Details of upcoming $199 Windows 8.1 notebook from HP leak

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The first concrete details of an upcoming $199 Windows 8.1 notebook from HP have been leaked, via a hardware manual, over a month after Microsoft first announced the device at its Worldwide Partner Conference.

According to the manual, as reported by Mobile Geeks, The HP Stream will have an AMD A4 Micro-6400T Quad-Core SoC with a clock speed of 1.0 GHz, along with a Radeon R3 integrated graphics chip. There will be 2 GB of RAM inside the notebook, and Flash storage of either 32 or 64 GB. The HP Stream will have a 14 inch display with a resolution of 1366x768 but at the $199 price tag it won't have a touch screen.

Other hardware features will reportedly include a 720p webcam, Beats Audio speakers, two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port and a HDMI port. The story also claims the notebook will come with access to 100 GB of free cloud storage via Microsoft's OneDrive service for two years. It's possible that HP could change the hardware specs on the notebook before it officially launches.

Microsoft and HP will likely try to market the HP Stream as a solid competitor to the many cheap Chromebooks that are using Google's Chrome OS. The report did not offer a release date for the notebook. What do you think of the specs of the HP Stream?

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Details of upcoming $199 Windows 8.1 notebook from HP leak


Interesting. I'm not sure how the specs hold up - better than atom and not so good as an i3? But at that price this would make a nifty netbook, for browsing, writing and the like. I hope the build is at least solid. The keyboard and screen quality must be good. Same for the battery. I'm intrigued...

Touch screen becomes a must for something you won't really use for work. That would add $25-30 to the price but will make this a great buy.

I understand it's going to be a little soft on specs, being as cheap as it is, I'm just wondering how low the specs are. The new AMD apu's are supposed to be pretty good - as read on Anadtech - so I wonder where this fits in.

Either way, it will go up against the chromebook so should be good for students and the like.

They're good for this price. But don't expect playing any games on it or using it for anything more than browsing, and even that can be choppy. I bought a cheap (300€) laptop with AMD E-450 (dual core, 1,65GHz), and while it is better than similarly priced atom, especially the GPU part, it's still pretty slow. I tried using it for uni, and NetBeans took a few minutes to load properly, even with SSD inside. It's usable, of course, it's great for someone who want's the cheapest laptop to watch movies, write documents and check email, but don't expect any serious multitasking on it.

Nope, I have used Chrome OS on my PC and everything you want to do you need a internet connection. It's useless offline. So why would you/anyone buy a ChromeBook?

Then I wonder why you don't just use Windows RT instead of Chrome OS.

It has more capability than other ARM tablet OS, but doesn't bind you to the internet in any major way.

With Windows, I'm kind of stuck in Microsoft's ecosystem, but there's generally a good amount of standards to grant me freedom.

Meanwhile, Chrome OS is fully proprietary.

I won't say that the online requirement makes it shit - After all, it now has a few offline features and there's definitely a point to a light-weight terminal-style operating system.

But the Google lock-in makes it unusable. You aren't just using a terminal. You are using a terminal that is forced into the cloud, with exactly one provider to choose from.

That means Google could shut the entire system down at any time and they have basically full access to all your data.

Generally, you must be a lunatic to store all of your data on the cloud. There are all kinds of errors that can only happen in that form on storage.

For physical storage, you at least know that you fucked up yourself.


Seriously, why the hell does Chrome OS get a free pass while Windows RT is the same damn thing and gets pure hate?

Both have full desktop-level browsers, support desktop periphery (mouse/keyboard) and run on cheap hardware. The apps don't even count here, in contrast to iOS/Android comparisons.

Honestly, I think some of the reviewers who lavish praise on chrome os probably spent 30 minutes playing with chrome before converting their chromebook to a linux laptop.

Take a $200-$250 chromebook with intel CPU, throw in a 32-64gb sd card for media storage, and you have a surprisingly functional laptop. Build quality and display quality won't be anywhere near surface pro 3 levels, but for under $300, it's not a bad proposition.

I thought about it, myself. Then I realized that I really don't want to mess with wine (running windows programs on linux), especially on a low-powered machine. I spent the extra money on a SP3. But I can see how someone in a different situation than mine would see it differently.

