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Yahoo!'s David Pogue just made the greatest Surface Pro 3 commercial yet

David Pogue, formerly of the New York Times and now of Yahoo! Tech, is a very well-known tech pundit. While he can be divisive for some, you can’t argue that what he says gets heard by the masses. Forget niche tech sites, he’s one of those people that the average user often pays attention to, ergo what he says matters – for better or for worse.

Pogue just shared his thoughts on the Surface Pro 3 and he has nothing but praise for the latest creation, calling it a “marvel of engineering," “There’s nothing like it,” and “We, the buying public, are not giving it a fair shake.”

While his early review of the device is impressive, and he makes some very good arguments for the Surface Pro 3, it’s his lede video that puts it all together – in an admittedly humorous and entertaining way. The three minute video extols the virtues and benefits of the Surface Pro 3 when compared to the iPad, using the familiar ‘Mac vs. PC’ style from Apple years ago. Pogue makes some compelling reasons why the Surface Pro 3 is better all-around than an iPad, including its price, the ability to run full apps, the kickstand and of course the Type Cover.

At three minutes, it’s too long for TV, but with Pogue’s reputation, we’re certainly delighted to see this tech pundit side with Microsoft instead of Apple for a change. Regardless of what you think of him, it’s a must-see video, so make sure you share it and get the word out (unfortunately, it uses Yahoo!’s own video player, so no YouTube linking).

Go read his full review and tell us what you think in comments. Has Pogue convinced you on the merits of the Surface Pro 3?

Source: Yahoo! Tech


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Yahoo!'s David Pogue just made the greatest Surface Pro 3 commercial yet


Two words: unlimited email.

I have about 30 GB of mail in my Yahoo! email account.  No other service will let me store all that for free.

lol, don't let LockerGnome see this. He went into full denial hater mode so hardcore that he's lashing out at his fans... so beta male :p

Yea I stopped watching that guy cause if its not Apple than he downplays it so bad... I'm really digging the surface pro 3. Looks so nice!

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

That I really funny. I just hope Apple don't start considering windows tablets as competition and make their own iPad-Pro, at least until its too late anyway lol

If MS stays on the roll they're on now, that could very well reverse in the next couple of years except for the Apple SS of course.

What role are you talking about?

The total flop that is WP?

The total flop that is W8?

The total flop that is the XBone?

They're doing great in enterprise, well in education, and fairly well in small business.  Their cloud services are second to none -- better by almost any standard than even the market-leading Amazon.

But they are increasingly irrelevant and even frowned upon in the consumer space.

Roll means momentum and changes and not necessarily results. If you can't see these since Ballmer's ouster with Nadela at the helm then you aren't looking very closely. Public sentiment is fickle. It wan't long ago at all that iPhone was the undisputed king of smartphones and now they are a distant second. They have shown a lack of innovation since Job's demise and aren't likely to turn things around significantly anytime soon. Google is Google.

MS is in way behind for sure but only a fool would write them off at this point. They have enormous cash reserves and talent pools and if they keep improving as they have, the can surpass Apple in a few years. WP/W8/XB1 are legacy with problems, but problems that can be resolved. MS just needs to keep on doing what they're doing and for God's sake get the best ad agencies in the world and they can change public sentiment. Google/Android was a joke not long ago too and look who's laughing all the way to the bank now!

Oh, really?

WP is growing quite fast (not in US, but worldwide). Quite a lot of phone manufacturers are preparing new phones with WP8.1, so there will be more options to choose from soon.

W8, after being updated to W8.1 is quite usable. Few tweaks, which are comming (start menu, metro apps in windowed mode etc.), will make it very good in my opinion and will apeal much more to traditionalist users. W8 is stable, fast and modern.

Xbox One is currently loosing with PS4, but with cheaper Kinect-less version its days are not numbered. It is doing quite well actually compared to previous generation consoles and will do better. I am certain of that.

Microsoft's cloud service (Windows Azure) is the second biggest cloud service after Amazon.

Microsoft's Office 365 is beating Google Apps in enterprise and education.

In other words - collect some facts first before you embarrass yourself.

I think he means to role of giving the users something they actually want by listening to feedback and willingness to change policies and devices.

