Destiny for Xbox One now available for digital pre-loading ... really


After a false start on Wednesday, Microsoft has officially announced that Xbox One owners can now pre-purchase and pre-load the digital version of Bungie's long awaited sci-fi shooter Destiny.

There are actually two versions of the game players can purchase and pre-load; the regular pre-order edition for $59.99 and the Digital Guardian Edition for $89.99 that has a number of extra in-game content items and free access to the Destiny Expansion Pass, for downloading two post-release DLC packs.

  • Xbox One Destiny Pre-Order Edition, available starting today for $59.99, including the standard game, plus access to the Vanguard Armory and Emblem pre-order bonus

  • Xbox One Destiny Digital Guardian Edition, available starting today for $89.99, including the standard game, plus access to the Vanguard Armory and Emblem pre-order bonus, an exclusive Ghost Shell, Player Ship, and Player Emblem, and the Destiny Expansion Pass – an online pass for two upcoming Destiny Expansions featuring all new storylines, new cooperative and competitive activities, and new weapons, armor, and gear to earn

Pre-loading means that Xbox One owners will be able to download most of the files for Destiny well ahead of the game's September 9th release date. The final bits of the game will be unlocked at 12:01 am Pacifc time on that day.

What do you think of Microsoft offering the digital version of Destiny for pre-loading on the Xbox One?

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Destiny for Xbox One now available for digital pre-loading ... really


Given that a digital purchase is permanent by nature, I'd have preferred all of "pre-order" exclusives you'd get from the various retail chains be included.

Games with Gold, by that time it'll be half the price, including all the goodies, and the bugs will be worked out. Course, everyone will be onto something else by then.

And that is the problem with these types of games. I hate to buy it at full retail, but if the beta is any indication, its going to be a lot more enjoyable of there are other people to play with.

I like digital downloads saves having piles of discs......pre downloading allows you to play straight away on release day what more could you want?

More option are great! I like this! But as for me, I still prefer disc. When digital becomes at least $10 cheaper than the disc versions, then I'll switch. Makes no sense why they are priced the same, and in some areas, costs MORE!

And with some games coming in at 80GB (Elder Scrolls Online), why on EARTH would anyone think of downloading games which you can buy on discs for less? Heck, 10GB is the standard now, it's a bad effect on our WiFi tariffs.

That's what I said dude!

What I meant was, listen CAREFULLY, one installs it from the disc and one from the internet. Downloading huge games with internet takes a LONG time, and eats a lot of my bandwidth. I have alright internet, but there is no damn way I'm downloading a big game with internet. Imagine people with DSL or worse, they get like, what, 5Mbps Download at best? Imagine with that internet downloading a game that is 50GB. Disc is still more practical.

Pretty sure I'd die with 5Mbps... Downloaded a 55GB game the other day, 12h8m at 2.2MB/s average.

Its funny though, because disc buyers will have the game playable before pre-loaders here. Pacific time is the worst! Lol

MB/s... Super jealous of the FiOS and Goog fiber people. I'm stuck with Bright house

PST, you're not missing anything then lol

Actually the digital Guardian edition is cheaper. It equates to the limited addition minus the swag that means nothing anyways and you save $10. The LE is going for $99.99 retail and at this point if you haven't pre-ordered LE you probably aren't going to be able to get it.

I meant the regular edition.

And the GAMES in general. EVERY big game that's out, like Titanfall and Watchdogs, costs the same on disc as digital. Digital should ALWAYS be cheaper, that gives more reason got people to buy digital games.

I heard that in some cases, like the UK, people have to actually pay more for digital games in their region than disc games. Imagine that?

I wish they would drop all by $10 too but I was always planning in the LE anyways and when they have the DGE for $10 less, win for me. With the cost of manufacturing and logistics of getting physical copies in store I still don't understand the logic of same price.

I can confirm that. On new games in general, the price doesn't drop for at least a year and a half. It doesn't really matter that much when many PC games are Steam only digital, such as Civilization, but with console games and 3DS games, where you can pretty much plug in and play, it's annoying. Why download for £40 when a brand new disc or cartridge copy costs anywhere between £5 and £20 less, which can be sold on for around a quarter of the price new? It's stupid, which is why I have not embraced downloads. However in the US games are cheaper anyway, which is why region locking exists.

Someone posted on another post that if you're from the U.K you could purchase from the U.S. store to get it cheaper due to the exchange rate. I tried but can't input payment details as it asks for state and zip code. Is this correct?

Anyone have a clue on how this pre-loading actually works?


I ask because my "Home Console" is at my friend's house, and his is at mine.  Will it preload on the console you purchased on, or on your home console?

Would it be different if you purchase via the console or the website or SmartGlass while not connected to an xbox?

Love the digital life.  For those of you who prefer discs, I have twice the library for half the price.  Sure I can't trade in physical refuse for a discount on the next piece of refuse, but I also don't have to get of my fat tushy to instantly switch between dead rising and titanfall.



Sort of off topic but, if my "Home" console is physically at someone else's place, is there a way to keep someone else from wiping my console's data?????

They have no access to your data. Ok you probably have to give the one your "home" console is at your password so that he can set it as such (or you have to come over to do so).

Other than that it does only make a difference when it comes to the games you can play. If e.g. the other guy will set his home console somewhere else again you wont be able to play the games he purchased. As far as I know are gamesaves backed up in the cloud so you don't have be anxious to lose your progress. :)



Correct.  I have my XBL account password locked on my friend's console and auto-login w/Kinect on my console.  I do not have access to his XBL account, nor he to mine.

Everytime we buy a game, we tell the other and whole home gold benefits gives me the ability to download and play any game he's purchased.


Not getting off the couch to manage discs > discs.

From experience on Steam, pre loading a game leys you download part or all of the game before launch, and after launch the game becomes unlocked. But discs still remain better.

Hmmm... I know the days of free dlc are numbered but $30 more for 2 expanision packs? Whatever happened to $30 season passes with at least 4 dlcs...? At this point you'll just be better off buying them individually when they arrive

Especially since those dlcs tend to get worse. Ok, I do trust Bungie to deliver, but when I look at other dlcs from e.g. CoD :/

Does Destiny have a single player? It's one of the things I didn't like in Titanfall in addition to horrible matchmaking.

Why on earth is the digital version £5-10 MORE than the physical version?!?
There is no logistics, retailer overheads, and other things that Retailers pay. MS, if you're gonna try to cut out the middle man; at least get the model right.....

Same thing with Diablo 3, I got it for £45 for physical. Xbox Store price £60?!?

Surely people aren't paying this premium for digital?!?

People must, but due to the lack of logistics you mentioned, it can just sit on the servers like bait for fish. Eventually, a little gullible fishie will bite!

I downloaded Diablo from the Hong Kong store and it only cost me £23.11. I get most my games from the US store though.. Cheaper than buying a disc, don't have to go out and get it and I have no intention of trading in.

I just used the address for Hong Kong university. There was a post on hotukdeals about it. As for the us, just pick a state with no sales tax and find a hotel or something

I haven't read all posts but for me I have decided that digital is the way to go. I can never lose the disk, it can't be stolen and will never get scratched. Personally, I don't care oto trade them in. Also, I can travel to friends house with just my portable HD.