Developers using Mango under NDA? Yes, kind of. [Updated]

Non-disclosure agreements are always an interesting an fickle requirement and sometimes seem, well unnecessary. Such is the case with the Windows Phone Mango developer preview, which notes that devs are forbidden from publishing or talking to the press about things they find in the OS--an odd requirement since it's the same version that the press received a week ago. Nonetheless, it's there:

ZDNet's Mary-Jo Foley has contacted Microsoft to get their side on the matter, specifically why is it there. As it turns out, it's pretty standard stuff and not as draconian as it sounds:

“This is a standard practice when pre-release code is distributed to a mass audience. Permission to publish content, screenshots or comments based on this pre-release code can be obtained from Microsoft on a case-by-case basis.”

Of course, permission is still required and should be sought but all in all, this is normal protocol for a software company when distributing pre-release software. In essence, Microsoft would like to control the story, like any company would, so having thousands of devs under NDA is one one way to accomplish this. So odd in this case, yes, unusual in the industry, not really.

Update: Cliff Simpkins, Product Manager for WP7 at Microsoft, has revised the language and apologized for the confusion. The intent was meant for developers to not share the actual code with others. However, developers can post information, screen shots and more without repercussion.  [via WP7Dev Podcast]

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Developers using Mango under NDA? Yes, kind of. [Updated]


So, if I want to write a blog post about a couple of cool new features that I came across today, I have to get permission from Microsoft? I get that, but how does a small time guy like me get that permission? I'm not Mary-Jo Foley and I don't have Stevie B. programmed into my phone.

Yeah I want a place where we can give feedback also. I want to ask why did they make this horible feature that iOS has and can I have a setting to stop it from happening. Then I also want to ask what happened another feature.For example what happened to the auto copy of pictures to SkyDrive? That doesn't appear to be an option anymore. I love that feature. That said I do sort of remember hearing that it was going to support Video in the future as well, but right now I don't see the option and it doesn't work. I did have to do a reset on my Samsung Focus because the backup was failing I believe due to my 32 GB microSD card, so I am running Mango from a clean install.