And that is precisely what is Microsoft doing now - listening to customers - you can see it in W8.1, WP 8.1, Office 365, Xbox One, Office (iPad, Android...) etc.

Microsoft has changed a lot in past several years.

"Microsoft has changed a lot in past several years." I would qualify by saying since Balmer left and Nadella took over which was all of 4 months ago. 

No. It was Balmer, who made this change - several years ago. Nadella is just continuing, is more vocal about it than Balmer and has media on his side, which was not the case with Balmer, who was disliked on the other hand.

What evidence of these changes did we see when Balmer was still around and if he was turning things around, why isn't he around anymore? :)

Do you really think that Microsoft created Office for iPad in two months after Nadella took over Microsoft? No, development took much more time and Balmer made this decision - such as support for different mobile platforms, web browsers, orientation to cloud etc. Balmer has made some really good decisions. He also made some bad decisions. But it was Balmer, who started current trend in Microsoft - big reorganization, new vision, new way of doing things (at least on development side) - not Nadella.

Then why was he ousted? Weigh the good against the bad over the past 15 years. It seems to me there are far more failures than successes. Lost opportunities most definitely count in failures. 

That would require Apple fusing Mac OS with iOS.

Good luck with that! Apple's rate of software change is even more glacial than Microsoft! They also don't have the back end systems to tie the ecosystems together.

David Pogue is an Apple guy, all the way. Can't believe he's taking MS's side. Poor Apple.

I've read a few if his columns and seen his TED talk, seems like a knowledgeable guy.

What are your thoughts about David, guys?

Typo: Thikn of him

He is definitely an Apple guy, but he has always given others a fair shake. Moreover, he always knows his stuff. I've followed him for years, and he is really great at making funny videos too. Great to see him take on the Surface Pro 3!

However, I must say it's a little disingenuous for him to do the comparison only with the iPad, when clearly this is more in the league of the MacBook Air. But I'll take it. :)

i dont know much about him, but i feel like some people that judge products fairly might have been dubbed 'apple guys' because thus far, if you were willing to pay the price, apple was offering a fairly unique, top-notch experience (for non-gamers that is). so even if he was being objective he might have come off as an apple 'fanboy'. i think microsoft is trying to challenge this with the surface lines build quality and they seem to be doing well based on this video

Well ,it is more in the MacBook Air league but MS is already trying to convince us from that. What he's doing here is showing that it even rivals the iPad in their own way, that is isn't a "Jack of all trades and a master of none" but rather a laptop that competes with the MacBook and a tablet that competes with the iPad.

That is what always upset me about some tech writters. They compared the Surface PRO series to the iPad. Never made sense to me...

If he compares it with the macbook air, it will look so much worst.

But really koodos to MS, everything is nearly perfect except for the pricing and configuration avaliable.

And if I am really desperate, I will just run Greymotion (an android emulator) and run the android apps while working alongside my photoshop and my outlook.Windows stores needs a major overhaul.


What are you talking about? Surface pro 3 demolishes the MBA, just the fact that it has a much higher resolution screen that is a touch screen already does it. Being lighter and a convertible is a cherry on top.

I never really liked him or yahoo. But after this video, i have a little more respect for both.

I agree. David has had a historically rather pro-Apple stance. That is kind of remarkable for him to be so enthusiastic.

I think he's pretty even.  His Missing Manual books for both Mac OS and Windows point out differences between the two systems but rarely knock one from the other.  He is believable.

Pogue speaking highly about a MS product, and ripping on Apple?

Clearly, I somehow ended up on the planet Bizarro.

Surface is still not selling, 

I hope Microsoft figured out why the Surface 1 and 2 didn't meet expectations before releasing this one.

 3rd time's the charm

"Surface is still not selling"

That's a bit of a blanket statement and masks some numbers, like "Surface revenue up 50% and is close to $500 million" for the last quarter. I get that it's not selling a lot or as much as the competition or as much as people would like, but the Surface 2/Pro 2 has been picking up steam, with hints of becoming more mainstream.

