Destiny beta now open to all with Xbox Live Gold


The Destiny beta started two days ago on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Anyone who pre-ordered the beta was given three codes to play. Now you don't need those codes. Bungie is opening the beta to all.

Starting at 4pm PDT (in about a minute or two) anyone will be able to join the beta. You'll need to have Xbox Live Gold to play on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Here's Bungie giving the details:

"Today, at 4:00 PM PDT, we're opening the Destiny Beta to anyone who wants to create a character and walk in their boots. There are, of course, some requirements. You'll need to have a compatible console equipped with PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. You'll need to be brave."

Have you played the Destiny beta? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Bungie


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Destiny beta now open to all with Xbox Live Gold


Command and Conquer, you must be as old as I am....

I think I stopped playing it shortly after Red Alert.

Already leveled titan and warlock to 8, and hunter to 6. Awesome game and ill get it on both 360 and One. Ghost Edition for one of them xD

I dont know having a hard time with this game, it isn't a bad game, but not wow'd by it.  It is only a beta, we'll see when the real game comes out. 



Someone had to say it. Playstation owners got their share of beta gameplay for pre ordering. Us Xbox owners got shafted again. Bungie love ❤.

Try going to search and type destiny beta worked for me on xbox one should also work on xbox 360 good luck...

I've never played an MMORPG type game before. My understanding is that this game is based off that philosophy. So far, I am liking it.

More like a mmorps, it's not quite as in depth leveling as an RPG, but still has decent progression. I feel like the 20 level cap is way too low though, and there are a few niggles that could be worked on.

I do like how the mission system works that its all in the same area it just drops you different spots. I've only got one character so far, a warlock.

I was wondering if the weapons are different for the different classes, I'm hoping they are otherwise its going to feel a bit samey.

I was actually talking about smart glass beta capabilities. Yeah breaking bad is the shit. You wont be disappointed. Afterwards I recommend The Wire (HBO)

Wow I didn't preorder and I can play the beta this is nice. Found it on the marketplace, just search "Destiny" and you will see it. I'm in Canada

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I'll be uninstalling the app from my Xbox One as soon as I get home. Very disappointing the government didn't block this egregious monopoly.

Damn! Another app to uninstall. At least I wasn't using very often so the pain won't bee to much.

Makes you wonder what the point of the beta codes were, and all the Reddit trades were for nothing. In any case its awesome that everyone can witness the greatness of this game!

Yeah sucks for those that really tried to get codes but I figured bungie might do this. Greater good and all.

Too many people dont seem to understand the difference between BETA vs. DEMO. How they rolled out the Beta makes perfect sense.

I have played it extensively. If you are a PC gamer. This is no beta
this is a way to boost sales. It comes out in just over a month and is complete. Console devs need to stop calling it what it isn't. This is a demo to get ppl to buy their game. What a joke. Great game though. Really fun

I wonder why bait people with beta exclusive status when one preorders, yet just give it away in posts and then open it to the public a day or two after.

All right, what am I missing? I didn't think the game was that good. The co-op play was kind of fun if you had a solid party of friends to play with, but even then the missions were boring and the firefights against AI were uninspiring (hide behind rock, pop out and shoot like it's an old Western, repeat). Even worse, the competitive multiplayer (Crucible) wasn't fun at all. Vehicles were way overpowered, giving a huge advantage to those who get to them first. The game lacked the balance that Titanfall perfected in their pilot vs pilot, pilot vs titan, titan vs titan, and titan vs pilot setup. I'm skeptical now. But, we'll see come September.

All of MIcrosoft's operating systems are merging into one, so get used to WPcentral covering all their platforms: Xbox, Windows, Windows Phone.

Yea, saw this when I was on the xbox one last night. downloaded it but, 12gb took a while and I didn't get to play it, YET.

I have a PS4 as well, someone gave me a code but, I have not used it(for the PS4). On PSN you need to be a PSN+ member to get it for free, but, if someone needs a PS4 code, I wll share it with the first person who PMs me in the fourms...


I need helpp, I accidently deleted the beta. And I can't get it back. Please help love this game