Details leaked for Microsoft Surface in Australia, October 26th launch?

Microsoft Surface

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Microsoft is expected to unveil its Surface range of Windows 8 tablets, both an RT (ARM) and a Pro (Intel / AMD x86) version to cater for most mobile PC needs. With the plan to set a high standard for OEM partners to follow, Microsoft has taken a bold move to start offering its own hardware to marry released software.

WPDownUnder has been able to uncover details surrounding availability for Australian consumers. According to a trusted source, Microsoft has been in talks with major retailers to launch the Surface instead of erecting Microsoft Stores. On top of this the source reveals this deal will be exclusive for initial availability.

Although the retailer cannot be named, WPDownUnder also notes employees will be able to get their hands on the tablets as they participate in scheduled national Microsoft Windows 8 training sessions in the run-up to the OS release next month. If that wasn't enough, the same source has stated October 26th as it's launch date, which would put it right next to the US release.

As for pricing, we're still stuck at speculation as its the case worldwide. WPDownUnder estimates an RRP of $699 for the 32GB version and $799 for the 64GB (presumably the Windows RT version). We'll hopefully have more details to reveal for others as the launch dates of both Windows 8 and Surface draw ever closer.

Source: WPDownUnder


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Details leaked for Microsoft Surface in Australia, October 26th launch?


I think price will determine success. At $299-399 they can sell a good number of units. Anything at iPad prices sees MS loose most of its customers to the iPad.

Any new whether the UK will be getting the surface or not, if not can i order them from the US to deliver it to the UK? really really really want this tablet.. 

Would be surprised if we didn't get it, Microsoft keep highlighting how important the UK market is!
I hope the pricing is more competitive though. I don't like this $200 for a keyboard rubbish.
Also, for some reason, they always convert the price into pounds wrong. If Americans pay $200 for a product, we tend to have to pay £150 for the same product, whereas in reality we should be about £110 on exchange rates. It annoys me. :(

Yeah i really hope they do, have my fingers crossed..  
i reckons it gonna be around 350-400 pounds not more than that.. 
IKR, like the new kindle, its $199 in the US but in the UK its £199, don't know how it works.. 

You can thank VAT for that :-) We definitely should be getting the Surface. I can't see the likes of Comet and PC World passing up on stocking these to put alongside the iPad and other tablets / PCs. We'll hopefully have more details soon enough for the UK.

well there are going to be a few pop holiday stores for Van and Ont I think, so I sure as hell hope they do the right thing *wink wink*
else... ill have to drive the seatle

Store is opening mid November at Yorkdale Mall and there is already talk of another at the Eaton Center downtown.

@olivermills6  yeah i have my fingers crossed.. surface and lumia 920 would be a epic combination to make my apple fan friend jealous.
I reckons its gonna b around 350-400 pounds not more than that..
IKR like the kindle. it say its $199 in the US and they sell it for £199 pound here in the UK, i don't know how it works.. but even if we are not gettin it.. i gonna order it from the US (if i can) :D

Fuck you Microsoft if Windows RT devices is not cheaper than IPad, seriously Fuck you. I'm pissed. Fuck. Thanks for your cooperation. Have a good day.

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Not quite.
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Rich! The Windows 8 Pro version doesn't come in 32GB! (only 64 and 128) That means this is the Surface RT...which is apparently way overpriced..

That and we know the Surface Pro isn't launching until next year, while the RT is launching with Windows 8. At least, I believe that has already been confirmed...

I want one but I'm not going to sell the farm just to have one. They need to be very aggressive with the pricing to gain market share.

If the comment " estimates an RRP of $699 for the 32GB version and $799 for the 64GB " is AUD then the UK prices at the current exchange rate would be £450 for the 32GB version and £514 for the 64GB. I think that these prices are about £50 too much but lets see what happens when Microsoft release the prices.

$199, $799--what's the difference? I find this pricing unlikely, and as Rich said, it is speculative.

Ouch, I hope these prices are placeholders or something.
The MS Surface RT is a quality product, and should be priced somewhat high, but definitely not higher than an iPad. And I DON'T mean an iPad+accessories+extra storage, etc.  The entry level price of an iPad 3 is $500, so a MS Surface RT with keyboard, with 32gb, should NOT be more than $500, in fact pricing it at $400 would be ideal.
At $400 it is low enough to make people take notice and to make even the casual purchaser that might just grab an iPad, it will make them stop and consider a Surface RT.  Only include one keyboard/cover if you need to lower costs.
If MS prices it any lower than $400, MS risks squeezng out any OEM that will want to come out with a Windows RT tablet.  As far as the mythical $199 price goes, everyone should have known (or at least everyone with a clue) that the $199 price was a complete farce.
My guess is that if MS releases the Surface at such a high price, it will be because they want to out the OEMs in line, and have no intention of selling many of them.  Pricing the Surface RT at $699 puts a ceiling on price.  It forces the OEMs to either compete on price and put out a tablet at a decent price, or compete on quality, and come out with a similarly great product priced at $699 or less.  Without the Surface the OEMs will come out with average tablets and price them really high, and then blame others why they don't sell well.  
That being said, a $699 Surface RT is still overpriced, even if it is only used as an example, or a line-in-the-sand.

It's a complex balancing act that Microsoft have to play with this pricing - price it competitive to the market but not upset their OEM's. Aiming the price just under iPAD and including Office 2013 for the RT version would be competitive. They would also make profit as well.
Also having an option to have the RT version with subscription over say two years at a much cheaper price would also shake up the market as well.

I've been very patient on the tablet market thanks to the hp touchpad satisfying enough of my tech needs I can wait for something good. Passed on good cheap options like the fire and nexus. I want the surface but am frugal right now. If it's anything above $399 ita DOA. I wish they had made it a 16gb but I imagine they didn't to charge more.

Per our actual article - the price part is OUR speculation. The tip-off information we received was on the release date and availability. Pricing is anyone's guess - but Ballmer ruled out the budget end of the market...

wow umm this price would be an epic fail on MS part if it turns out to be true.  Because that's really high I can just buy a laptop for that price.  No matter how much of a MS fan I am that's pretty expensive.  I'm just curious how did you get to that price conclusion?

Has anybody considered that these prices could be in AUS$ and not US$? No, didn't think so.
Converting at todays exchange rates would make the 32Gb Surface RT around £449 which is about £30 cheaper than the similar spec'ed iPad 32Gb.
Still needs to be £399 though in my view.

I think that the prices were AUD prices as well and have commented further up basically the same as you have. At the UK prices that we have quoted that would cover VAT and also import duty and also make Microsoft a profit on each unit sold. It would be also very competitive as well.