Developer edition Lumia 920 with leaked GDR3 up for sale on eBay

The lucky owner who purchased the Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8 GDR3 and the new Bittersweet shimmer firmware from Nokia, has put the device up for grabs on eBay.

It was just over the weekend that forum member xs2k posted in the Windows Phone Central Forums screenshots of the next version of Windows Phone 8, expected in November. Featuring Driving Mode, ‘X’ to close out apps, screen rotation lock and enhanced Bluetooth, GDR3 will also allow for new 1080P resolutions and advanced Qualcomm chipset support.

In a series of posts and later videos, xs2k demonstrated how many of the new features worked and also confirmed the legitimacy of the information. Now you can own a piece of history by picking up the device, which is currently on an open bid with just under three-days left. The current price is $102 though that will certainly go up once more people become aware of the auction.

The device is a matte black and unlocked AT&T Lumia 920, so it should work well on that network’s LTE bands. Being a beta build of the OS and firmware, it’s not clear how stable the device is for everyday use nor the prospects for updating it in the future.

Windows Phone Central has verified that the device listed is by the same poster in our forums.

Head to the eBay listing (while it remains up) to make an offer, if you have the cash.


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Developer edition Lumia 920 with leaked GDR3 up for sale on eBay


I'LL give you $1,000,000,000 cash for it. Oh wait, I'm with at&t I'll probably have Windows 9 by next Friday. Never mind

More likely your mother will stop paying your phone contract for you by next Friday because you're a moron.

Duuuh... what's the name calling for? I could totally read the AT&T sarcastic joke in jlynnm350z's post.

Jamdot??? Lol, this response is a refusal to respond to such a moronic, dullard and Pillock of a comment made by such a dolt, stupe simpleton such as yourself. Hold on. . . . Hey mom. . . .

My guess is He doesn't want it cause most of the Nokia stellar key apps don't work as of now because they have to be updated to work with GD3

What rocks? He himself is a rock. Not even a single voice of his in those two videos. He is just standing like a rock.

People pay alot, so they can have a exclusive article/device do things with and also make money

I need a new laptop. And no, I don't expect tons of cash or make a huge profit. The current price is actually still CHEAPER than what I paid for it. I would pass GDR3 as the final release...it's that smooth and battery life is amazing.

On the original thread I posted in the forum, I asked for video requests. I didn't get too many, so there haven't been a third video. Go to the thread, and make any request(s). I'll do a video.

I find it hard to believe that your not expecting to get alot more out of the phone. I'm not blaming you either, because I would do the same thing.

Does "rise above" mean anything these days. I love WPcentral and have been saddened many times by the comments of "Our Community" but I honestly expect more from "Community leaders," like Sam and yourself. Just my two cents worth. But we have to raise the level of discourse we all have and it starts from the top down. Still love ya, just disappointed.

F that. Our society is becoming pussies more and more everyday. I appreciate Sam and Daniel. To me, they represent real people and not some fake corporate heads. They interact with us the same way we all interact with our friends. Dudes being dudes. Thank you Sam and Daniel for being real people.

I agree 100%.  If you're going to act like a douche, then expect to be treated like one.  Don't like it?  Then tough!!

Agree with this completely. Now all you crybabies go listen to your Justin bieber cds and shut up. Dan and Sams' comments are full of win.

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nice job deleting your comment "i could disagree more and i will. we having some fun with someone who trash talks us often." too scared to keep it posted and get criticized for it? 
talk about the hypocracy of ""That's your moral compass but what good is it to me? ". were is your morality or professionalism as 'editor and chief' haha. 
let me guess i'm either going to get banned or get the comment deleted.


Nah, just decided to respond below. What hypocrisy? I don't take advice or moral cues from anonymous people in comments.

Professionalism? I do this job in my PJs and often drink while doing it. Best job ever. Plus I get to call you a dingbat.

I don't think that's the case since AT&T has already released GDR2 for the HTC 8X last month.

I expect that whoever buys it, will be forever stuck on that particular build as the phone will not fetch the new build from regular update servers. So it'll need to be a manual full reflash, I guess....

lol, sorry

To be honest, I don't think it's a good purchase...more novelty than anything. Unless you have a lot of disposable income.

I bet that if WPCentral wanted it, they wouldn't have made news of it like they did. With more people knowing about it, I bet its going to sell for a lot more than a used 920 would go for.

I'm following this just to see how much will people be willing to pay just to get a beta version of an update that should be here in 3 months =P

Luckily I'm not on AT&T. Actually, I'm not even in the US. So I'm not too worried =P lol

Ill be more than happy when crappy EE release GDR2 but I'm over the moon to see that GDR3 is coming to the 920. #HurryUpEE

Why? It's not like a developer build with GDR3 is THAT confidential. There's no real harm to be done in somebody buying it. Sure, they COULD buy it to protect further leaks, but considering we've had official and unofficial mentions of GDR3 for a while now, I don't see the point. Maybe if it was 8.1, or later, but it isn't.

Let's hope that GDR3 will include a fix for the Firmware / OS bug that causes great overheating on HTC 8X and Lumia 920
(and maybe more WP8 devices)

From ebay listing: " The user can add to the memory capability of this Nokia cell phone with either a MicroSD card or a MicroSDHC card"

Really? On a 920?

Yeah, I noticed that too.  I tried removing that info, but that info was added on by ebay.  As you can see, every listing has that "detail" info.  I also tried to add additional info on the frequencies, but it's not allowed.  Ebay is wack, I know.

So, i guess you are somehow trying to become famous. Dude, get into reality, Microsoft is gonna lock the phone. You are drunk, go home

Dude, if Microsoft had the intention of locking the phone, they would have done that a long time back. The photos that the phone owner put up were cross-referenced by The Verge and some other tech websites, so Microsoft already knows that a GDR3 phone is in the wild. They just chose not to bother. Kudos to x2sk for at least showing us what to expect with x2sk. Look who's drunk....

I doubt they will. If they have any issues with it, they would've contacted me by now. It's been all over the web since Friday. Almost a full week now.

Already $340. I'm wondering, wouldn't it be possible for someone to make a ROM from this that could be flashed onto other devices? Not that it's something I would do but I'm sure some people would love that, especially over at XDA.

To be able to flash it though I think you need the device to be interop unlocked which no one has managed yet that I know of except on that ativ-s which was mentioned here some time back.

I already had my 920 developer edition listed on eBay when xs2k's went live...Thanks for pwning my auction :(
Just kidding. In all reality, I'm probably getting more views now than I would have without your phone being listed.
Best of luck!

I wonder about how many of this GDR3 devices are already out there in the hands of ordinary final consumers who don't give a sh*t about firmware versions and don't even realise that they have bought something "special".