Details emerge on the Dark Knight Lumia 710 covers for T-Mobile US

Dark Knight Covers

We ran a story a few days ago showing the Dark Knight Rises logo on the Xpress colored backs for the Lumia 710.  We now have an update to that story with the details. T-Mobile will be giving these out for free with a special new promotion starting June 13-July 10th when you sign up on a new two-year contract, either as an upgrade or a new customer.

New customers will get a colored back for free in the store at time of purchase, there is no mail in special for the colored Batman backs. These backs are limited, so be sure to go get them quickly before they run out. The Lumia 710 will also be free with a mail-in-rebate for Classic voice plans. Not only is getting a Batman colored back amazing, but you get the phone for free.

Nokia knows how to sell their devices by giving customers a solid and great experience at a affordable cost. This new cross promotion will sell more 710's, not that they needed any help, and get more windows phones in peoples hands. Although AT&T has the largest variety of Windows Phones, T-Mobile is doing a great job with only 2 that are currently being sold in stores (the Lumia 710 and HTC Radar).

Get your Batman on starting June 13th, the sooner the better. That way you can be one of the few rocking that sweet Windows Phone with a colored back showing off your love for the Dark Knight!


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Details emerge on the Dark Knight Lumia 710 covers for T-Mobile US


Am I the only person who finds those covers ugly? :S The logo on the lumia 800/900 is subtle and classy, but this...

i got a question that is totaly off topic but for ms wp8 thing for june 20 will they stream that live to the xbox 360 kinda like E3

I finally seen a windows phone advertising on Xbox live dashboard yesterday its about time lol IV seen the Samsung note on ther and other stuff advertised but not a WP until yesterday I saw the Nokia lumia 900 on ther and free downloadable windows phone gamer pictures and free windows phone theme witch has the Nokia lumia 900 on it and says windows phone :)

There have been Microsoft ads and some from various carriers and manufacturers from time to time. The best was the one that gave your avatar a Windows Phone handset prop. They also used to have the Hot Apps video show but all internal video shows were canceled recently.

seriously?  $2.00 batman sticker on the back off any black case, any phone.  would look great on my Otterbox.

FWIW, I got a blue batman back cover for free from my local TMo store yesterday. Don't care much about the logo, although I do have a soft spot for limited editions. Just nice to have a colored back cover instead of black.