Destiny limited and Ghost editions revealed

destiny limited

Developer Bungie and publisher Activision have announced the contents of the special limited and Ghost editions of the long awaited sci-fi first person shooter Destiny, which will begin its beta test July 24 for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 game consoles.

Both the limited edition and the collectors "Ghost" edition will include access to the Destiny Expansion Pass, which will cost $34.99 on its own and give Destiny owners access to the game's first two downloadable expansion packs, which will cost $19.99 each if bought separately.

In addition, the $99.99 limited edition and the $149.99 Ghost edition will include the game disc itself in a SteelBook case, along with exclusive in-game items and real world content such as a field guide, a star chart and postcards. The Ghost edition will also have a Ghost replica with motion-activated lights and the voice of actor Peter Dinklage, who also handles the voice of the AI character in the game. There's also a letter of introduction and some "golden age relics" like a photo, sticker and patch.

For gamers who don't want to deal with all that physical content, Bungie and Activision will release the Digital Guardian Edition, which will be an all-download version of Destiny. The $89.99 price tag gives buyers the digital download of Destiny, access to the Destiny Expansion Pass and all of the digital content from the regular limited edition. The game will be released on September 9th.

What do you think of these special editions of Destiny and will you spend the extra money to get the included content?

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Destiny limited and Ghost editions revealed


there wont be anything great in wp 8.1

it has been announced, stores will not officially merge until wp 9 is out. then, we will be seeing one store only and be able to play SOME xb titles. mostly arcade stuff like orcs must die.

'All that physical content' is what limited editions are SUPPOSED to be. Getting a load of DLC codes on day one just feels like a pisstake, and they're anything but 'collectable'...

Come to think, if you're downloading them they aren't exactly limited either.

Two things. 1. Software can be offered for a limited time. 2. They said "all the digital content from the limited edition" and never said that the downloaded content was limited edition stuff.

Eh... I'm going all digital downloads this generation and this "limited edition" stuff just collects dust and is meaningless in a year.

I believe they are planning on releasing to PC but later. Its their first time putting a game on this many consoles. So, its going to just take more time for it to release on PC.

...if you include marketing, etc. I played the Alpha, it was okay and parts definitely felt like Halo. I'm really looking forward to the beta. As far as it being on the PC... they would need to do more to get it on par with PC graphics and I don't just mean higher textures. I'm curious as to if I'll have the option to upgrade my pre order on PSN/PS4 to the digital guardian edition. I wonder if my friends will be able to do that on their XBox One too. On PSN, they don't allow for refunds for pre order but I'll just want to upgrade. I for one will probably spend way too much time on this game!


Oh boy, doesn't this look like a DLC-orgy. While DLC can be done right, this is looking more and more like "design for monetization".

When I was playing games, I never bought a limited edition that was actually worth the price of admission.

Save for the xbox 360 edition of The Witcher 2. LOADS of extra bells and whistles and it even came signed by a CDProject RED dev. All for the RRP of 45 euros.

Fuck this tacky limited edition stuff from Acti, EA et al, just another way to gouge.

Don't know if I'd go strictly digital or grab a copy (Destiny).

My XBoxOne is quite full already and I've only got a few games on disk - they should've had a much bigger drive in these suckers. Fortunately the XHDD patch is coming.

Looking forward to Destiny! Can't wait to hear 'Tyrion' as the AI (hehe).


Yeah, I have my 2TB Seagate external HD hooked up to my XB1. only apps are installed on the actual console. All my games are installed on my external. And with USB 3.0, it's actually pretty fast. No discernable difference in load speeds.

I'm done with all the dust collectors that come with all these games nowadays. I have my regular copy on reserve and that's just fine. Oh and I'll only be buying the season pass when it's on sale. $40 for two bits of content sounds like a joke to me. I'm a cheap ass gamer and I'm proud of all the money I save enjoying my hobby this way. Thank you very much.

I dont buy this game. Expansion dlc season pass bla bla bla this suck. Don't worth the money. I think halo collection is most value money and Su set overdrive. This game sucks.

Will wait for the game of the year edition for 40 dollas. DLC is a load of crap. Then they wonder why no one buys their games. Maybe, if they gave a complete game out of the box I'd be more willing to pay for it. Instead paying like 200 dollars for one game when all said and done. But hey, i know some people will do that. I'm just not one of them.