Devs can now use Facebook Login for their Windows and Windows Phone 8 Apps

In a blog post on Windows Phone Developer Blog, Microsoft has announced support for Facebook Login on Windows and Windows Phone 8. This would allow developers to tap into the Facebook social graph to enhance their app’s experience and open up the app to new customers.

Facebook Logim

While this would improve the user experience for users since they won’t need to log in again if they are already logged in to the Facebook app, it would also reduce the amount of code that the developers need to write for their app to log in to Facebook. If the user is already logged in to the Facebook app, then the Facebook Login experience is seamless. The app initiates login and the Facebook app takes care of showing any authorization screens. On completion, the app is called back with the access token and can interact with Facebook.

One thing that needs to be pointed out is that this feature is being rolled out as part of the Facebook Beta app (version 5.2) as of now. Because the Facebook Beta app is not yet widely used by Windows Phone users and requires a special link to install, developers are advised to hold off on releasing apps that use this feature until the broadly distributed Facebook app is updated for the same. 

For details, instructions to set it up, and code sample, head to this post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog.


Reader comments

Devs can now use Facebook Login for their Windows and Windows Phone 8 Apps


This is a good system! I've always thought there's no need to use the website or a webview now that we have app launching.

It is still a webview. You still need to approve permissions for the app. Only thing is no longer need to authenticate again.

Except that it's in another app. The whole point of Oauth is that the app requiring authentication can't see the username and password you type. But with Webviews you can inspect the DOM from your app, so that security is moot. This has never been a problem on iPhone because the auth was launched in the actual browser and then passed back to the app, but that's not the case on Windows Phone. So this new system is more secure because you only enter your details in Facebook's app.

Ok I got your point. But still the dev has the freedom to use its own webview. Fortunaltely most WP devs are honest... yet

They do, yeah. But this looks simpler and easier so hopefully it will be preferred once it reaches non-Beta.

Doesn't Asphalt 8 have this already? I remember logging into my FB account on my Surface RT and L920.

It take out the process of logging into each app individually to Facebook. Once the update rolls out on WP8 having the Facebook app installed will bypass having to manually put your credentials each time. Not sure when W8 will get the same treatment. I've played the trial on Asphault 8 and don't think its the same thing. Correct me of im wrong.

Good news, but I just hope this isn't a crutch for developers to make facebook integration a necessity for a full experience with the app. I've seen that on iOS (think Spotify, games, etc.) and its frustrating if you're not on facebook or you are but you don't want to link to Facebook.

This seems redundant and less ideal than FB fixing their API. That said, I'd prefer MSFT fix it by opening up an API for the WP accounts.

Nice start, but I can't believe they don't have a similar shim for Microsoft ID (Live ID) since it's a core part of the WP experience!

Now if Microsoft allows that too for the apps that requires Microsoft account.

It's a bit silly to punch in your Microsoft username and password again to use e.g. Skydrive app when the phone's existence solely depends on Microsoft account.

I typed Microsoft too damn much.

What WP and Windows 8 needs is this integration with the Microsoft account that we already log in to our devices with. Every time an app like iHeart Radio or Slacker gets updated I have to re-enter my credentials on Windows 8. It gets old. I should be able to base those credentials on my MS/Outlook account. Like Live ID attempted in the day. At least this is an account that EVERYONE has on their Windows devices. Probably many have Facebook, but to me its short sighted to provide this account integration with a third party when it isn't available natively to the ecosystem first. Or am I way off base on this?

i can't log in facebook by using facebook app on my lumia 820,  when i try, it shows a message that "please verify your account", but i can log in  normally on face book by using some other apps.could you please help me..... :(