Destiny beta test begins July 23 for Xbox One and Xbox 360


Destiny, the long awaited sci-fi first person shooter from developer Bungie, the original creators of the Halo series, will launch its beta test July 23 for Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles, a week after it begins for PlayStation 3 and PS4 owners.

At the moment, the only way anyone can participate in the Destiny beta test is to pre-order the full game, which will be released on September 9. The beta test period will end on July 26 and anyone who plays in the beta on that day will get an exclusive in-game emblem that can be transferred to their character in the full version of Destiny. Bungie added, "The Beta will include character creation, story missions, cooperative and social activities, competitive multiplayer, and more."

Microsoft recently confirmed that the final version of Destiny will get an increase in its previously planned resolution, thank to the company ditching the Kinect add-on requirement which allows developers more access to the console's hardware.

Will you be joining the Destiny beta test later in July?

Source: Bungie.net


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Destiny beta test begins July 23 for Xbox One and Xbox 360


My friends went through a bitch fit when Bungie killed off its production of a PC port. Disappointing, but this game is coming from a console dev :'(

3 days for Xbox? That sucks. Why did Microsoft have to piss Bungie so much? That would have been a great exclusive to have.

Xbox had no alpha, you dreamt that.
And regarding exclusivity, I was talking about the whole game. The reason Bungie left is they wanted to do something else than Halo and Microsoft didn't want them too. Now they're not first party anymore and they use PS4 as a leading platform. That wasn't smart from MS.

From what I understand it wasn't a bad break up... But Bungie wanted to do their own thing and Microsoft didn't want the Bungie staff to just leave and start their own company and sour the relationship like Nintendo did to Rare.

@ Tahiti bob. U are so wrong with that story. Bungie simply want to expand their gaming world with new ideas for games they had and want to make for a bigger audience. U can't do that staying under 1 name. Microsoft shaked hands to agree to let them go and support them with every move. Now that Bungie has destiny more on Sony side is to build a base of gamers like they have on Xbox. For future games that won't happen stated by Activision and bungie, promotion will be equal. Microsoft and Bungie are still close involved with each other. Don't think its Microsoft fault. They didn't force anyone to stay. Only the bad thing Bungie did and still does is ignoring the major halo fan base with the same answers every time.

Sorry but I know what I'm talking about, that's a story I followed closely while it was happening. Bungie was fine staying with Microsoft as long as they could stop doing Halo. Microsoft didn't agree so that's when Bungie decided to go independent and they didn't sign with Activision straightaway. At the end of the day MS still had to create a studio from scratch for Halo, so if they had done that straightaway Destiny would be an exclusive now. I'm sure they deeply regret it, when you trail behind in sales, exclusives are the best way to bounce back.

If you want a good example of a dev studio try bizarre creations they were much more bitter @ the end of pgr4(last mgs game with them)

Xbox Live is better than PSN. I'd get it on Xbox One for that and the extra features like "Xbox, record that." Who cares about the beta? The real game is what matters.

Erm, but the PS's get it a whole week earlier. The real game is what matters, yes, but how will "Xbox, record that" work when the devs are ditching the Kinect in order for more power?

And I said I would get the BETA on the ps4. I have to wait until later to see which I want for the final version. If the PS4 gets exclusive content that the Xbox doesn't get, and some other stuff, then I'll get the final version on the PS4.

They could, but not easily on the go.  They would have to have the DVR snapped onto the screen and once something happens, they just press record the last 5 minutes or something. 

Instead of voice, they just do it by control.  Either way, they will get to record what just happened, the voice is just easier. 

the voice command i think only records last 30 seconds, but the dvr is longer. 

No, that's why you simply just use Kinect instead: "Xbox, record that" > any other method for recording game clips.

"Xbox, record that" is better because it doesn't interuppot gameplay at all. Having to press a button a controller means that you have to take a finger off another button, which in a high-paced game like Destiny means you're vulnerable. I prefer the convenience of Kinect's voice commands.

Voice commands still work because the record that, snap that, go to blah blah blah is an OS thing, not a specific game thing. 

So the kinect portion that bungie decided to forgoe would of been if they wanted to add voice commands to lets say switch guns or to command troops, etc. 

