Reminder: Developers, get your app ideas to Nokia by tomorrow to win a Lumia 1020

Nokia Future Capture

Nokia's busy giving away Windows Phones. Actually, scrap that - when isn't good guy Nokia giving hardware to partners and developers? This is just a friendly reminder that the Nokia Future Capture submission process ends tomorrow. You've got to get your app ideas over to the OEM before the time is up to be in with a chance of winning your own Lumia 1020.

The closing time on July 31st is 11:59pm GMT, and Nokia will announce on August 5 and 6 who has won a trip to the exclusive Hackathon in Lund, Sweden. Lumia 1020 units will be handed out, as well as other promotional prizes. What ideas do you need to have? Simply register and submit up to 3 creative ideas for imaging-based apps or hacks. That's it.

Go on and get your ideas posted to Nokia before the time runs out.


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Reminder: Developers, get your app ideas to Nokia by tomorrow to win a Lumia 1020


Wait, isn't this contest to everyone ?? You just post the 3 ideas and the developers will take care of the rest ??
Correct me if im wrong

I think it's for developers, (at least according to the terms & conditions/rules. It's a contest of "skill.") They fly you out to the hackathon to create your app, and you have a chance of winning a 1020.
I should start taking some classes and get into developing though. I do have some decent (original!) ideas, and stuck in my head they're being entirely wasted.

From the Login/Signup Page: "Nokia Future /Capture is an ideas and app development contest. Even if you have an awesome idea, you will not be eligible if you don’t have the skills to make it a reality and develop the app. If you are part of a team, please get the developer to complete this registration. And remember that a maximum of 2 people will be able to travel to Lund."
*sad face* :(

Same thing as me, I have a great idea, one that no one is making, and everyone wants... But im not a developer. I know how the system would work, and how to design the backend from a technical and logistical point, but not the programming part... :-(

That's exactly where I stand. Some aspects are even unique and awesome enough to likely require them be patented.
Someday... Someday.

Yeah, an article with limited appeal for the few that would be interested in it and the even fewer that would utilize the information in it. I'm noting a growing trend here at wpc.