Demand building for HTC 8S, roasting hot on UK deals website


HTC announced two unique Windows Phones this week at its New York event. The HTC 8X and HTC 8S provides ample choice between Samsung, Nokia and HTC for consumers. The 8X, being the more advanced sibling, leaves the 8S slightly behind, but we shouldn't ignore its stunning design.

Judging interest in new Windows Phones is quite a task, but if UK deals website Hot UK Deals is anything to go by we could be looking at a strong following who are eagerly awaiting the release of the HTC 8S

This comes as a slight surprise to us as the HTC 8S is less advanced than the HTC 8X, which sports features that consumers would be more attracted to. That being said, the 4" LCD 2 display, SD card slot, 4G storage, 512MB RAM, 1Ghz dual-core chip, and 5MP shooter aren't to be overlooked.

The HTC 8S is currently sat at 959 degrees on Hot UK Deals, which is quite some heat. Much like Reddit, users can up-vote (or down-vote) submissions - deals in this case. The HTC 8S is actually the hottest deal of the day and is still climbing.

Hot Deals 8S

The link submitted was that of UK retailer Unlocked Mobiles, which has revealed pricing for both the HTC 8X and HTC 8S. Set at £399 and £225, should these prices be accurate we'll be looking at a good deal for consumers. This will have played na important part in the sheer number of votes.

To compare this with the HTC 8X, the older and more advanced Windows Phone is sat at just 89 degrees on the same website. Looks like the design, features and more importantly the price has made a positive impact for potential sales.

Will you be purchasing the HTC 8S? Be sure to join in discussions and let us know in the comments.

Source: Hot UK Deals; thanks, Louis, for the heads up!


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Demand building for HTC 8S, roasting hot on UK deals website


Screen that doesn't burn in? What the crap are you talking about? That only happens to older plasma TVs.

Then I guess you don't own a phone with a samoled screen. Well, i do and it has a the bottom border burned in. Bing "samoled burn in" and you'll see what I'm talking about. And now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Samsungs are horrible with burn in. I have several examples sitting on my desk at work. Three months old and a burned in screen. Truly sucks.

I've had my Samsung Omnia 7 for over a year now and use it very heavily, yet I've still had no burn-in, ghosting or any such thing. It must just be your phones or something that is very rare and you two just have the unfortunate luck of being some of the very rare few.

I've had my Samsung Omnia 7 17 months now (contract up in next month - Woo-hoo) and I've had burn-in for quite some time. I only see it when the screen is white and its a row of circles (the option icons for the the various apps) at the bottom of the screen. I use the dark theme so all those white icons have been burnin' away all this time. It's very faint, but still noticable when let's say an IE page is loading or using Word.

I've had my Samsung Omnia for nearly 17 months, use it heavily every day, no sign of burn-in at all even on a full whith screen (blank IE page).

Just because you read it on the Internet, doesn't make it true. No burn in on my L900 in 5.5 months, and I go through 1.5 battery charges a day, so lots of screen on time. From what I have read, there is a phemonen called ghosting (not the same thing), but no such thing as burn in on on AMOLED/SAMOLED.

Well, I'm typing this on a Samsung focus right now, and the bottom border persists and is visible. You can call it whatever you want, ghosting, image retention, burn in, but it's there.

Go look at some Lumia 900s at an AT&T store that have their screens on all day. Burn in city. All of them. So yeah, its true.
But that being said, HTC's screen are kinda sh*t too IMO, both Android & Windows Phone. I've had them all & they all sucked in their own special shi*ty way. Ghosting when scrolling & just drabby washed out colors all around. I prefer a nice vibrant SAMOLED+ any day of the week. Have to wait & see what HTC's new "LCD2" is all about. But I'm not expecting anything special.

You havent seen the LCD2 on the HTC One X or EVO LTE??? oh man you ARE missing out. This is often regarded as the best screen on a phone out right now. so even at lower than 720p res. i bet it'll be good.

And before you come back and tell me that the nomia's use IPS and not SAMOLED, I've never owned an IPS device, but if you Bing "IPS image retention" you'll see that they are also prone towards a ghosting image issue.

I thought Nokia only moved to IPS with the 920. But I do know Apple has used them on phones forever and I've never seen ghosting.

Maybe it can beat it in price, but having 8GB onboard storage (expandable), 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss and front facing camera is better for me. Some people like me just won't use the "beats" feature, altough I have to admit that the design is beautiful!!

8S is low range, 820 is mid range.  820 has more storage, faster processor, double the RAM, larger camera sensor, Carl Zeiss optics, front camera, 1080p video, Bluetooth 3.0, wireless charging, and NFC which the 8S has none of.  The 820 smokes the 8S all day!

I thought the 8s doesn't sport a FFC...if it does, than this is a viable off contract phone until the spring

Is that the same post that says the 8S has CURVED gorilla glass? Is that true, or does the 8S sport the flat variety?