I think price is what's holding it back before. Before SP3 it felt like it wasn't a premium device that I would want to shell out money for. SP3 has changed that for me. You can see the market share among Surface; Surface RT has the most share due to the price they were selling for ($199)

It might be price, but I think image/message was a bigger problem. People just don't "get" the Surface until they use it, same with the OS. Combined with general lags in the computer market for sales, it's a tough area to compete in.

Since the Surface were also identified as tablets, many people were turned off by the lack of apps. I have a 1st gen Surface Rt and the app store is bleak. 

Yup, you're right, its a tough area to compete in. Which is why I think Microsoft should have started this Surface campaign with an 8inch Surface and worked their way up. So far the reaction I'm getting from the surface pro3 is "pro2 isn't even out yet? Or is it?"

What Daniel said. When the first Pro came out I walked around my office showing everyone what it could do like I was a Microsoft salesman. At the time no one had even heard of the Surface. Everyone had iPads and pretty much blew me off as a crazy person. I was in a meeting with these same folks a few weeks back, a big conference room. They all had Surface Pros. Not an iPad to be seen. One of the most die hard iPad lover of the bunch told me the Pro is so much better. It's now his only computer. Funny thing is, he only switched to the Pro because his just over a year old iPad completely bricked (faulty battery). Now he'll never go back to the smug side.

The Surface Pro also needs LTE.  That's a deal breaker for a lot of professionals. I would've ordered one yesterday if it had LTE. Instead, I'm waiting to see what drops this Fall. It's just frustrating.

I use my Nokia 2520 Rt device more than my Surface Pro.  2 reasons - the 2520 is easier to handle, but more importantly it has LTE.  Very important for a lot of us who are mobile professionals.

I regularly use internet share on my WP, but I wish the Windows 8 experience would include a more straight-forward tethering option for the dummies. For example, just tap your phone on the laptop and are on ICS....just something along those lines.

You don't need to do anything on you phone. Just pair it once and you see the phones Wi-Fi always when your phone is in BT reach. To connect just select the Wi-Fi on your W8 device and tethering is turned on automatically.

Because they didn't release it to most countries. We don't have it here in the Philippines. I needed to go to Malaysia to buy one.

"Realistically priced" is relative to your budget, not necessarily other people ;)

Regardless, Microsoft is purposefully targeting high end computers, not the low-end /low-cost stuff of their OEM partners. I think that's a good thing.

I'm not stopping people from criticizing though, am I? I just see bad arguments, in my opinion, and like to play devil's advocate. I too have my own opinions, and like you and others, can express them. I have my 'editor' hat but I'm also a consumer, like you.

Microsoft is not making the Surface Pro 3 "for the masses". It's not cheap, there's no qualms about that, but I think declaring something as unrealistic ignores a lot of the tech market. Apple's products, personally speaking, are overpriced (for me). But from a market perspective, they're not. Just saying ;)

It's a premium device that deserves a premium price, particularly for the Pro. I think they might be better served charging less for the RT version since Microsoft is the only one making RTs; and, therefore, wouldn't technically be competing directly with its OEMs.  It might allow them to grab the market share they desperately need/want.

Last time I checked, neither Daniel nor Windows Phone Central were censoring criticisms of the Surface line of products. With that said, they don't have to agree with said criticisms, especially if they're applicable only to THAT PERSON.

You're allowed to complain and whine. But, something such as price will never be universally be agreed upon, because of differing budgets. The SP3 is outside of my budget, at the moment. But, my friends would be all over it, because it's a steal at that price, especially compared to what they normally purchase as commuter machines.

Daniel isn't trying to quash his opinion, he is just pointing out to him that is perspective is faulty and why. Daniel is essentially pointing out the difference between price and value which many people confuse. Price is what is paid and and value is what you get for the price. 

you may be right, but considering that one could possibly buy a better beast for the same bucks holds many down. MS just needs to be more aggressive on Surface. I mean if they had only put there a decent GPU, I would have got one, but no GPU means I'm buying something else for now.

I mean what? You can't get AMD with Intel now?

The simple fact is the neither AMD nor NVIDIA make a chipset that can perform at the same power level as the intel chipset and with so much integration between the CPU and GPU.

Could you please name which tablet you'll be getting in preference to this....

Oh, yer - there's isn't an equivalent in terms of power and spec.

You are asking for things that are just not technically possible right now - not until the graphics chip manufacturer's design products that are more power efficient.

