Defective Venue Pro 7 units still being shipped by Dell?

Andy Lein, over at PocketNow had got his hands on the Dell Venue Pro back in December (2010 for those who require reminding) and the 16GB version of the device proved to be disappointing with reliability.

"I got my first 16Gb Dell Venue Pro on December 23rd, 2010 and I soon noticed that it would freeze up or go to a totally black screen (except for the clock) while downloading and installing large apps over WiFi."

Ordering a replacement for his malfunctioning Venue Pro, Dell finally shipped his new toy, which arrived a few days ago (January 18th). I know what you're thinking - the problem must be fixed.

"Then a new Dell Venue Pro arrived on my doorstep on January 18th! Unfortunately, the new 16Gb Dell Venue Pro had the same problem. "

Ah the excitement then the sudden realization of the problem still persisting to exist. Check out the video to see what happens, should you have a Venue Pro yourself and see if you can reproduce the fault.

With the continued problems that Dell seem to be experiencing, I'm almost beginning to believe that they may be considering for a quick second "why did we enter the WP7 smartphone market?". Hopefully, Dell's future will be solid in the near future as it's fantastic to have such a huge technological brand backing Microsoft on their mobile platform.

Do you own a Venue Pro, and have problems? Have you had a replacement?

Source: PocketNow


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Defective Venue Pro 7 units still being shipped by Dell?


I am so glad I do not own the Dell Venue Pro. Dell is notorious at defective hardware. I'm loving my Samsung Focus, which has the exact same screen, and doesn't have the weight issues. I truly feel sorry for those that bought the Dell Venue and not the Samsung Focus. Of course, I can't say I don't have my share of issues with the Focus (mainly the Micro USB port something likes to think it's still plugged into the wall or my laptop.) But certainly not the same level of problems as the Dell.

Well the Marketplace app absolutely sucks, so its really a bad test for anything. Of the roughly 25 Power cycles I haver done with my Surround since November 8th, I would say 22-23 have been because of Marketplace locking up. Never froze my phone, but I never tried downloading multiple games while navigating Marketplace and adding additional games for download, so who knows. Not saying there isn't a problem, but until the Marketplace app gets updated, you may not find any phone, or at least any phone with SD memory, that will work under those conditions.

I have a dell venue pro. No problems thank God. Unrelated but that keyboard allows me to type 70wpm on texttextrevolution!I just received my complimentary bluetooth device in the mail for all the delays. Only problems i've seen lie with bluetooth. I have a jawbone and sometimes the quality is horrid. Also since the screen is curved, if you hit a point on the screen from the side a little then it may register INCHES off from what you intended.

I had a similar experience. I love the concept of the Venue Pro, and think the keyboard is one of the best I have ever used on a smartphone.Having said that, I have had repeated problems with the phone locking up hard whenever using wifi. The phone works pretty well with wifi disabled (though still locked up from time to time, especially when using the marketplace) but was certainly inconsistent in it's performance.I called Dell earlier this week, expressed my concerns and asked about RMAing the phone. With absolutely no argument the Del Mobility rep I was speaking with issued a return code and a shipping label so I can return the DVP.It sucks, because I really like the form factor, but the lack of stability and issues with wifi made the phone a poor choice for me, as I (like may) rely on my cell phone for business use.

I received my Venue Pro back in December and immediately fell in love with it. However, I too began to experience lock ups and black screens, especially when downloading a large app from the Marketplace. When I turned off the wi-fi, those problems would go away.I ordered and received my replacement last week and everything is working great. The wi-fi now works as it is supposed to and have not locked up or black screened at all. The phone rocks!