Windows 8.1 Update 1

Have you already installed Windows 8.1 Update 1? Tell us your thoughts on it

Last night, Microsoft inadvertently leaked Windows 8.1 Update 1 on its own Windows Update servers. They’ve since pulled the links, but you can find the update mirrored on various file sharing websites. A lot of you were fast and were able to update a few of your Windows 8.1 machines to Update 1. Now we’re curious what you think about the new changes.

Update 1 on Windows 8.1 isn’t a huge upgrade. Instead you’ll find small refinements throughout the OS. Most of the changes will be apparent to folks using machines without a touchscreen where the mouse and keyboard are the primary modes of input.

Here are just some of the changes you’ll find in Windows 8.1 Update 1:

  • Boot to desktop is now aimed at being the default for machines without a touchscreen. Though you can change that.
  • SkyDrive has been rebranded as OneDrive throughout the operating system.
  • Modern apps have the Taskbar. Mouse down to the bottom of your screen and you’ll see the desktop taskbar pop up. Very odd.
  • There’s black title bar in Modern apps if you’re using a mouse.
  • Pin Modern apps to the taskbar.
  • Search and Power options button prominently displayed on the Start screen

Not a bad update. It’s an update that hopefully make Windows 8.1 more palatable for desktop users. Two questions for you guys and gals. Did you get the update last already? What do you think of it? Answer in the polls below and head to the comments to expand on your thoughts!

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Reader comments

Have you already installed Windows 8.1 Update 1? Tell us your thoughts on it


Yes. Surface 2 and Dell XPS 15. 

While some things are odd, I really, really like being able to pin Metro apps to the desktop and use them there. Game changer if you're a non-touch desktop with mouse and keyboard, imo.

You know what would make the taskbar a lot less odd, just changing it to a non-transparent flat color. The transparency makes it look so weird in contrast to the rich flat colors of the rest of the Modern OS.

I'm really surprised they haven't done that simple change yet.

Yeah, an icon redesign would do wonders, as well. The desktop just looks and feels older. I think that's a lot of the reason the Modern UI feels so starkly different.

It surprising how superficial changes can really effect the way you feel about something like an OS. You could make the most usable thing in the world, but if it looks too ugly, people will have a mental aversion to it.

For me, the updated Modern UI was a breath of fresh air, while for others they go completely nuts with the drastic change.

Good point. I'm sure there's a tweak out there in the internet wild to enable that for now.

Why are so many people allegedly so completely inept with mouse and keyboard?  NONE of my computer have touch screens.  I've not had a single issue with mouse & keyboard.  I'm as fast and efficient with keyboard & mouse as anyone I've seen using touch with Windows 8.  What is the big deal?

Mostly people piggybacking the common (wrong) thought that windows 8 doesn't work with mouse and keyboard.

i love the touch UI on W8, typing on a Surface now and love it, but with M&K, I hate 8.

Nothing to do with speed, its just I dont get it. Metro is designed for touch and it works brillianlty, but attach a stone age M&K and it just doesn't gel, its like putting a 4cylinder engine into a Ferrari. Still drives OK and is really economical but why!? That would be an abomination of a vehicle and so is W8 with M&K. Like putting a Wright brothers engine on Concord.

Booting to desktop for non touch UIs is a master stroke for the masses, especially the work place. Booting to Metro for touch UI another master stroke, carering for the modern casual user, the best of both words in one OS.



I continue to laugh at how many of you bitch about win8 and don't seem to understand how many options their have been for over a year to get the start menu back and boot to the desktop. Lookup start8 or any of the other free options.

And I continue to laugh at ignorant trolls who dont read comments properly, or just dont have the intelligence to understand.

I'm talking about the average Joe who DOESN'T know that, not you and I. Microsoft knows this to, thats why they have done this. We know how easy it is to boot to the desktop but the dirty herd doesn't and the dirty herd doesn't like W8 with mouse and keyboard, and neither do I. Adding mouse and keyboard cripples a beautiful touch OS.

W8 is a beautiful modern touch inspired UI that is second to none with touch, but it doesn't gel with mouse and keyboard. Sure it works and u can use it, but its a beautiful touch inspired UI, adding M&K is a stone age addition. 

Booting to the seperate UI's is a great idea for spiking growth in W8, now the best non touch OS and the best touch OS on the planet are being marketed to their correct market places. Microsoft knows this, anyone with any intelligence knows this, then there is you.


sent from my Surface


You guys are a bit rude, especially when you are wrong.  It does not feel slightly bipolar to you to have to click another button from the start screen to get back to the desktop after you go to the start screen to do something?  Or to have essentially two seperate programs for settings (settings & control panel)?  Or to have a tablet version of IE plus a desktop IE and they behave extremely differently?  Or to not have a decent method to browse directories when you want to attach a photo from your My Pictures from the modern mail app?  Or that there are two seperate app switchers built into the OS, one that lists all open modern and desktop apps (alt + tab) and one that lists all modern apps but only lists the desktop itself as an app regardless of how many dektop apps are open?  Do you seriously think that the Photos app is acceptable?

I like Windows 8 too, but if you think that it isn't a bit of a kludge then I seriously don't get you.  Maybe I am a troll like you acuse people of being with whom you do not agree, but I am a MIcrosoft Certified Professional troll in that case.

 If it boots to seperate OS's depending on the device owned theres hardly any need to swap between the 2, so I really have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe androids your go? Good luck with that cluster fuck.

I've never had an issue using it, but its certainly true that these improvements make keyboard and mouse use easier, no matter how simple it was beforehand.