I said, I'm not going to look for a tablet that can compete with SP3, but an ultrabook. Personally, I think the only two things holding the Surface to be the device of the future are its battery life and the lack of the GPU. I am willing to look past the battery but I think the dGPU on SP3 is now as important as a 16 mp shooter on HTC One, the point being: it will make the product better.If engineers can put a snapdragon in there to work for simple browsing and other stuff and an intel core with radeon graphics that switch on automatically, we might achieve this tomorrow, (sorry, I really don't know what I'm talking about)

I think my budget is in line with a large segment of the population and this is too expensive, for my budget. It might be worth it, but it is still a chunk pic change. I don't see it fully replacing a laptop that I use for video and photo editing. That lies me on the market of keeping a traditional laptop and having a larger phone for mobile.
So for mass adoption, price might be an issue for Pro3.

It's a target for Macbook Air users.. If you can afford it,then you can afford to Surface Pro 3. Hell if you can afford the upper end iPad,then you can afford the Surface Pro 3.

The SP3 is a niche and not a mass market device. Essentially, it is primarily geared towards business/education/power users who want just one premium device instead of an ultraportable and tablet.

It is. In the same way MacBooks are. Pound for pound, they are competitively priced, and so are the Surfaces.

Bingo! The SP3 looks to be a truly viable device for tackling consolidation for my users that have both desktops and notebooks/tablets. Myself included.

Actually, a Mac Air and iPad Air, comparably equipped to an i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Surface Pro 3 will cost you about $1,900 versus $1,500 for the SP3. The SP3 price includes a 64GB expansion card to match a 64GB iPad. And yet even with two devices, the Apple option is still far less functional, not to mention much heavier and more cumbersome.

I love it, haha, very smart and accurate, it really is true, things go around in cycles, apple wont be selling ipads like it was, that's just how business goes. people will always need to be productive.

It'll probably be thinner and lighter than the Pro 3, possibly have both a unibody and Surface Pen 3 made of colorful polycarbonate

At least, that's my prediction

It's okay, but could be a bit more subtle. You'll see what I mean if you watch some actual Mac vs PC ads after this one.

It was tongue in cheek. It's a humorous review video that nails the message of the Surface Pro 3, therefore it's a great ad.

? I fail to understand your point.

I didn't watch a three minute video of a guy just saying "product x is great", in fact that'd be about 10 seconds long. In watching the video, I saw some interesting arguments about price, features, running full programs and more offered as a counterpoint to the iPad. Were those not arguments that had some merit to them? In fact, it was way more in depth than any ad or commercial. Prove me wrong on that.

Go back to my first post, and do what I said there...

I never said what we have here is a bad ad, but it really isn't that great either.

Only thing I know for sure, greatest ad ever would mean that we'd see a lot more Surfaces in the wild.

In fairness, the SP3 isn't in the wild so it could be sold out day one thanks to this video but you don't know that yet. You (and I) assume that won't happen but it is not a fact.


I did like the review as a funny little bit, I also think it was good that they compared to the iPad since a lot of people would see this as something of an iPad competitor despite the numerable differences, just based on the form factor.  MS did a pretty good job on its point against the MBPro that they need to keep up, but I think they'd want to position the non-pro and eventual mini against the actual iPad so they are trying to keep the presentations separate so the messages don't get all tangled up.

You are making Hzhik's point Daniel. He's saying and ad ISN'T necessarily just stating how great the product is.

It's the web, man-- that's where the eyeballs are going. Yahoo may not necessarily have the gravitas of NYT, but it certainly has a ridiculously large audience. Plus, it's probably a great fit for someone who writes about tech.

WOW, that was hilarious. I like how he didnt mention the cost of the keyboard. But the apple guy was sure to bring it up. lol Microsoft is coming back to its old glory and rightful place in due time. Cant wait for the hard climb ahead.

I read it, and I get the feeling from Verge commenters that historically he's pretty down on MS stuff, so this endorsement is pretty cool.

I was confused when he wrote that the SP3 is the ONLY device where w8's two-OS-in-one approach makes sense, but what about the other hybrid devices from Lenovo and the like? Don't they straddle the desktop/modern UI line just as well?