Actually, I have owned 10 HTC devices, going back to my early PocketPC days, and never once had a hardware problem with any of them. I do have to admit though that their software implementations leave a lot to be desired. If they can get most of it right at launch. And fix whatever they missed, before they release a replacement device, that would be a big step forward.
Currently giving Nokia a shot with the L900, and yes I am impressed with their support. But HTC will always be a close second for me. Keeping my Surround around as a backup.

This is great news for HTC. I really love the 8S design and apparently a lot of people think the same.
For some reason I thought the 8S didn't have a front facing camera. Silly me.

Forget specs (that's mainly for tech geeks like us). If they price this correctly and it looks like they will these should sell like hotcakes on the design appeal only.

I guess Nokia is doomed then, since its not on a deals site. /s
You Nokia haters are really starting to get up there with the isheep and their blind hatred of any threat to their beloved brand.

I'm happy about anything positive for WP. Don't understand the fanboyism within WP but maybe in a way that's a good sign that the platform is gaining traction?

Nokia haters? Is that a thing now? Why would anyone be a hater of Nokia, what have they done to anyone? Isn't this a bit crazy??

Hot demand for a hot phone. That design is sweet, honestly. I probably like it better than the 8X.

I agree the 8s looks simply stunning, even when comparing it with the 8x and lumia 920. However I have a feeling that once you hold each phone it will definitely feel cheaper and more plasticky that the other phones

Nokia fan here too.  But I'd like to give credit to HTC.  I wish they made the 8S the higher end.  It is a great and innovative design, and it is perfect for ladies with smaller hands.  I wish Nokia made 820 4 inch too.  Take note, Nokia.  As for Sammy, I do not think they deserve where they are right now...

Completely agree. An 8X with the 8S design would've killed! But then again, the mid-range phone needs its redeeming qualities, no?

Also agree with everything said (not a usual thing for me!)
These SHOULD sell very well BUT (there's always one), they have the price correct, they have the looks, they have the distribution channels but what they don't have is a large budget and if they skimp on marketing they will suffer and that will be a great shame.
I can see a window of opportunity for HTC with these designs but before long that window will close as more nd more funky coloured devices start flooding the market (yes Nokia you started a trend).
HTC get the marketing machine running and do it BIG, from what I hear your business may depend upon it. My fear is they won't invest in marketing and with the natural tendency for sales staff to push customers to Android and crapple they have enough of a fight on their hands as it is.
Studies show that most customers walk into stores already knowing what they want to purchase so this makes marketing very important.
Good luck HTC

I'm looking forward to Microsoft's announcements of more features of win phone 8. They've already said quite a bit of great features, but they're holding back to blast some more. With good/effective marketing and with all these awesome phones from HTC Nokia and Samsung, there's no reason to stay with iPhone or Android...except maybe for having to repurchase all your apps. If only MS would address that somehow... But these windows phones don't leave me desiring the competition at all

Im also getting the Nokia 920, but the HTC units are nice so I will be getting my sons the 8S and my wife who is an avid iPhone user after seeing these wants the 8X in California Blue :-D

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This phone should be cheap as dirt so it's no wonder, Nokia is missing on the low cost introductionary smartphone without that Lumia Flame.


Go HTC! I hope they can turn their fortunes around. I have faith also that HTC will bring us a WP8 slider. Can't wait!

"I hope they can turn their fortunes around."
Unlike Nokia HTC actually makes a profit. It may not be a Samsung or Apple sized profit but still, it's way better than everyone else in the smartphone game right now.

8S is very good looking especially in gray and yellow-green.On another subject anyone saw those two green icons probably xbox games and music?

I'm a total Nokia fanboy but both the 8S and 8X look solid. Any WP fan should be encouraged with the recent love the other OEMs are giving WP now, finally...

For people who are less demanding, this seems to be a good choice.  It has same size of screen as iPhone 5 but slightly lighter in weight.  It is shaped well and colorful.  On top of all that, it is priced relatively low in comparison.  I can see now why it is hot for some folks.

Honestly, if wp8 is as smooth as wp7 the 8s will probably run just as smooth as the 920 and 8x. Also, the smaller screen and smaller processor will most likely give it better battery life.

the HTC Hot UK Deal as been marked as spam by the community i guess there as been foul play to get it on list with spambots messing with stats
thought it was fishy b/c the site deal is linked to is not even a well known site that would generate that much traffic, HOT UK DEALS is not that known too so even if listing was legit its not worthy of an article lol.

Awesome news! I'll most likely be getting the 8X or 920, but the 8S would be great for my daughter.

The 8s is a very nice design; if they added just a few more specs, this phone would be hotter than the 8x. Maybe a front-facing camera would have done it..

