Developer of Baconit app opens up early access program

Baconit Early Access

The developer of Baconit, a popular Reddit app for Windows Phone, has opened up an early access program. What this program does for consumers is it allows those who wish to help out test new functionality and enjoy features before the stable app is updated. If you're an avid beta tester, this is certainly the option for you. Read past the break to see how you can get involved.

The idea is to add a lot of new functionality, test it with live users and then have everything patched before rolling out the major update for everyone to enjoy with a stable release. Think of it as the Baconit Beta. Since the final version is free, the developer is charging $1.49 for access on the beta program – a perfect opportunity for everyone to support future development. All you have to do is pay up, download and you're sorted.

It's worth noting that this is not a stable release of Baconit. Seriously, if you download this version (and future releases from this development cycle) there's a chance the app may have issues. Oh, and for those who are sticking to the stable, live release cycle, an update is reportedly well on the way.

The developer is seeking feedback over on Reddit, so be sure to get involved if you're interested. Source: Reddit

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Reader comments

Developer of Baconit app opens up early access program


I think he wanted to construct a barrier to keep out the idiots who would plague the reviews section with bad feedback, without taking the time to read that it was a beta.

Obviously, dedicated fans are the ones he wants requests/feedback etc from. Its easier to listen to them when they're not drowned out by the moans from legions of morons.

I always thought this things worked the other way around, the beta was free (since you're testing things that might work or not) and the public stable version was paid. How wrong was i.

But this isn't even Beta. It will be more like experimental/Alpha.
While users test, all bugs squashed, the feature will stabilize and move on to Beta, eventually to the main app.
This isn't very different how software companies develop applications.
The paid price is to keep an artificial limit; for example, I'm glad it seems you wouldn't download it, as such I wouldn't hear someone whining about it. ;)

I'm glad Quinn is trying a new model. The regular version of Baconit remains free. BUT if you want to get an early look at features you can pay to join the beta. If you don't want to pay for those features first, then just wait and don't complain.

I paid for it to a) support Quinn and b) get an early look at new Baconit features.

This is actually stupid, pay for the stable app then be expected to pay for an unstable version too? This should be a free beta for baconit users.

A paid barrier keeps plenty of perfectly willing beta testers out. Nothing stops the idiots.

What is this, steam now? Early access makes sense for games as the money helps fund development that bit more, but for a reddit app... I dunno. Its just a bit strange. Dude thinks this is steam.

Clearly the developer believes his time has WORTH, and thus charges for it - makes complete sense to me.  I don't get why people balk at paying a developer for their time - nothing else is free in this world, why should a talented developer's time be an exception? 

Im sure you are using the free version... Did you expect him to work on new features for free lol at least give him 1.5$ to support his great app

Im not using it. I paid for readit. I don't have a problem paying for stuff, im cool with it, and do it heaps! I just think an early access model is a bit silly for this type of app.

I tried read it due to comments like this, but I find it less usable in most ways, once some features get implemented in bacon it - it wins hands down

Same here. I have been using Readit just because baconit hasn't got an update in a while. Once this update hits, I will probably be going back to baconit.

Its 2 fn dollars, I bet all you complainers spend 3xs that every day at McDonalds...

Guy puts in work and wants to get paid

I don't think anyone has a problem paying him, i think the problem is paying for what is essentially a beta. That's all.

But this isn't being marketed to everyone. Those that want it, will do so and those who don't, will not.

End of story, vote with your wallet and stop whining.

I bought Readit to support the dev, but Baconit is still my fav and the one I use daily despite some of the issues. I just prefer the layout much more. I grabbed the beta app this morning without hesitation and look forward to the updates and new features.

I don't even use this app but I'll buy the beta to support the developer and I'll try to start using it to give some feedback... If u use the free app think about the work the developer put into it 1.49 won't break you most of us that

He really needs to work on the gif playback. In Readit, gifs play instantly and fluidly, in baconit they take forever to load and play very choppy, and lately I've noticed some gifs never even playing, only one picture is displayed and it never moves.