Far from it... there are even tablet devices that works in the exact same way the Surface Pro line does. Like the Dell Venue 11 Pro I'm ordering soon. :D

I think Nokia, Acer and Lenovo also has them... perhaps even HP. :P

Funny video. I still hate being sold things I don't need.

A 12" 2:3 FHD+ touchscreen with a stylus and accessible keyboard which detatches is cool. But do I need it?

My 16" FHD touchscreen IPS laptop with backlit keyboard was acquired for $450 net. Does it do what a tablet can? No. It does what a laptop does. without requiring a docking station to output to a second screen.

My phone, a 5" FHD Lumia Icon does other things which a device that size can do.

A 10" tablet is the sweetspot between the two. But I can't just justify spending $500+ to fill the rare niche where I wouldn't want to necessarily bring my laptop. For those of you about to point out that the Original Surface RT can be gotten for under 200, save your breath. We will never reach a conclusion.

To sum things up, even at 12", the SP3 is outside the price range of what many people justify spending on a computing device. I hate when car companies do this shit too. Just to get leather, you need to supercalifragilistic package. You know you want it, because it's expialidocious.

Or put the shit in aftermarket... Project Ara, while being a Google initiative, will super fucking cool if you're allowed to pick which OS to put on the device. Could you imagine? Building your own computing device... the fucking geniuses. Now I'm really going off point. SP3 is cool but too fucking expensive for the reasons listed above.

"I still hate being sold things I don't need"

lol, well that is the heart of free markets and technology. In fact, most forms of technology are things we don't "need" but that can improve our lives. People laughed at me in 2006 when I emailed from my PPC-6700 "Why not just wait until you get home?" they asked. Now who's the crazy one?

You're right to ask if you need it, but let's not quibble: technology is all about pushing the boundary of things we technically could live without, but enjoy having! So ask yourself this: would you enjoy owning and using a Surface Pro 3? Now what's your answer? ;)

My answer. Who cares what I have to say? Obviously, you...

My opinion, those of us that watched the liveblog of the event saw Mark's closing photo.  I like a 17" screen as well. My Acer 17" did me well for 3 years til the MB crapped out in October. I switched to a 15" on what was a heck of a deal at Microsoft Store.

I can understand wanting to keep a reputability in journalism but I say this sincerely, keep the SP3. No giveaways, no loaner bullshit. Dunno what you're contract with WPC and MN says about these things, but if it's any consolation, I for one think you deserve that motherfucking cool ass piece of tech. Seems like you've been having the best posts on this site for as long as I can remember.

No quibble, but much appreciation...

I get what you are trying to say, but I think the majority of what we as consumers purchase is never what we need, rather what we want. We need shelter, we need heat, we need food, but do we need cars? do we need phones? do we need tv's and computers? obviously the answer is very subjective, but on a fundamental level we want them to make our lives easier...but we don't necessarily need them..we can live functionally without them. So saying you don't like being sold stuff you don't need is a bit rhetorical when most everything you are sold is stuff you probably dont need.

As for price wise, in the tablet market it is rather pricey in comparison to other offerings, but when you take the specs into considering and compare them to other devices of similar spec (ultrabooks and macbooks) the price variation isn't as noticeable.

What you propose sounds like the initial seeds of PSA campaign for when the petro wells start drying up.

On a macro scale, yeah clearly humans can live sans the additional luxuries modern society has to offer. But to scale it within the realm of focused discussion ( I know, not easy), You require the phone to call the service center who has the car you bought which gets you to the job where you sit and conduct businness interactions by communicating via email on a computer which ultimately pays the bills to get you the SHELTER, FOOD, WATER, and lest not forget if you wish to propogate, the WOMAN who will bear your children. Long run on, huh?

To communicate what I intended to from the start,

"The time has come, my little friends, to talk of other things / Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings / And why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings / Calloo, Callay, come run away / With the cabbages and kings."

Their complaint is chiefly about how Microsoft's UK price is way out of alignment with the current dollar-to-pound exchange rate. Using the current exchange rate, the high-end $1,949 Surface 3 should cost £1,157 in the UK -- Microsoft has priced it at £1,649, the equivalent of $2,778! Elsewhere on WPCentral, a Brit questioned whether it woud be cheaper to just fly to the U.S. to buy the product.