MS already said the genearl voice commands still work, that is not included in that reserved.  The portion that is optional is if a developer wants to take advantage of kinect for commands within that specific game. 

Example would be madden football.  Madden currently allows audibles by voice and snapping the ball by voice.  If EA decided to remove that and take advantage of the kinect reserve, they could and just remove the voice commands within the game.  Still though, all other xbox commands still work for OS purposes. 

Also, i think bungie already confirmed there is exclusive content for ps4 for at least a year or 1.5 years. 



Ummm voice still works just the othere sensors cut off and yea I prefer my Xbox record that or Xbox open gamedvr, Xbox broadcast, or with gestures or via smartglass maybe even controller which has been updated for shortcuts via buttons

MS already confirmed that kinects 10% of gpu space won't come at the cost of core One gameplay like record that or going home or thing like that only for in-game Kinect integration. And it is a shame that the old MS let Bungie leave just to only crank out Halo, when they could have brought this as an Xbox exclusive and had halo and destiny and shut shit down in the sci-fi fps arena.

System-level Kinect functions like "Xbox, record that" are not affected. They will work as they always have. Exclusive content has already been announced: it's minimal, and it's only timed. Given that, I'll be getting Destiny on Xbox One instead because Xbox Live is better (faster, more reliable, more secure, and better matchmaking) and because of the aforementioned better OS features that complement gameplay.

I don't have either of them, but my roommates have both. We mostly play the Xbox One, though, as the PS4 is lacking in games right now, plus we usually have the Xbox One on more often because of the live TV integration, so it's usually much easier to just say, "Xbox, go to Killer Instinct" for a quick game rather than shut off the Xbox One and turn on the PS4.

I'd rather have SmartGlass support. I loathe the trend of every game thinking it needs it's own companion app. Don't want to download 50 apps. I want to download one: Smartglass.

Yeah but that's why I have the windows icon that has 32gigs and for smaller phones u can get a SD card so I have no issues there

pretty sure you are missing the point. 


It isn't about storage and how much you can fit on a phone. 

It is about the convieience of accessing game content/features within one companion with in smart glass vs. having 50 separate apps for 50 separate games. 



I never have and never will use the disc drive on my Xbox One. Digital is just way more convenient.

I tried digital, but I release for games that come out every year, like COD and sport games, that I would want to sell them. I wish I got disc for Titanfall, as I would've sold it a LONG time ago...

This is why Microsoft's original Xbox One policies were so awesome: digital rentals, digital sharing, and re-selling of digital licenses. But too many ignoramuses naively revolted over something they didn't understand, and now we have the paradox you just mentioned where both digital and physical have pros and cons, whereas before all the pros would've been with digital.

I'd try it if I didn't have to preorder. I rent most games (I get bored with them pretty quickly), and the games I do buy I like to download. Oh well.

If you don't want to preorder on the 10th you can sign up to try and get a beta code from bungie and IGN is doing alot of code giveaways as well

I'm bummed that the Xbox beta is so short. Might go on ps3 just for the beta and get final on 360 or One (if I have one when its released). Been so hyped since the local game store told me the beta is launching July 17th on all consoles :(

Not feeling this game at all. I know they are trying to differentiate it from Halo, but I don't think they have managed it. I had high hopes, but this one is not for me.

I thought it would, based on the videos. To me, it looks like a new story with very similar tools. Seems to move the same. Even the way that sword thing works seems the same. Sorry.... Can't remember the name of it, I think the Elites carried them in Halo. Sunset Overdrive and Defence Grid 2 have my attention this year. I'd like to see more of the original Portal too.

That's sucks, Xbox Users only get 3 days of beta. I know that Bungie just broke away from Microsoft but Bungies' core fans own Xbox's. That's where they started. Me as a early Halo adopter and Bungie supporter feel like I'm being shit on because they're now abandoning their original fans.

Passed this game many shooters. Looking forward for Sunset Overdrive looks more fun and cool. This just another shooter.

I preordered a little while back from the Microsoft store, was I supposed to get a beta code? Or will there be some other way to prove my preorder to play?