Destiny beta now open for Xbox One


Are you ready for Destiny on Xbox One? The beta 'starts' tomorrow, but beta codes are now going out to those who pre-ordered. The beta is now live on all platforms.

Anyone who pre-ordered Destiny will have access to the Destiny beta. The beta wasn't supposed to start till July 23 for those on Xbox One and Xbox 360, but Bungie has started it a day earlier.

The team at Bungie finished maintenance earlier than expected and have opened up the beta to all platforms. We're currently installing the beta to our Xbox One and can't wait to play with you online.

Also, you'll want to play the beta Saturday, July 26th. Anyone playing at 2pm PDT will get a permanent reward from Bungie.

Did you pre-order Destiny? Will we see you on online during the beta? Sound off below.

Want a beta code? I'll be tossing out some over on Twitter (@samsabri).

Source: Bungie


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Destiny beta now open for Xbox One


I don't have twitter, does anyone else have a spare beta code they could PM me. I'm undecided on whether I will get this or sunset overdrive and would like to test out the beta!

So I need to preorder a game to test the game to see if I want to buy the game? At least Titanfall Beta was free.

You must have a very small game collection if you only buy the game if it has a public beta to test controls...

I rarely buy a game unless I've tested it either in beta, in store, or at a friend's house. At $60 per game, I'm not wasting money on crap.

There used to be this magical thing called a "demo" I have absolutely no idea why Xbox One games seem to be scared of them.

Not sure where you are but in US I got mine through Gamestop... If I don't like it after trying the beta I will just put the 5$ toward something else

I wasn't sure on it, after playing up to level 6 it's not bad.... Have to play some more and see how it progresses before I decide on final purchase

tomorrow at 10am. they are letting you preload the content early, but the system is down for maintenance until tomorrow and the xbox beta goes live 7.23 at 10am PST.



source: bungie website.


can we add this to the OP? people are going to be sad!

^^This code will work for the first person who uses it!!! Xbox One Destiny Beta (I get 2 codes to share)

I don't want a disk. Were is the beta for digital copy owners? Were is the preorder for this game on the Xbox store?

You can pre-order it to get the code, but then cancel the pre-order and just buy the digital copy when it releases. I know a few people are doing that.

Yeah, that's a nice thing about disks, but in retrospect I have to admit that I really like that I don't have to swap disks :)

I have six games installed and have already used up 15% of my hard drive, I'd rather swap discs than have to reinstall games. Maybe that's just me though.

That's awesome, I'm actually picking up a WiFi HDD in a few days so hopefully it is also compatible with that, otherwise I'll just have to get a cable, or instead buy a 4tb drive ( the wireless one is 1tb).

Or buy both!

Gotta love tax time.

Got a game corrupt message while waiting to data transfer. Had to exit the game and restart. Seems to be downloading again now, phew

I wouldn't be surprised is servers are timing out and not responding to more requests. They will he getting hammered at the moment

If someone would be so kind to hook me up with a XB1 code, I have three xb360 codes which Bungie sent me in error...

First Come first serve for this code, enjoy! I have one more I'll be posting later/tomorrow!


Buddy of mine got 3 codes for 360... Sent me one. Downloading now. Its good to have good friends.

Any one have an extra xb1 one code I tried to pre order today but I guess you won't get the beta code anymore

Anyone else having an issue where when you unsnap a party you cant hear any thing? Also is the download taking FOREVER for everyone else?

Can some one PM me an XB1 code please...i went to Gamestop earlier today to get one and they said that they were cut off of the beta codes so they couldn't give me one.... Please!!!!

I preordered this evening at Gamestop after work & got mine. I have a code I will share with you if you still haven't gotten one.

Thank you, I hadn't pre-ordered and was interested in checking out the beta prior to purchasing. Much appreciated!

If any kind souls with an extra beta invite for the 360 are willing to part with it, I would graciously take it off your hands. Please and thank you.

I got a beta-code yesterday from a friend if mine. Haven't played it yet, though. Lets see. Maybe the beta can convince me to get the game. As of right now I'm not thrilled at all ...

I have 2 beta codes remaining for the xbox one version. Would be nice if someone could invite me to the xbox one os/dashboard preview. So, you could PM me here, but on XBL would be better (Gamertag: Ganorf23)

Yup, i have one left. Just message me over xbl so i can assure that this code is for you. Therefore you should also provide me the name of your gamertag via a reply down below.

Waiting for it download, so slow. I have two spare codes by the way if anyone would like one (you get three with a preorder).

My gamer tag I the same s my user name here, btw, so pm me and I will provide the details.

I already have it a few days on the PS3 and already maxed out my character (which is not that hard) and I can already say this is going to be my favorite game! Absolutely love it!

Game is unbeleivable, it does't matter how much I suck I am having a blast.  Its really not hard and its very enjoyable with fantastic game atmosphere.  For anyone that needs it, here is my spare beta codes for xbox one


I have an Xbox 4Gb with a 8Gb usb pendrive. Destiny Beta for Xbox 360 only runs only on main memory. Even tried to run from pendrive, but got blank screen. May I scream now?

So uhh... i'm feeling generous. I have a spare Xbox One Beta code for whoever wants it. First come first serve... or something like that.

If someone has a Xbox one code, please PM me in the forum if you dont mind, any code posted here is gone within 10 seconds.

I posted on twitter and someone sent me a code for the PS4 the other day but, my PS4 is out to service and I will get it back tomorrow but, I think I would prefer to try this on the Xbox one....If no luck, I hope the code works on the PS4 when I get it back.

Thanks in advance!!!