Dell launches new Precision M3800 Laptop and knows how to flaunt design

Dell has really been stepping up the design of their machines, which has certainly brightened our view of the company’s future, along with the future appeal of Windows. Today, Dell has announced a brand new Prevision workstation – and wow, it is beautiful.

The new Dell Precision M3800 is a 15-inch workstation with an ultra-high 3200 x 1800 multitouch display and a thin 0.7 Inch form factor. The unit is composed of an aluminum frame, carbon fiber chassis, and topped off with a Gorilla Glass display.

The machine runs Intel’s latest 4th generation Core i7 processing chip with four cores and a speed of up to 3.2 GHz. The unit is backed up by NVidia’s Quad K1100M with 2 GB of RAM and options for dual storage drives (one 2.5 inch drive and one mini-card mSATA drive).

The unit is said to bring more than 10 hours of battery life and will be offered with an optional USB 3.0 docking station when it goes on sale this November 14th. There is currently no word on pricing, but we are going to assume you will be paying a pretty penny for this beauty.

What do you think of Dell’s latest designs – are they headed in the right direction?

Source: Microsoft


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Dell launches new Precision M3800 Laptop and knows how to flaunt design


Did someone forget to design a real next gen precision?
What regular dell got rebadged for this one? Not having a docking station connector is telling...

I suspect it'll have wireless docking.  This'll be the "executive" line of the Precision, nice and thin so the big bosses can show them off, but probably not actually used for much workstation stuff.

I hope so. Lately dell seems to be embracing touch full on. I would think it would be silly to exclude touch to save $50 on manufacture from something that will already be so expensive.

This is why Apple's stock should start to come down as they are no longer the only company producing high-end hardware with great battery life.

Still nothing has beat the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro i7, 8GB memorey, 256GB SSD, 3200x1800 display for $1199 at BestBuy.

I'm a big fan of the Lenovo YOGA 2 Pro, but in specs - it doesn't come close to this workstation. Dell has packed in a quad core proccesor along with a powerful Nvidia graphics card. The YOGA 2 Pro only comes loaded with a dual core i7 and Intel HD graphics.

Two excellent machines for two different tasks.

Workstations are meant for professional use, especially for modelling, animation, video editing, etc. They come equipped with professional grade GPUs, like the nVidia Quadro or AMD Firepro. These are in a different league and differ from the consumer GPUs like the nVidia Geforce and AMD Radeon ones. Shouldn't be comparing professional with consumer products IMO.

Ugh, me either. It is difficult to keep track of and compare all these models as they both say i7 but apparently one is dual core and one is quad core, but how much better is quad core than dual core (I am guessing the answer is not "twice as much", which it implies). And then what about the i3 and i5? How much better is i7 than i5 than i3? Are there benefits to going with an i5 over an i7 or to going with a dual core vs. quad core (perhaps, better battery life?). It ain't as simple to buy a computer as it used be, that's for sure.

The number of cores doesn't necessarily determine performance. Just like cars the number of cylinders doesn't always determine how much HP/tq etc the engine will make... Think of it like a ranking system. They have varying different processors for different applications. Mobile processors are different from say desktop processors, tablet processors, etc. The more core just allows for more threads/multitasking, and is handy in certain applications such as video rendering, etc.

Hmm, okay, so I was all excited about getting a Yoga 2 Pro in clementine orange, but the orange models only come in two choices, an i5 (probably a dual core) or an i7 (apparently also a dual core), but the i7 orange model is hundreds of dollars more (Best Buy sells an i7 silver model for $120 more, though). Is it a huge mistake to go with the i5 model, or would it make more sense to forget about orange and buy a silver one from Best Buy that is i7 but $120 more? Or, would even buying that one be a mistake since it's still dual core and I should get a quad core i7 in a different device (like this Dell)? So stressful this is spending a lot of money on a device that you hope will still be good in a few years.

Lol dual core i7 should never have been released. What's the point of calling it an i7 if only dual core. At least on the desktop they don't do something so silly like that.

