Deal Alert: Nokia Lumia 521 on sale over at HSN for just $99

Lumia 521 on HSN.com

The Nokia Lumia 521 has always been a budget friendly Windows Phone and HSN.com is now offering it at a very attractive price.

Through midnight on Saturday, July 20th HSN.com is offering the T-Mobile Windows Phone for a single payment of $99.95 or for interest free flexpayments as low as $24.99.  HSN.com has a little history with the Lumia 521, initially offering the Lumia 521 at launch for $149 and was bundled with a car charger and screen protector. While this current deal isn't a bundle, with the $50 saving you can easily buy your own car charger and screen protector.

The Lumia 521 is a scaled back Windows Phone when compared to the Lumia 92x series but it's still a strong performer. We found it to be a well built, budget friendly Windows Phone and the current HSN.com sale make it all the more friendly.  You can find all the details on ordering the Lumia 521 here at HSN.com.

Bonus: If you're a first time HSN customer, you can use the code 135235 during checkout to save an extra $20, making this an $80 purchase. Yowza! Thanks to everyone in comments for pointing that out.

Thanks, Adam, for the tip!


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Deal Alert: Nokia Lumia 521 on sale over at HSN for just $99


Earlier today I was thinking about how this would be a nice upgrade to my 710... Maybe it's time to pull the trigger!

Go for the 620, its nearer to the spec of the 710, the 520/521 would be a downgrade from the 710 other than OS...

The 620 may be a better phone, but it'll cost $100 more and since the 620 was not a U.S release, you will not get a U.S Warranty if you that's where you happen to be.

So if the device is faulty out of the box or it craps out two weeks after you get it, then you have to pony up more $$ to fix or replace it

Yeah, but Aio Wireless is not in every market and on their website unless you in the area they are selling service in which right now is parts of Texas & Florida, you can't even get to their device for sale screen.

Squaretrade is good at what it does, but it's going to cost $125 for two years. More if done monthly. Then if your phone needs repair a $99 deductable on top of that. So the $200 phone goes to $325 and then if it goes DOA in a week after you bought it, it balloons to $400+   You end up paying more for the warranty than you did for the phone.

The 520 and 620 are very close in price in the UK. Don't know much about the US market, assumed it would be similar. The US market sounds crazy lol.

The US market is crazy.  Be thankful you don't live here and have to deal with this madness that passes for telecommunications.

How so? The 520/521 is better than the 710 in pretty much every way
Screen size: 710 3.7" 520 4"
Internal capacity: Both 8GB
Resolution: Both WVGA
MicroSD: 710 No, 520 yes
Neither has a front camera
Rear Camera: Both 5MP
Processor: 710 single core, 520 dual core
OS: 710 WP7.8 (DEAD!), 520 WP8

Where do you want me to start... No gorilla glass, no flash, no clear black etc... WP8 isn't as stable on my 620 as my 710 so whilst its a better OS overall, its not in some respects yet. If I wasn't able to go with the 620 and stuck with the 520/521, id have stuck with the 710 until the next gen of low end devices, to see what they bring to the table.

Your 710 does  not have windows phone 8, it has windows phone 7.8. Major difference.
The 521 is an excellent phone for $100.00 - 129.99.

Plus not held a 521 but used a 520 and it certainly didn't feel as solid or classy as the 710, the 710 feels midrange, the 520 doesn't even feel as good as the 610, its too light and cheap plasticy. Compared to the 620 its noticebly worse even.

This phone is unbelievable, can't believe so much is crammed in for 100 bucks, and I bet the next 5xx has even more features.

The pictures are surprisingly good on it even without flash. Besides, show me a better smartphone for $100 ($80 with the coupon code).

It appears to now be available with different colored shells as opposed to just white.

On second look, those are actually colored covers/cases and not shells. But they come bundled in the deal

Looks like you also get a set of ear buds too which was not included in my package.

HSN stepped it up with this package as opposed to what I got when I purchased mine from them in May. They lowered the price too.

The 521 is no 1020 or 925 but I'll tell you, $100 is a sick price for this device,

call t-mobile, they need to activate your SIM for wi-fi calling.  they will verify your account and get your address.  i hope your SIM is compatible with this new feature.

SIM activation may not be same as Wi-Fi calling activation.  I bought that phone but the Wi-Fi calling didn't work (it never turned green) and I was using my old micro SIM that I had.  So I called t-mobile customer care and I explained and my Wi-Fi was active within 2 hrs.
That's all I know. Good Luck!!

Yep, and it works great for me. Was a great feature when I went abroad for a couple of weeks - could use it on WiFi just as if I was in the US!

I love my 521, and I paid $150 for it. This price is crazy value for the money.

Dude tmobile is NOT a rebrand of straight talk! I work for T-Mobile and straight talk is our competitors!!! We have a program through WalMart called, WalMart family mobile that is cheaper and more reliable than straight talk They also use cdma phones! Haha

It's an MVNO running on the T-Mobile network, not a brand owned by T-Mobile, so there's no guarantee the phone will work (since it's locked). AT&T locked phones work fine on MVNOs running on their network

IMO - Net10 is not cdma. Whatever they (Net10) use, it has better reception in the area where I am (and am sure am not in a village, its a well developed, one of the top 5 towns in PA). TMO doesn't even care of providing better servicess here. 

Screw it, I just purchased it.  I've always said it would make a great developer phone but never really pulled the trigger.  $99 was too hard to resist.  Now I've got a new phone for development. :)

It's ok for development, the 620 is a better cheap phone for that since it has NFC and a front facing camera. In any case, it's always good to test on the low end hardware

I have other phones that already have NFC and FFC.  This is a good, cheap phone to test on that has low end specs.  The emulators can only go so far in testing.  I don't intend to use it, but it gives me something to test on for a user base that may be growing.