Sure it (a Chrome Book) could be beat...this now or a tablet before this. If you have a Chrome Book...Get rid of it on eBay if you can!

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It is already rare to not have an internet connection available. Imagine what it will be like in just a few years. As more and more computing is done online, Chromebooks will make more and more sense.

Well my rt tablet has a built in always on cellular connection and i use it to stream music as well as surf personal site like s WPC, the verge, etc so i don't eat the companies bandwidth

"It is already rare not to have internet connection available."

I belive that htat is true for you. It is not true for all. Free WIFI andf even low speed cell coverage are not as common worldwide and even in rural areas or US.

I had a chromebook when they were significantly cheaper than windows laptops and it was a great, portable device with a good screen.  Now that there's literally no price advantage to go chromebook, it's hard for me to justify buying one.

I do own an Asus Chromebox for my TV though.  It's a lot cheaper than a desktop PC, runs silent, takes no power, and since it's at my house, it always has internet.  It's easier to use than my Xbox and has more options than my chromecast.  

I too will never again give a single dime to HP. The touchpad debacle and what they did to webOS is forever unforgivable.

Today is the 3 year anniversary of that terrible day.

08/18/2011 -Never forget the Leopocalypse

I think the Chromebook value proposition is more than just price.  It is also how simple the device is to use and how secure it is.  Once HP loads this thing up with McAfee and a bunch of other bloatware, it won't be either simple or a good value.  Microsoft and HP also need to lock the system down with options for more advanced users to unlock it if they want.

Yes.  Except allow desktop apps to be installed if purchased from the windows store.  Similar to what apple does with OSX.

I'm really hoping they'll do that for Windows 9. It only makes sense with them focusing on the desktop experience once again. Would be a great place to centralise a common place for everyday users to get modern apps and .exe applications, especially considering they will both appear together on the desktop.

Which is more aimed at tablets and would defeat the purpose of this which is to compete with Chromebooks (not Android tablets). He just means to make sure it's vanilla Windows with no bloatware and everything installed and running out of the box.

Bascially yes!  RT is better then Chorme OS.  I mean a ton better.  MS didn't market it well at all.  They should have drilled the no fuss, no virus, no spam etc...   It's basically a lighter, cheaper ver of Windows.  Problem is it's called Windows, people expect it to be Windows.  Why not call it something else.  Windows Light or something like that.  Nobody knows what the hell RT is?

Should've called it Windows Modern or just (the) Surface (OS). I think only Lenovo and Samsung used RT on one product each? Sounds new and different and would be easily distinguishable.
But that boat has long sailed, and, well we can wait and see what Microsoft PR brews up for Windows 9 and it's "RT" equivalent, but I don't hold out any hope they'll call it something sensible and simple, and communicate that effectively and understandably.

Windows Phone and RT will soon be the same as far as Universal Apps are concerned.

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It only has to have a better screen than the pathetic ones that come with the average Chromebook to be a more tempting option, but at this price point I wonder if they can come up with the goods.

We as a human race have become very impatient, on the internet we are more so. WPcentral is part of internet and no different. The scope of tolerance, adjustability or patience is going down everywhere. I just ignore and move on. Not that I am patient just that I try to remind myself each day, what wars are worth fighting for. A comment section is not the turf that will change your life.

I don't know anything about AMD processor. Like what's equivalent for i3, i5, i7?
And yeah, for $199 this doesn't seem bad, again I don't know AMD A4 (= i3?). At least it has USB3 and HDMI

AMD's marketing names are a bit confusing since they have multiple different APU families using the same marketing name prefox (A4, A6, A8, A10). My guess is that this particular A4 Micro-6400T would be around the Pentium and Atom level of performance.

Mwah ha ha ha!!! A Chromebook that's actually useful! Why? Because it has Windows and OneDrive and DOESN'T use Google Chrome OS, that's why! ;)

They should make it attractive to really capture the chromebook buyers if that's what they are after. Make it available in many many colours

Useless item. Windows 8.1 is pointless on a laptop to the extent that they should disable the modern interface for laptops without touchscreens. This iteration is only worth it on a tablet which no one seems interested in making a decent windows tablet. Only MS is doing that with Surface and frankly those are too high priced to break any market that Android and Apple have broken into. MS is faltering every day with their strategies.

