Deal Alert: Nokia Lumia 521 for $59.99 at Target next week

Nokia Lumia 521 at Target

Know a friend or family member that needs an affordable smartphone on T-Mobile? You could recommend a Nokia Lumia 521. Better yet, you can buy it for them for the Holidays. Target is having Nokia’s best-selling Windows Phone 8 device in their stores next week for just $59.99. Let us remind you that’s the price without signing a two-year contract.

The deal is available from Sunday, December 15th until Saturday, December 21st. It is advertised in Target’s printed weekly ad, but we are not sure if this applies to the online store as well.

Nokia Lumia 521 Target deal

The Nokia Lumia 521 is a compact, budget-oriented Windows Phone 8 device that features a 4-inch IPS 800x480 super-sensitive touch display, 5-megapixel camera, dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and microSD card expansion. Sounds good, right?

Obviously, there will be sacrifices due to the low price. There is no front-facing camera to help out with selfies. It also lacks Clearblack screen polarizer, PureMotion technology and Gorilla Glass found on Nokia’s more expensive devices. The Lumia 521 also has 512MB RAM, meaning some apps requiring 1GB of RAM cannot be installed. For the price, most people won’t even care about these missing features. You can read more about the device in our Nokia Lumia 521 review.

Nokia Lumia 521

The Nokia Lumia 521 works on T-Mobile’s network. If you’re an existing customer, just pop your SIM card inside and you’re good to go. New customers who don’t make too many phone calls can also use T-Mobile’s $30/month unlimited web and text with 100 minutes talk time.

The Lumia 521 also supports WiFi calling, but it still uses up minutes. It’s a new feature that allows calls to be made over Wi-Fi. It's nifty when you're in an area with weak network coverage but have access to a Wi-Fi network.

Are you taking advantage of this deal at Target next week? Let us know in the comments!

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Deal Alert: Nokia Lumia 521 for $59.99 at Target next week


Double-check your signal coverage with TMo and if you go through with it, test the crap out of where you use your phone before your 14 days are up. Can you call? Can you group text? Can you text with pix? I moved four lines to TMo two months ago only to move them back this week. Wanted it to work out but the coverage was non-existent in my area...

Wow where are you located because I get coverage just about everywhere here in GA. A few gray area's but not much at all.

T-Mo is great, but their coverage map is... well... a bit optimistic. I know plenty of people here in Cincy who move to T-Mo, but because they live in the slightest valley, or there is a little molehill near their house then they cannot get reception.
T-Mo is not bad, but the words of warning are not without merit.

Yeah, it can go from full bars to no signal in the matter of a block or two here. If you happen to live in a dead spot, you'll be SOL. Of course, I had the same issue with AT&T, I lived near a dead spot there. Verizon seems to be the safest alternative.

lol, I lived in an area with a Verizon dead spot but ATT works just fine. Just moved to ATT last week with my shiney new 1020. :D

My boyfriend just cracked his Galaxy Nexus screen and wants to fix or replace it, but on the cheap... this would've been great if it had a front facing camera...

A shame this extremely cheap WP8 devices aren't useable with Verizon, have a friend on Verizon that I'd like to get one of these for as a Christmas gift so he can move off his WP7 device. :/

I got one of these a month ago.  At $99.99.  Still a good deal, though.  I'm using it as a house phone for when my (teen and pre-teen) kids are home alone.  I bought 1000 minutes/texts for $100, but I have them use Skype to voice chat or text me without using the prepaid minutes/texts.  They are to use regular minutes to make emergency calls, though.  And don't forget to try getting the $20 Windows Phone Store credit.  It worked for me.

Great way to try a new platform without giving up my (unlimited data) Galaxy SIII on Verizon.

It expires in a year if you do nothing. If you add money (enough to get back to $100), then the minutes never expire.


I have the Lumia 521 with T-Mobile service and am really happy with it.


Is there a way to buy this one and get a second line with voice ONLY for use as on occasional "home phone" and only use WiFi for data? I looked on T-Mobile's site, but it was very confusing...

You should look into SKype. I've moved to only using VOIP and my all day cell phone, and it's much cheaper than anything I've found. 

The skype app on WP is kinda crappy right now, but I'm sure MS will make some major improvements.

yes, and you don't have to pay a monthly fee either. Put $100 in your account and you're set for a year. Next year, add enough money to get back to $100. Repeat.

Heads up, Target actually has the phone on sale for their own pay-as-you-go cell phone service Brightspot Mobile. It's powered by T-Mobile's network, but you'd be paying Target on a month to month basis.

I have this phone. Love this phone, but having it a couple of months, the build quality is a bit cheaper than I had hoped. First the earphone jack became loose. Then the power button. Fortunately I was able to open it up and put something to hold them down properly, now I am fully enjoying the phone again :)

I know MetroPCS works with T-Mobile's coverage but that being said, is there any difference between this and the MetroPCS Lumia 521 version? Other than the branding of course.

is there anyway to replace the white backcover of this? 
i havent seen anything on ebay or amazon. :/ 
anyone have any ideas? 

Sadly Nokia didn't want to support this instead supported 520 on att. And they both have different size

I was researching budget smartphones last month and this was the one I decided to get.  Hadn't purchased it yet, but what luck that we recieved our first newspaper yesterday, I looked through the ads and saw this.  Went to Target this morning with my toddler.  She wanted to look through the DVDs and books and 15 minutes later when we got to the phone aisle, I saw a man pick up the very last one!!!  I got a raincheck though so I'll get it in the next few weeks!!!  So glad I was patient enough to wait for it to go on sale!

FYI - Went to 3 different Target stores in my area today, and all were out of stock. Walmart had it for a little more. So I decided to get it anyway, at that price. Told the sales guy at walmart about Target's price, and he said they price match if I can show him the ad. Pulled up target on my phone, showed it to him.. Walked out of walmart with a Lumia 521 at the target price.

I got one to replace my wife's aging samsung phone. I already have a 521,myself.