Despite strategy shift, Xbox Entertainment Studios may still be alive and kicking

Despite strategy shift, Xbox Entertainment Studios may still be alive and kicking

After taking the helm of Microsoft, CEO Satya Nadella had laid out a vision that would see the closure of the Xbox Entertainment Studios division through layoffs and cost cuts. However, as it turns out, the studio, which would be responsible for exclusive video content for the Xbox platform, isn't quite dead yet and there may still be some life left.

A new report on The Hollywood Reporter citing unnamed sources claims that Microsoft is now shopping around for a buyer to Xbox Entertainment Studios and it has approached Warner Bros. If a deal did go through, XES would be merged with Machinima, a studio that Warner has a stake in.

Still, it appears to be in the early phases with THR noting that a Warner spokesperson saying that the studio is "constantly having preliminary discussions regarding business opportunities with numerous companies at any given time. A conversation is just that — a conversation." Microsoft has not offered any comments on the matter.

Yet, even if XES isn't sold off to Warner or another buyer, it seems that the studio is still hiring. Despite announcing layoffs to the tune of a massive 18,000 across Microsoft, Xbox Entertainment Studios is looking for a new Creative Director according to The Verge. You can check out the job description in the source link at the bottom if you're interested in the position.

So what do you make of the recent chatter around XES? Do you think Microsoft will be abandoning the Xbox Entertainment Studios or will it keep the doors open for a little while longer before making a final decision?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, The Verge, Microsoft


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Despite strategy shift, Xbox Entertainment Studios may still be alive and kicking


Probably because it won't be Xbox-themed content anymore. I've been tweeting the hell out to Satya telling him to keep XES.

I'm sick of Microsoft's back & forth bullshit... I'm going to give up one of my Ms devices ...maybe the phone or tablet or Xbox or something else . Nit all but maybe one

If u think Ms put their products first then your stupid... This wasn't just about this news but every other bad ms story lately... Worse Ms apps on their platform

I'm sticking around because Xbox as a business is still great. I'm also hopeful that with all of the changes taking place at Microsoft someone with a brain will take over Windows Phone and make it something better. Take heart! :-)

If you think any company puts their products first, or is any different or better then your stupid. The direction a company as large as Microsoft (or apple, or google,or Samsung) goes, and the decisions made by it's execs, are all profits based. That will never change. You are just a paying customer, always will be, no matter where you decide to spend your money. Take that to heart, and just get whatever you want and like best. Buy things for yourself, not to make a point. No one's listening that closely.

What the hell - they lack suport on Xbox One, W8P, Apps and continue stripping back on features and functions on there products, and also promises, then expect customers to be happy! This new guy is a shit head!!!! I'm losing faith in MS products.

The new guy has been there two minutes and he is refocusing the company on what's important. Give it time. He cant magically make everything perfect over night.

MS should keep it, it'd be a wise investment beyond that the Xbox one is circled around being a media console....... So it makes sense plus they can make tons of more shows based off MS studio games like a gears of war movie/show. Viewership would prove it to be a better endeavor. They just need better management

First, I'm so damn tired of articles that end with a question. What is that all about eh? A new hype?

Second: For crying out loud people, its just Chatter. For my company I'm continuously looking for new suppliers. It's called business.

With one or two notable exceptions, namely the Halo series, I felt like their ideas for TV shows were pretty lacking vis-a-vis the original content being proffered by Netflix, et al. That said, Xbox-exclusive television shows could be a great selling point for the system if they had a few House of Cards-calibre TV shows to draw people.