We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Its obvious how little testi g they did for windows 8 in order to rush a product to market and with 9 they are rushing a product to market AGAIN (granted based on user input) to replace an already half baked product. So yeah until win9 drops your argument is invalid.

But the Chrome Book market does NOT want to run "Full Fat" Windows.  They want the simplified Web App based paradigm, which does not suffer from Windows Bloat, Complicaitons, Slowdown and Drivers issues. 

That is what Windows RT can offer, but Microsoft is not good at marketing this platform, and losing faith in it. So we have dogy cheap Atom Notebooks struggling to run the Windows Applications.

Cannot see much of a consumer/ eductional market for this device despite its pricing. It will just cause more confusion in the Windows ecosystem.

Microsoft needs to simplify and clarify its Platform messages, even if it means re branding Windows.

Owning the Encore 2 running 1GB RAM, I do not experience any of these issues you speak of on 8.1. It is optimized very well and as well as RT.

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"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." ~ George Santayana

"It's deja vu all over again." ~ Yogi Berra 

Its quit cheap, I think the cheapest Windows laptop ive ever seen.

Here in Holland they stil sell a lot of W8.x laptops without touch screens. Especially th cheaper ones (300/500 Euro).

Buying a cheap and light laptop like the Chromebooks but without the limitations a Chromebook has (needs to be online) and the benefits of full fledged Windows on it this could be a hit.

A lot of people dont buy Chromebooks becouse they don't really know it so well, especially here in Europe!

A cheap Windows 8.x laptop could be a good answer to the Chromebooks atack on low end laptops.

And might work a lot better in Europe then Googles offering!

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Now when people ask for PC advice and you tell them to get a surface pro 3 they will still go to best buy and get the cheapest POS on the shelf but instead of $399 it will be $199.

I actually see a great market for this. Kids.

We were talking about buying a cheap laptop for our son when considering home schooling for him. But I couldnt see spending $400 on a decent quality laptop for a child. Chromebook was out due to internet connectivity concerns. If build quality is good, this would make a great "intro" laptop for young teens that dont need something more powerful. Sure, the mid to older teens will want something they can play real games on. But they can get a damn job and buy their own expensive laptop!

Case two - my other son wanted a laptop. I wouldnt buy him one (see get a damn job if he wants something that expensive comment). But he was determined to save enough money to buy one on his own. You can imagine how long it takes to save money on a 12 year olds income. I was very proud of him for actually saving $300 on his own over a year. It was enough to buy a chromebook, but without Java, he couldnt play Minecraft on it so he decided to spend his money on a console system instead. Had this been around, it would have been a great alternative.

Love the price but not sure I get what this one is trying to be. Gonna have to wait to see the release and pictures. With a 14 inch screen and no touch, seems more stationary and deserving of a lot more storage capacity.

Meh, most people are buying higher end chromebooks which price wise are in line with i3 notebooks ($300 range) where the performance and capability curve is much better for W8. The race for the bottom never works.

3 cell battery. That pretty much sums it up - probably the best thing about Chromebooks is their stamina - 8+ hours of battery life.

A touch screen won't be necessary once Threshold releases, it'd be an upgraded Windows 7 with a new Start Menu and windowed Modern apps.

Windows 8.1 NON-RT whatever the f*ck that's called needs to boot and run apps instantly like that Chromebook does.  Does it? This HP thing is not RT? Then if this has a good touch screen maybe it's worth purchasing.

You are aware of the existing a Baytrail devices that run full windows 8.1 right? Otherwise, where have you been?

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Is that what this is? I've been working on windows embedded, trying to take vacations, dumb things like that this summer.  I am aware of an Asus transformer that looks really good, and of HP Chromebooks that are really fast and cheap.  So does this thing boot and run as fast as that Chromebook? Where have I been?


Either I buy this or an out of date netbook. I'd choose this any day. I tried doing the post-PC era productivity crap on a tablet and it just doesn't fly. I want my PC back!

To be honest I think the HP Stream is being aimed at the educational market, Chromebook's best market. So while the specs may not impress up front, but for kids at school, should be great, especially if focus is built on using Store/Modern apps.

Looks alright. This thing should be smooth on eMMC storage. They couldve added a 500GB sata drive along with it for extra space.