The only reason I can see why it's more expensive here in the UK is due to the limit of the market, the usual excuse when it comes to products and the added shipping costs.

Yes it would be cheaper for me to fly to the US and pick one up or get someone there to ship me one would be even cheaper.

There's no MS store here in the UK, one of their biggest markets We don't have Bing rewards points and their products tend to be ridiculously expensive for the average consumer (yes I know Surface is a premium product). I sometimes feel like a second class citizen in the MS realm. :/

You think being a part of the Euro reduces prices? :). Haha.

The Asus T100 (64GB+500GB version) is still significantly cheaper in Poland than it is in Germany....even though they are neighbours and have similar tax regimes.

No, not really. Things certainly weren't cheap in Italy or Spain last month when I was there. I think that most Americans don't know how good we have it for a lot of things. If it were easier, I suspect that many folks would fly to the States to buy a car along with their Surface 3 -- automobiles are where the real savings are! [This is my final off-topic post here, I promise.]

I'm kind of expecting Nokia's pricing to follow suit now that it is in the MS fold. It would be pretty stupid to inflate the phone prices...but Microsoft do seem to try their best to scupper their best markets!


Seriously biased?!

Microsoft's whole pitch in the US was that the SP3 was equivalently priced to the Air. In the UK, you can pick up two Air's for the same price as the SP3.

Nothing biased about that. Just highlighting the ridiculous pricing system that we deal with in the UK.

Microsoft may well win America - but they are also putting themselves on trajectory that loses them the rest of the world. Smart

Let me get this straight, you're comparing the lowest end 11" MacBook air with 128gb, 4gb ram, 1.4ghz i5 to the highest end sp3 with 12" screen, 512gb ssd, 8gb ram, i7, and comes in a much thinner/lighter form factor? I don't live in the UK, but a simple look at the UK apple site shows that you certainly cannot buy 2 comparable MacBook airs for the price of a sp3.

I skipped the first two generations of the Surface pro because they were too thick and heavy, and the 1st gen battery life was awful.  The SP3 fixes all of that.  I placed my preorder at 12:01 a.m. EST May 21st.  This is exactly what I have been hoping for for many years.  I'm excited about Broadwell in an even thinner, lighter, longer-lasting battery configuration, and I'll upgrade when that comes out.  But in the meanwhile, this is a fantastic compromise that eliminates the need for me to carry both a laptop and a tablet when I travel.

David's video does a perfect job capturing the reasons the SP3 is right for me.  I realize the iPad air is lighter, and the MBA's clamshell keyboard is more convenient. However, the SP3 strikes the right balance that makes a single device work for me.  Finally!

Yahoo with Pogue doing a Microsoft ad that bashes Apple, not on Google's YouTube... the corporations battle is going full steam

Remember that Yahoo search is powered by Bing, so my guess is Microsoft and Yahoo are working pretty closely together.

Man I want this device. I've been thinking of taking my artwork from the purely "analog" realm and working in some digital elements (for colors, mostly). This would probably be pretty much perfect. Now I just need to get the money side of the equation sorted! By the time that happens the SP4 will likely be available. :P

Great video!  Very clever and creative!

I have a Surface 2 and love it as a hardware device, except it is pretty limiting.  No matter what anybody says, the app store really doesn't have a lot of high quality apps and they don't update regularly like Android or Apple apps do.  The hardware device itself is brilliant.

Ordered a Surface Pro 3 and cannot wait for it to arrive.  I agree that it may be the best device on the market.  Biggest limitation Microsoft needs to resolve is the fact that only Internet Explorer can be used on the Modern App side as a browser.  It's not bad but I like choices and certainly would like a browser that had plug-in availibility as well as good bookmark management which Explorer is severly lacking.  Microsoft needs to realize that competition for their browser is actually good for their product line and encourage other companies (like Google, Opera, Firefox, etc.) to develop browsers for the Modern App side.