Is it me, or is MS lying all the time? I mean, outright lying.
1. Kinect is a fundamental part of Xbox and will not be separated. Yet, it was.
2. Xbox programming was touted here, on wpcentral and other news outlets for throwing there hat in the ring with the likes of Amazon, Netflix , etc. Also, the addition of big name executive producers , I believe Spielberg was one, was also reported. Yet, here goes another change in position.
3. We won't kill off Nokia x phones, out of Elop's mouth. A week later and, you guessed it, the axe fell heavily onto that statement.
These are just a few. I get it that businesses need to adjust, receive the utmost ROI, shareholder responsibility, I'm a PhD candidate for health care admin for goodness sakes. Yet, to specifically state something then do an about face is, to me something else. I know we all have short term memories combined with expedited news cycles, but sometimes morals matter.
Edit: Clarified number two for readers who assumed I was referring to the Xbox console being sold, although the article is about programming and my points are about opposing changes to products that we, consumers begin to look forward to only to discover MS has changed their minds after making such a hub bub to begin with. The Kinect sensor is a perfect example of this.

They aren't selling Xbox. They are looking to sell the TV studio to a TV studio.
Edit: Stop calling people idiots. Are you 12?
EDIT 2: Oh, and to wish violence on someone (me) because you can't convey the message you want to is fucking ridiculous. It's nice to get to know people on here so you know who you can have an intelligent conversation with. I have learned you are someone that I cannot.

Why are you telling me that? I know what the article said. I did not say consoles. I'm talking about a change in position again. You need to get curbed so you can't talk anymore.

Uh, #2 in your original post... "2. Xbox would not be sold off. Yet, here it goes."

That's what people are responding to...

It did not say consoles. The article did not talk about consoles. You are the one talking about consoles babbling like a village idiot.

Selling Xbox LMAO!! You shall never pass your PhD with such reading skills, you will be very dangerous in health care sector, thank goodness you will be limited to the admin field.

Ignorant one. I did not say they were selling Xbox. I said they sai they "would not" yet, here are changes being made again compared to their previous stance. I am not, nor is the article, talking about the console.

It needs to be owned by Microsoft. You can't trust time Warner or any one else to stay true to your IP like Halo. I do hope they grow xes I'd love to see things like a cable TV series mini movies tying into the next gears of war game etc.
Microsoft had the chance to do soothing groundbreaking in merging these two types of media I hope they don't give up to save a few bucks in the short run.

I hope they keep XES. It should provide us with some good programing, specially when MS is trying to sell us the idea that the Xbox One is the center of our living room.

The concept still makes sense as Netflix has proven the model can work. And still surprised that MS won't proceed with this project in house. I feel like they will get back into this space again in the future and be late to this party like many other things, and have to play catch up...

Xbox and PC gaming should merge with a open PC hardware gaming under Xbox live.

The Xbox one hardware sucks!

Good hardware and software "in house" the best way to go!

Both the PS4 and X1 are using low end custom APUs when compared to what is available for PC. Primarily done to save money however I wouldn't be surprised if a more powerful and capable slim version was released mid cycle.

I doubt that. If they released a more powerful version, the devs would have to optimize every single game for the two specific consoles, I don't think that'll ever happen.
Also, you're speaking like a PC owner (I would do the same btw), but the truth is 90% of the owners of a console don't care about the graphics, and they don't even know how a console works.
I know people that still say the PS3 "is better than a PC" (yes, the PS3, not even the PS4) because "the PS3 is in FullHD!!". And there's no way to explain anything to them ahahah

They really should be hanging onto XES, entertainment would have been a huge selling point for the Windows/Xbox ecosystem.

If you know Spanish, you'll get. (Spanish idiom, not an easy way to translate it)

I know alot of people bought an Xbox One for the exclusive content that was supposed to be... They love the games but are disappointed about XED maybe closing.

Why are some of you guys so rude to each other? Last time I checked the headline read "Despite strategy shift, Xbox Entertainment Studios may still be alive and kicking" not bash community members here.


I think the studio should stay open because if MS does it the right way it could be a huge profit source

This would be a bad idea to sell off XES, I would say keep the division since it hasn't even had a chance to walk. It would have been understandable if it was not making any headway.

I genuinely don't care for this part of Xbox and am glad they're cutting back on it. At the end of the day I want them focusing on the games.