandy over them any day.

Get a set of comply memory foam tips that are compatible with whatever earbuds you buy. They won't make them noise cancelling but the will isolate almost all the amient noise out due how they form to the inner ear cavity. They are super comfortable and make most ear buds sound better due to the seal that is created. I won't wear earbuds without a pair of comply tips on them.

That's the issue I have is the noise cancelling. When I'm riding my bike 20-30 mph for several hours in and around downtown New Orleans, all the noise including my wind speed comes through and overpowers my music.

i don't even like beats but there is no way those things are better, $/performance sure they'll blow them out of the water. As far as getting ear buds that work you can go with any monster set and then order their pack of different sizes and it'll be perfect. monsters don't set you back that far either but their sound is pretty solid

If you haven't used these how can you comment on their quality in a comparison? These things are badass. Absolutely love mine. The inline controls are perfect for music, calls, and texting. I use them in the gym every day.

I didn't say these headphones weren't any good, I said all ear bud headphones have had the same issue with noise canceling. My scenario (read comment above) is more unique than just sitting or walking listening to headphones. To be fair, my cheap headphones sound badass, cancel noise extremely well ( thanks to the oversized cup of the DJ style), calls, read&respond to txt and read emails so to each his own.

Man, you've got some balls, I'd never ride around New Orleans with isolating headphones. Drivers here are so bad, I need every sense I've got to be unimpeded to stay safe!

It's typically illegal in most countries to operate a vehicle (bicycles included) with headphones in both ears. Some have laws that just apply to motorcyclists and bicyclists as their hearing is more essential to their safety. Having said that, I usually ride with one ear-piece in, so I can still be aware of my surroundings and they're definitely not noise-cancelling - that type are reserved for my workplace.

Glad you like them. Had this for 4 months, then I decided to get these Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-111 .

Guess what? I sold my Bluebird X on ebay, and glad i did. Because Nokia BH-111 is way so much better, and battery lasted longer.

I was wondering the same thing and was just waiting for Dan to ask.  Drat.  Dan, please find out if they will support Windows Phone.

Seem like great earbuds, too bad I just recently got my Plantronics BackBeat Go 2. Had I known about these, I would have waited.

I'm most likely among the few who actually won't order one of these as a result of this video, and as a result, i guess a lot of questioning to go through. :P

I thought the same thing.  I imagine that perhaps it was inappropriate to ask at the time of the interview but it would have been a great oppertunity.  At least Dan has a contact he can reach out to later.  I would buy that if Reign came out on Windows Phone myself.  Both products look amazing.  I personally have the LG tone + for the Gym and I like them alot for $60+/-.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who wants to know this :p though I'm sure they could have asked which platforms it's being released for (in general) which would have been an appropriate question.

Seems like WPC is doing advertising for gadgets with iPhone Apps, is there anything existing without an iPhone App?

But they could reach out to Microsoft or Nokia to get help with OS restrictions for an app like this. I've been on Nokia and Microsoft windows phone developer sessions, where they tell developers to get in touch with them if they truly have a need to get around these restrictions.

Lots of things happen off camera. We have (and did) put companies like this in touch with Nokia to get the ball rolling (see Sphero too).

Yes Daniel, I'm very aware, I have the last 4 versions of visual studios (except 2010). Just can't figure out why the biggest software company in the world has so much inconsistencies from on technology to the next. One would think MS should set the standards(like Intel) just too many techs half baked when we know they can.eg (Win7,Office,VisualStudio).

Yeah I would only buy them if the app is on windows phone. Really want them. So it's up to them to make sure they take my money!

I would have asked when the WP version of reign was coming out. Since he's sitting next to freakin Dan Rubino dammit.

Do they have a mic. on them because if not 130€ is just way too much. Its too much even if they have, tho this is so inovative and new to me that I may even buy them. 

Recently picked up a pair myself. Two major problems in my mind. One, if you wear them under ear, the cord noise is absolutely terrible. However, they do have an over-ear option. That leads me to problem two though. There's a slight tilt to the nozzles, so you have to flip them around to use over-ear, as recommended by the manual. Except that means that you're getting left channel sounds in your right ear and right channel sounds in your left ear. And they don't mention this at all on their site or give any alternative solution. It's a shame, because if they had upgradeable firmware and customizable settings like many other Bluetooth audio vendors, it'd be simple to have a switch to reverse channels. With the Bluebuds X, you're SOL.

I would suggest using the cable management system to help eliminate the cord noise. The guide is a bit confusing on this because it only mentions the cable managment in the over the ear section. Btw, I edited because I reread your post.

Try the comply foam tips, foam tips have better fit, isolation, and less transfer of cable noise than silicone tips. I use the tsx-500 ones with my jaybirds, perfect combination!

Lots of headphone controls aren't compatible with certain phones only iPhone or Android.

The Purity Pro headphones are great when travelling with the train or in situations where you do not move much or fast... but they are not good for the gym or on the bike and similar activities. Then the jaybird come in handy.

These are one of the few that stay in my ear (I have small ears) I got these for xmas and love them. Great sound, great highs and lows!

I've had bluebud x with comply foam tips for a while. Worth every penny. Best BT buds I've come across. Previously had plantronics backbeat go2s, which were garbage in comparison.

I love these but mine broke 4 times in 6 months. Every time was because of sweat. I was extremely disappointed as they were amazing. They claim this isn't an issue but check reviews if you plan to use them for working out. Hopefully they fix this so I can buy another pair.

Daniel, you look like you are about to fall asleep :( Poor guy...although you are also a lucky SOB for being at CES so I suppose it all balances out.

Not sure how this video would make people want to buy headphones... Their wearable product however..

Pardon me guys but I can never digest the fact that how can any headphone be so expensive! I got my panasonic hje125 for under $10 and I'm happy with them.

I have a love / hate relationship with my bluebuds. I love the product, its awesome, but the goddamn poles the buds go in before going into your ear are massive. My ear canal just isn't sloppy enough for them and they push out as I exercise.

Just ordered. My current LG Bluetooth headset sucks for music. Great for everything else though. can't wait to try these out.

Just arrived - Thanks Amazon Prime!    These things are amazing.  I can't believe how great music sounds on these.  Thanks for the recommendation!  I'm finally happy with a BT headset.



Can the 920 be paired with 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time? Example using a heart rate monitor while training and listen to music with those Jaybird headphones?


Watched this video and went out and bought a pair today.  Never had Bluetooth headsets before, but since I switched to the Nokia 1520, makes it much better than being connected and carrying the phone. 

Hola felicitaciones por el séptimo aniversario. Me gustan estos audífonos por lo práctico que son y me va bien con ellos en el trabajo diario.

So what about hi-fi Bluetooth support in Windows Phone ?
Any news when that might be coming? Now that everyone else has it.