Developer creates Windows Phone 8.1 app that controls wedding lights

wedding lights

A developer has created a custom Windows Phone 8.1 app that he used to control a series of lights remotely on his device via Bluetooth for a wedding reception.

The app creator, Rob Miles, showed off his work in a YouTube video, which he created for a couple that just wanted some colored lights on their reception tablets. Instead, Miles went all out and made a Windows Phone 8.1 app that linked up to the eight lights.

The fixtures, which were made in a 3D printer, each had 16 LEDs inside and were powered by an Arduino processor. All eight fixtures were synced up with a 2.4 GHz wireless link. The custom Windows Phone 8.1 app controlled the lights via a Bluetooth connection. As seen in the video, the app could be used to change the color of each of the lights or all of them at once.

Extra effects such as flickering lights, "sparkle" and more could also be activated via the app. In the end. all but one of the custom light fixtures worked during the entire wedding reception.

Miles has posted up his custom Bluetooth Manager code for both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 on Codeplex. What do you think about this rather elaborate project that combined several technologies to help a happy couple have a great wedding day?

Source: Rob Miles


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Developer creates Windows Phone 8.1 app that controls wedding lights


Dude there are times operating systems need to be upgraded. This is not at all Microsofts fault. They want them,to use better and upgraded systems that don't care catch viruses. But the govt wants to act like a jerk.

They did this that Microsoft must come to know that they are not loyal fans of MS like us who stay with MS although MS preferred making a single feature for us out of US so they showed to stand here do something especially for us(china) and that's really cool attitude

And this is relevant to this article in what way? Who cares what China does, they'll just create their own knockoff version of MS products anyways.

I will go with protectionism. Just like the French and Germans, more than happy to participate in free trade if they're are the seller but not as a buyer.

I thought they are just banning Windows 8 and Office for government agency use. Anyway, the more they ban it, the more parallel imports will go to Chinese hands from Hong Kong and surrounding countries.

He is also a very good friend and ex-lecturer of mine. Who knew the famous Rob Miles could get even more famous!

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Cool. But I have several strings of those lights and they all came with a wireless remote to change the color and other functions.

Very nice! I'm used to see such initiatives implemented through Android, most of them using the Google Search API for voice control.

That's a homebrew approach, actually. Anyone with knowledge and persistence can make such awesome projects. Thumbs up for Miles, who is also an author of a very good Windows Phone 8 development book.

Its absolutely fantastic that Rob Miles is getting recognition for the work he does. Ive known Rob personally for nearly 5 years and as well as being an awesome lecturer at the University of Hull, he is a great MVP for Microsoft.

If you ever get the chance to go to a talk/demo put on by Rob, you should definitely go!