Problem is that Microsoft has things so locked down that it makes it very difficult (if not impossible) for anybody to develop other browsers for the Modern App (Touch) side...

what about no?
it's just companies don't want to rewrite their browsers... that's all =_=
I don't know where you get your info... but you should try to search it better. anyway can develop whatever they want with the programming languages and apis win8 provides, Microsoft doesn't care what they do, as long as it's not a harming app....

so yeah, it's just Opera, Firefox, Google, and others being lazy.

I don't know where you get your info, but you don't have a clue:

IE 10 on Win8 is mostly win32. They have a minimal front end coded in winRT and to hook into Metro capabilities like contracts but all of the performance critical paths are running against win32.

A Metro app also runs in a sandbox that prevents things like calls in to make memory writable -- something you need (and all browsers, including IE use) for a JIT, without which you cannot have fast JavaScript. It also prevents creating additional processes, something we use for sandboxing plug-ins and other browsers, including IE, use for sanboxing [sic] tabs.

In other words, MSFT was just as LAZY but they can allow IE to do things they don't allow mozilla and google to do, which is access restricted APIs. So while competitors have to work around these problems within the sandboxed environment, MSFT basically removed the sandbox in order to ship faster. This admits that MSFT wouldn't have created IE if it had to live within its sandbox that is asking others to live in, or at least couldn't have created it fast enough, and surely enough, has no plans to re-write it.

why don't you stop talking about things you don't get? 

Yeah Firefox was making one... but they "quit". I was using it on my SP2 during it's short beta. It had a long way to go to meet the fluid functionality of (and I can't believe I'm about to say this) Internet Explorer. I was hoping they would follow through but to no avail. Perhaps maybe they'll dust that code off again and give it another shot. Touch screens are becoming pretty commonplace, and using the desktop version of Chrome or Firefox on one makes the baby Jesus cry for a mouse.

Should read reviews and headers from other tech sites- most are so defensive against the iPad or Mac. Check out pocketnow. Review from an iPad user. The guy did not make any sense. Here's what he stated, he doesn't have time to use his iPad but when he does he reads the news, watch movies, or play a game or two so his choice would be the iPad as a consumption device. So I told him the surface does the same and more. Then he goes on to gloat about apps and shirt which most sites did the same. Overall the surface has a battle on its hands against mindless tech sites the gloat over Apple products and yes consumers unfortunately obey their commands.

You can't win those closed minded people especially they know that SP3 is more than just a tablet. To me I just buy what I want and not bother looking at a tech site which majority of them will give their bias shit informations.

I thought this was a great video, it captured what we all know on this site, surface is just not getting a fair chance, and it all has a a lot to do with fanboyism, and trolls out there. It also doesn't help that most tech sites are apple biased.

Great clip. So... About yahoo... They keep their video player so that people can go to their boring website?...

As much as this is a nice review, he is comparing it to the iPad. The pro line isn't and has never competed against the iPad. The nay Sayers are going to be quick to point this out. What weight does it hold when someone compares a Corolla to a Cadillac and says "the Cadillac blows the Corolla out of the water"? I want to know reviewers think of it versus the Macbook Air. This was specified multiple times by the MS VP. It competes with the MBA, not the iPad.

When asked whether the SP3 competes against the iPad or the MBA, Panos said, "both.  It has to be both."

since the comparison will be made, he did what people will do regardless. it is great he was at least honest.

I saw that this afternoon and both his Video and Writes are Sooooo To the Point! Maybe Microsoft should use him for their spot!

Yes, saying your products are technlogical wonders and a commercial failure is the perfect way to sell them. Again, how did that work out for Apple in the 90s/before the release of the iPod.

What a genuinely assinine review.  Full of backhanded compliments and contrived arguments; even going as far as saying the first two generations were a failue (and cursed).  It couldnt even be bothered to check that those laptops that are cheaper do not have half the battery life and don't weigh two and half times more. Oh, many of them have touchscreens. 

It is also pretty pathetic if someone really is pulling the "its amazing but no one will give it a chance" line.  How did that work out for Apple in the 90s? That is the definitive line of people doing damage control even before release. Of course that makes sense since, although the event was in New York, it was hardly a heavy fanfare release event.  I guess fanboys do gravitate towards each other.... 

You realize he was playing the part of an Apple fanatic, right? What he was saying is that is the only argument left. This was a very pro-Surface ad.

