Dell quietly ends AT&T and T-Mobile Dell Venue Pro partnership?

Speaking of September 15th, the AT&T branded Dell Venue Pro was suppose to re-launch on that day. Speculation at the time implied that perhaps it was to re-launch with a Mango update of its own. That would have been welcomed too because to be honest, we're using that phone as our daily driver (and we have about five to possible choose from) and it's pretty great.

However, when we just zoomed by the Dell page to see what did happen, we were surprised to note that there are no AT&T nor T-Mobile contract phones available for purchase at all--they're completely gone. The only option is for the unlocked version, which is still a heck of a deal.

So what gives? We're not sure and Dell is pretty quiet about these things. Perhaps this is just temporary while Microsoft and Dell regroup for Mango? On the other hand, could we be seeing the continued winding down of Dell from the Windows Phone camp? So far, no new Mango phones from them have shown, despite their earlier leaked roadmap. We hope that's not the case, but we have a bad feeling.


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Dell quietly ends AT&T and T-Mobile Dell Venue Pro partnership?


Talking about winding down and bad feelings, you may want to do a piece on the state of the UK market for Windows Phone. T-Mobile have dropped it completely and Orange/Vodafone barely show any phones, and at least one of the phones have been dropped by them. T-Mobile didn't order anymore stock of the Omnia 7 due to poor sales. I was told this by a store manager back in June

Oops! I hope Dell updates our existing DVP's to Mango before fading out. I don't want to flash my phone with Mango through one of those hacks doing the rounds. If I was not fed up with flashing/hacking, I'd have stayed with WM6.5 or gone Android.

I hope that Dell continues with another line of the DVP. The DVP was the only 1 gen WP device that I seriously considered purchase as I found it to be the most unique, and best looking, WP device; but I simply could not take the plunge due to the physical keyboard - I just did not need or want it. But it seems as though they worked out all of the kinks with the firmware, and it is a great option for those who want a QWERTY keyboard and a unique aesthetic. Hopefully, they are just getting rid of current stock, and ramping up for version 2 of the DVP, albeit a more improved, bug free version of the DVP.

I ordered a second Venue Pro a few weeks ago. It just shipped yesterday. I tried to view the Venue Pro product page today and it redirects to their home page.

I swore I would never buy another Dell product after they dropped supported of the Dell DJ but then I fell in love with the Venue Pro and had to have one. Well I sure has **** hope the Venue Pro isn't just some kinda garage project for Dell. If so, I'm done with Dell!

They probably were tired of waiting for mango or waiting until mango to come before releasing which like us they probably thought they were gonna launch on 15th of september.

Yeah, Vodafone said it's ready to roll out Mango. I wonder what Microsoft is waiting for - perhaps all the carriers to get ready so it actually rolls out at the same time for everyone?

That doesn't even make any sense. Dell knows the launch date is when MS says its ok to ship. Thats no different than waiting last year for Dell to launch the Venue Pro. They do it when its ready!

The unlocked price isn't bad at all, I just have no real use for this given I've got two Windows Phones and I'm looking to get two or three more in the next month or two.

Happy with mine since the fix, and since nothing announced so far interests me (or is coming to tmobile) i'll be sticking with it.

Microsoft has been awful to Dell. They decide to do this Nokia deal, and Dell gets not attention. Also, windows phone 7 handsets are having poor sales, and Dell took a risk with mobile. They produced awesome hardware for their first gen phones. I rather have a Dell Venue Pro than a HTC Arrive. Dell also should have marketed this phone with retailers like either BestBuy or WalMart since it is impossible to buy this phone in person. This phone is even available through WireFly or the online MSFT store, which it should be.

If they had CDMA support (AKA Verizon wireless) I would of jumpped at one if these.... **** phone, no question