Debug 30: Casey Liss on C# and .Net

Debug 30: Casey Liss on C# and .Net

Debug is our developer-focused podcast where we talk all about the history of computing and programming languages, and how great apps and games are created. Think of it as director's commentary for technology! On this episode Casey Liss of the Accidental Tech Podcast (ATP) tries to sell Guy English on the advantages of Microsoft's C# programming language and the .NET frameworks.

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Debug 30: Casey Liss on C# and .Net


I would love to see the netduino concept scaled up to a raspberry pi. Give me a light weight .net shell to run my C# code so I can link it to azure and use it to power my internet of things.

Think it could be possible to get transcripts of the podcasts as an option for those of us who are visiting WPcentral on our phones and don't have the ability to listen to things because we're at work or whatnot ?

Am I the only one who thinks the interviewer/host of the podcast comes off as a huge asshole?

I tried listening to the podcast but the constant interruptions and "friendly" (yet oddly aggressive) banter made it VERY annoying to listen to. Stopped listening 5 minutes in. This podcast needs a better host.

Developers are opinionated. Offering alternatives to your tools and framework is like giving advise on religion. Don't.

They're good friends IRL and that's pretty much how they talk in the bar, which is part of the casual nature of the show :)

I was dismayed at the conclusion that there is nothing really cool coded in C#. (Literally, they could not think of one thing!) Not because of limitations in the platform, but because all the cool, talented people code in Objective C.