I agree, the Intel naming conventions could be something like i7 are quad core and above, i5 are dual core, and i3 are low end dual core and below. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad x220 tablet and it has the i7 dual core processor. The benefits of the i7 over the i5 is a small increase in speed and a larger cache. In my opinion, any i7 should be more powerful than the highest i5. I understand that cores aren't everything, but I would believe that it is fully possible to have a quad core beat any dual core. Then use that lower end quad core and start from there. In my case, I wouldn't have mind it if they called it a higher level i5 instead of an i7. To me, that would help with the confusion and probably help many others as well.

Holy crap. That's some good specs. If only I didn't have a wife who makes me justify my tech purchases.

This would have to be compared to Lenovo ThinkPad W540.  The W540 has 2880x1620 res, 1.1" thick and 5.45 pounds.  So thicker than this Dell.  No weight listed here for the Dell.  Crucially, the W540 may not have a touch screen!  How 2010 is that!?!

The ThinkPad W series are their workstation line. They will probably update it for the next generation models. The ThinkPad line are built like a tank. I could use my x220 tablet as a ramp for my car. LOL

Workstations are meant for professional use, especially for modelling, animation, video editing, etc. They come equipped with professional grade GPUs, like the nVidia Quadro or AMD Firepro. These are in a different league and differ from the consumer GPUs like the nVidia Geforce and AMD Radeon ones. Shouldn't be comparing professional with consumer products IMO

They should add an option for lower resolution. That is at least 4x too high. 1440x900 has always looked great to me on a 15" laptop. Any higher and everything just becomes too small.

I agree with you to a point, but if someone is working on graphics/video, the high res is important. This doesn't sound like the right product for you.

Now that's a lot of articles from Mr. Archambault . Thought he was taking it easy as the Boss is away in Abudhabi... ;)
And talking of Dell's designs, they are really coming up with great designs (The XPS ultrabook lines looks really simplistic, yet sexy).

Seriously? Do you think a workstation will come with just 2 GB of RAM :D
It's 2 GB GDDR5 Video RAM (Graphics Memory)
It's rumoured to have a 16 GB RAM configuration btw.

It is an awesome device. The screen resolution is really nice. Purchasing a mobile workstations really requires a second thought, though. They are usually much more expensive than their desktop counterpart and even if the hardware numbers are almost identical, there are always performance cuts because of the small form factor.

Hey Michael, shouldn't it be Nvidia 'Quadro' rather than Quad as Quadro is the brand name of their professional GPUs?
It's funny that the source, Microsoft blog has mentioned the name wrongly.

Where is the bleeping number pad? I'm sick of seeing all these awesome laptops like the one mentioned here, the xps 15", and new ultra book latitude 7000 all without number pads. Must I have to purchase a 1" thick laptop in order to get a stinking # pad??

The terrible keyboard and trackpads from the consumer laptops are infecting the business laptops. It may be time to find a new OEM.

Great specs indeed...Too bad it's Dell. When Lenovo makes a ThinkPad X or T series equivalent then it'll be worth it.

I just wish there was a good 14" laptop built like the IBM thinkpads. Lenovo has slowly, one by one removed just about all the unique features of thinkpads. My T43 is pretty old, but I can't find anything that would be a good 'upgrade' to it, because apart from performance specs, all ergonomic and build specs are certainly worse than the T43. Changing the keyboard layout from 7 row to 6 is unforgivable, but the the other things such as only doing 16:9 (and having base res of shudderworthy 1366x768) instead of 16:10 (that extra height is very useful for 'those who do', apple uses 16:10 panels), removing the lid latches, chiclet keys, it's all very annoying.

I feel the same :(. I own t420s. I'm using trackpoint a lot. t440s. removed buttons, there is just one shitty touchpad!. Now I have 3 disks 2,5 ssd for system, ultrabay for large data (1T), msata for labs (VMs).

My ideal laptop would be t4xx with 1x2.5, 2xmsata, 16G RAM, fullhd IPS, trackpoint with buttons, and "old" keyboard. Thats it! i need itpro machine, not some cr*p machine like t440s is.

It looks like the new Precision m3800 is the same unit as the new XPS 15. We recently received one of these and it had to go back because of very poor wireless performance. I have checked the spec on Dell's site and the wireless card and chassis are certainly the same. Check out our review at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9m4NshdLTk