It all depends on pricing, but specs wise I still like Lumia 820
8S vs 820
4gb vs 8gb
5mp vs 8mp
f/2.8 vs f/2.2
35mm vs 28mm
single led flash vs dual led flash
bluetooth 2.1 vs bluetooth 4.0
no wireless charging vs wireless charging
beats audio vs doly digital + nokia music with offline playback

I definitely dig the look of the 8S. Certainly wish HTC success with this new line as it will only serve to help the WP ecosystem.

Could this be the first sign to phone manufacturers that people aren't really looking for bigger and bigger screens?!  That they just want something pocketable that makes phone calls and checks email with the ability to do more if they really need it?  I mean, giant screens fly in the face of the design of Windows Phone anyway - which started with telling us we shouldn't always be looking at our phones. 

Great news for the windows phone ecosystem. I was going to get my gf one but now since it has been revealed that the much better 8x will only be around 400 Euros I will rather get her an 8x. With regards to the 8s and the Lumia 820 the 8s wins by far in terms of design in my opinion, but loses on all other grounds. The 820 has a bigger screen  (although I understand that for some people that is actually a minus), a front facing camera, nfc and the ability for wireless charging and awesome nokia apps. As I have said however, the 820 is stunning in my opinion, especially in domino black and white

Truth is if that design was on a high end device id snap that up in a minute. The design is better then the 8X. The design is just damn sexy! This phone will sell on emotion which what sells phones. I think Androids sell because there cooler to look at. With HTC and Nokia that's all about to change. My biggest complaint though is why doesn't Microsoft have their phone displayed with live tiles galore. Give a fake Facebook and twitter experience instead of having it bare bone stock and crippled because it needs log in information to make it come alive. I'm sorry but Phone, People, messaging, IE, Maps, XBOX, pictures, calendar, music and marketplace are not going to sell the phone. Office isn't even displayed nor is settings as a default. Make some fake groups and flipping live tiles everywhere. Liven it up!

8s is going to be cheaper than lumia 820. Lumia gives you slightly better specs so price difference is justified. Prizewise it's going to be like this: HTC 8s, lumia 820, HTC 8X, samsung ativ S, Lumia 920.

However, I am certain that sooner or later Nokia comes up with a cheap entry-level WP8 device.

You have to understand how HotUKdeals works. That site is all about what you get for the price so no one cares if the 820 has better specs. £225 for a dualcore WP8 phone that has a microSD slot is a bargain full stop. The 820 won't be that hot because it will inevitably be priced higher.

One significant thing I noted above (sorry off topic) is that a lot of people are Bing-ing instead of Google-ing ... Way to go Microsoft Bing ... I guess the time has arrived.

People buying windows phones shouldn't be arguing over phone manufacturer, they should be happy more windows phones are purchased to improve the app store, developer support, and the financial backing!
For me its the 8x, but a week before that it was the lumia 920, and if something comes out that suits my needs more, it will be that. 
Everything else I own is apple, but I'm not loyal to them, and neither will I be to phones or operating systems, THAT DON'T EVEN EXIST YET!! 
Either way.. as of now, 8x here i come. 

Amen to that. Too many Windows Phone users come on HTC/Samsung topics to annoy people with how much better Nokia is. News flash, Windows Phone can't rely on Nokia alone, HTC and Samsung need to do really well too for it to succeed.

Average consumer sees two things, it's very nice looking and it got's the Windows Eightz Mobile on it. Specs are irrelevant, you may care and I may care but most "normal" people outside of this website don't. Once people starts seeing other people walking around and talking in these phones they are going to vanish from store shelves, mark my words. Few smartphones in this and previous generations has been as eye-catching as the 8s. Never underestimate product design.

Meanwhile back on to the story! Take it with a pinch of salt the heat rating actually meaning demand building - its a great site but like many things on the internet you can take whatever meaning you want from the figures.
Though if you believe the title as true, then I wonder what title you would put if you went back to the site now & saw the same webisite, where this WP8 'hot' deal is going to be eclipsed by another hot deal, this time for WP & the Nokia Lumia 800 for 150 english pounds sim free. That means unlocked to any UK network - yes this phone will work on them all.
Then, here in the UK, we can put in one of the many excellent sim only deals - (eg for <£10 a month I have a sim giving me 200 minutes, 5000 texts & unlimited internet with '3'). Less than £300 a year for the phone & for me all the services I need, and the flexibility not to be tied to a long term contract, or even the same phone, as Sim Free prices for certain phones can be excellent. You can get monthly sim deals. When I hear about what the US has to put up with, then I cant help on mobiles that we are much luckier than your goodselves.

While I believe that the HTC 8S and 8X are solid phones, the picture of this article shows exactly why I won't be getting one: Looks. I do not like the colored buttons on the front, because this looks only good when the screen shows the same color. Red tiles + blue buttons: not as nice. Plus, there can be worse combanations. With black buttons (like the lumias), this is not the case.