It's a very good phone... But c'mon. :p But it might be a better value, depending on intended use.

If you're a first-time HSN customer, you can apply a coupon code (135235) to get $20 knocked off. $100 is a great price, but $80 is even better!  Amazing deal.

works for me, no tax and no shipping, order total $79.95 :D  although I am still waiting on that confirmation email... I hope it goes through.

Unless HSN changed it since I purchased mine in May, that coupon for first time customers is not valid for electronics purchases

I was licking my chops too when I ordered mine, but then I actually read the first-time customer coupon. I tried it anyway but they said no no no lol

Hopefully it will work for ya and save ya a few extra coins!

The status of my order went from "Processing" to "Packaging". Price still says $84.75. Looks like the coupon code went through!

I KNOW this has been stated before but how will this work on att? 3G only assume? Damn this is a steal. I have a gift card too. I may get this for a backup though I'm not sure how much of a step up it is from my old Focus. Thoughts on this as well as att issue?...

This is an insanely good deal.  I bought this for $130 and thought it was exceptionally affordable back then.  At $100 (or $80 if the coupon still works), it's a freaking steal!

Guys use coupon code 135235  to make it $80!  This is an amazing deal, getting one now in pink for my wife just because of the wifi calling.
Edit:  I see a couple people above me already posted that.  So I dont wan't to take credit away from anyone.

Was thinking about getting this phone for my dad.  He does not have a data plan though.  Will it still be worthwhile to get this for him?  I figure i'll have him on wifi whenever he's home and I will just unpin anything that is a live time as to not use Data.  Any thoughts?

So far so good for my dad. The old man only has 4 tiles on his home page (contacts). What he likes the best is the offline maps as he drives a lot, and since it is so easy to find addresses he fell in love with it. Good luck with yours if you decide to get it. Can't beat it for $80.

Don't the maps and here drive use up data?  My goal is to try to not have ANY data for my dad since he's pretty much smartphone illiterate.  Thanks for your reply!

Do you have to get their data plan or a prepaid one to use WIFI calling or can you start using it right after the initial (included) sim install?

Hurry up guys , I've got one for my wife for 79.99 I used code # 135235 for $20.00 off , I bought the accidental warranty for 2 years which was basically free and then some.

I ordered one for a family member to use on Wi-Fi for playing games and running some various apps without cellular service (at least for the time being) - sort of like an iPod Touch running Windows Phone 8, I suppose.  Although I prefer WP over iOS.  I've read mostly positive reviews for this phone (overwhelmingly good in most cases).  I am using a Nokia Lumia 928 myself, another family member also has a Lumia 928, and another family member is using a Lumia 822.  Previously, we had a few HTC Trophies, which were fine when they first came out, but by today's standards are just not cutting it anymore for most things.  I'm much more satisfied with the Nokia Lumia phones and WP8 over WP 7.x.  If you choose the Flex Pay option they don't perform a credit check, and you can split the payment up into four payments of $19.99 USD if you are able to use the coupon code, or $24.99 USD without the coupon.  Pretty good deal either way.  Well worth it to me.

This is how the war is won. 
I own both a 920 and 521. The skinny: No front shooter on the 521 for video chat and no flash. Low Ram. Top shelf games are out. Only 4GB free memory. 4" screen not as bright and sharp as the 920. The case is a joke.
Perfect WiFi phone. Great replacement for that aging MP3 player after adding an expansion card. Lighter than sin. Seriously. Its feather light. Good web browsing and kindle and newsapp reading experience. I pinch and stretch on the 920 anyway so the loss of size isn't so bad.  You tubes ok. Office, email, etc.
This is a value phone. And a silent litlle game changer. $80.00? Time to replace the 
 MP3 player and tracfone with something decent. That's what I use it for. 

I picked up this phone also about a month ago on t-mobile and I have really liked it. I needed a phone that I could use in a lab and inside various buildings where cell signals basically don't exist for any phone but we have very good wifi. With this I am able to easily make and recieve calls anywhere in the building.
All I really do with this phone is make calls and listen to music and it works great for that. I picked up an lg tone+ headset and I have not had any issues with it working with the phone even though apparently that headset does have issues with other phones. I can listen to music, answer the phone and keep working on lab experiments without issues. Wi-fi calling is the reason I picked up the phone and that is an amazingly useful feature. This is actually the first cell phone I have purchased since before that I did not actually need one since I rarely travelled around and it has worked well. 
The only issue I have seen with wifi calling is that some people don't hear the phone ring when they call. I have no idea why though. Most people that call me say it works without any issues but one customer that recently replaced all their phones with a voip system doesn't hear the phone ring when they call me but they say they do hear it ring when they call anyone else. Just some kind of weird compatibility between my phone and their system.
I have had to do a hard reset of it once because some updates became stuck and was advised by some t-mobile people to reset it. The only thing I lost was progress in one game I had been playing a little bit, everything else resynced my settings when the phone restored. About once per week I have the phone lock up/crash and have to do a soft reset of it but that does not lose any data. Just hold down the power and volume down button for about 15 seconds and the phone will reboot. So far I have no idea what causes that since I pretty much only have the phone at the default apps it came with. I think the only thing additional I have right now are a couple amazon apps and they are not running in the background or set as live tiles.

At this price TMobile should just offer to throw in a free 521 with every Android/IPhone.  Tell people its your backup and let them try WP8.

Yeah, if you are writing WP software, you need a resource constrained device like this.   I used my original iPod touch for a long time for that purpose.   If your app works on the low end, then it flies on the high end. 

I'm mad. Just today I decided I was going to buy a 521 for my mom.
Now I see this. $130 when I could have paid $80... gaaaaaah