Facebooked and Tweeted it out. LinkedIn is next. On Facebook the Yahoo page will enter the video in the post! :)

I have a Surface Pro Gen 1 (personal) and a Gen 2 (work) but I would love to order a Gen 3 as well. Alas, my Gen 1 does everything I need. Must resist temptation.

Really funny video with a lot of substance on the arguments stated. I love it! Microsoft should simply ask David Pogue his permission to simply use his video as a worldwide commercial!

My only problem is that people will compare it to an iPad when that isn't the comparison. As BeneathTheSurface, member of our forum said, "its more of a laptop then a iPad/tablet and more of a tablet then a laptop/MacBook.". I hope I got that right. Anyway, these kinds of videos will only allow the iPad comparisons to get unto the psyche of the public.

it is inevitable. and it is a good thing. remember a bigger ipad is coming and so MSFT even being put into a position where it can challenge the ipad is a good thing. when was the last time anybody gave a damn about an android tablet to compare it to a full ipad this much? basically there is the nexus 7, and then nothing. the fact MSFT's huge ass tablet makes the conversation is good.

Forget niche tech sites, he’s one of those people that the average user often pays attention to, ergo what he says matters – for better or for worse.

By 'niche' you mean TheVerge, Engadget, Gizmodo; you know, some of the most popular and most visited tech sites in the world?

I seriously think Microsoft has got it right this time around. It's a pity Intel has delayed Broadwell because the device would have been ever greater. All is fitting in sooooo nicely.

one question - how is the noise of the fans in a quiet room ?

Is this really happening? Pogue, the apple guy just went all fan boy Microsoft! I've been reading the net the past few days and I starting to feel like MS did it this time. I really hope this can grow sales.

if you watch the announcement, Panos gives it to the WSJ equivalent blogger who having never used it inmediatelly dismisses it. she even says "I have parallels on my mac". I mean she didn't spend 5 seconds with it when she had totally dissed the product in front of its creator.

if that doesn't tell you the way her review will go, I don't know what will. But if that was Tim cook with the same product, she'd have probably flashed the guy :)

He's simply addressing what all other media outlets are comparing it to. I've been searching YouTube for SP3 vs MBA video without success:; for that's spec comparisons but no head to head full on battle except the verge's biased comparison. I also found one that was using fake SP3 because it still had the home key one the bottom bezel in landscape mode which we know isn't there anymore because that area is used to the type cover to be magnetically put in wedge mode; it's only on the bottom in portrait mode.

The only thing holding Surface back since 8.1 anyway, was lack of positive press. Not a Pogue fan, but many people are, and this along with the many many other positive reviews makes this one very tough to ignore product. It won't convert any Apple fans, but the Windows base is FAR larger than Macs, MS just needs to sell it's own user base on this device, and I really think they just did.

some tech websites are the worse, i went today to check to see if anyone did any comparisons and one site placed the specs side by side but put to wrong price for the SP3 i3. the comparison was for the SP3, Mac book Air and the Galaxy Pro, the website straitstimes has the SP3 i3 starting at $1,108 when it really starts at $800. with misleading websites like that giving incorrect info you can only hope a comsumer who is considering will actually look and see for themselves.

Brilliant! We need to see more of this. Even Ben Rudolph challenging iPad owners would be welcome at this point. MS has a winner here and it can also help to buoy WP as well.

he should do a commercial challenging both the ipad and mac book at the same time, show browsing in one window (consumption) and work in the other ( office, photoshop etc.)

Great vid and review! I wish more will watch the video prior to posting comments about it being only a tablet or only a laptop. It's a very well designed "hybrid" of bought and warrants a serious look for those needing/wanting a single go to device. I for one am sold and can't wait until August to grab an i7 version to replace my laptop. Right now I tote two laptops (HP 17"-for private business, Dell M3800-for work and an Asus Tab-for play). I can replace two devices with the SP3 and add better productivity.

speaks to the sheer incompetence of MSFT's marketing folks: the apple fanboy from the NYT can do a better add in 1 hour with 1/1000th of the cost.

if this was MSFT, it would have dancing artists, an african elephant, and a budget that would be enough to make 3 short films...yet be totally innefective at communicating what this guy just did.