I agree.  I recently bought a Dell XPS8700 with Windows 8.  After using the computer for less than a week, I can't really imagine ever wanting, or needing, to use a touchscreen with a desktop.  I guess that conflicted with my expectations based upon a lot of stuff I had read.  It seems to work perfectly fine with mouse and keyboard.  I'm glad I did not prematurely drop money on a touch screen monitor.  For me, I believe that would have been a huge waste of my money.


Touch on a laptop might be nice, but probably not necessary.

I guess I'll have to see. To be dead honest, I hated Windows 8 with a Keyboard and mouse. With that being said, I love it on a tablet (Window 7 is not very tablet friendly).

I got the download before MS pulled it and will install it on my tablet first before my desktop (that I am on Windows 7 99% of the time)

Seems like decent changes, nothing i would complain about. I've gotten so used to using a mouse and keyboard with the old way that these new shortcut changes aren't as life saving to me, but others will find them invaluable.


Since I still can't find a reason to use any metro apps, ever, while "at work" (and thus in mouse and keyboard mode) this version makes almost no difference. On my little tablet life is basically unchanged.

If it's faster in any way, it isn't obvious on my systems.

Well, it IS easier to use it with keyboard and mouse, even though I had no complaints before. But it is easier to click on that little X instead of dragging the app down. :) But I'm a tad disappointed it doesn't show the shutdown button on my Asus VivoTab Smart. Microsoft said that's to prevent accidental shutdowns but still... But it did wonders on my cousin's old laptop, definitely is faster (no, really).

I really don't understand why people say that Metro doesn't work if you're using a keyboard and mouse. What is the problem with, I don't know, using the mouse to click on a Live Tile? Clicking on a Live Tile and clicking on a desktop icon are pretty much the same thing.

Personally I find that clicking an X instead of dragging down from the top is faster... Just an example....

I find aiming the little x button a lot slower than making a simple up-down movemement without any aim. But I am using a mouse exclusively, it might be an other story with a trackpad

But the people complaining about keyboard and mouse are the same people who say they don't use metro and only use the desktop. The desktop programs still have the X. If you pin nothing but desktop apps ont the start screen, they will automatically open in the desktop and you would never have to drag down to close. Metro apps are tombstoned and don't need to be closed anyways. Yes, the X is faster, but the amount of apps I close in any given day will amount to maybe 10-20 seconds of time savings for the day.

Its not really that its hard. Its just people unwilling to learn things. I will say though, having these apps take up your entire screen and not being able to move them freely is pretty meh

I can promise you that I'm faster dragging to close (on the EXTREMELY rare instances I force-close an app) than anyone is hitting that tiny "x".  I guarantee it.

It has the option to shutdown in Windows 8.1 if you Right click on Windows button or bottom left corner (same as Win+X). You can also create a Shutdown shortcut on desktop.

shutdown /f /s /t 0

I couldn't get the registry tweak to work I think they blocked it so I just deleted the registry hope that doesn't mess up anything would it? Deleted cause no updates appeared....

Good changes to appease the keyboard and mouse crowd. Otherwise nothing too much to fawn over. Waiting for the next update :-)

I was going to install it when I got home, but first, I have to know if updating deletes everything or not.

I don't really notice anything that would cause a wow factor. I already had it set to go to desktop and I never had issues using non touch stuff. Except for the store appearing in the task bar at first load after updating, I wouldn't have noticed if you secretly updated my machine.

As someone that loved windows 8 and 8.1, this update feels messy. I have turned off all the new features that I could disable because they feel like an unplanned collision of metro and desktop now. I can see that this is a step towards the final goal like the office 2019 video but it feels incomplete as far as the UI goes. The performance improvements and lower memory usage are nice. Hopefully they will complete this transition completely with windows 9.

They haven't, if your updating then it stays to what ever you have it at the moment. If you did a fresh install then it would default to boot to desktop. 

They have in fact made it the default even for upgrades. Prior to the upgrade my system was set to default (go to Start Menu) and after the install it booted to desktop. This is on a laptop with a touch screen. I had to uncheck the option "When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start."

I know this is going to annoy lots of people.

You are INCORRECT.  My default has ALWAYS been to boot to Metro.  I have NOTHING on my desktop.  After installing the 9355 update it booted to desktop.  So, yes, Microsoft shoved the desktop back down my throat because of all the fools who couldn't handle Metro.  I changed this back immediately after completing the update.

That is the first thing I thought...

Why don't they just pop up a window on first boot after the update and ask if you want to either boot to desktop or the start screen.

Super simple and wouldn't require people wanting to change back to search like crazy to find out where the option is burried (taskbar properties on desktop).

I got it late last night. I was extremely impressed. It runs really well on my Surface RT. I haven't tested out the keyboard and mouse features yet, though.

this is the orignai surface rt or surface 2? I have a surface rt and i lose a lot of battery to connected stand by and fiddling with bluetooth settings did not help? did it imrpove that? is the perfromance of app launch and other stuff improved?

Yes, Venue 8 Pro. Most of the Awesomness had to be enabled by right clicking on the task bar and going into Properties and enabling some of the new features. I am loving it, not because I have issues with standard 8.1 but because it addresses some of the issues that users complain about and it does a great job bringing the desktop and start menu apps together, especially if you enable Show Desktop Background On Start Screen. it is like I never left the Desktop and users are no longer "taken away from their precious desktop".

A user being able to see what appears to be their familiar desktop behind the tiles, having a close and minimize button that gets them back to the desktop and being not only able to pin modern apps to their familiar task bar but able to see them there when opened and not see them there after clicking the X to close goes a LONNNNGGGGGG way in bringing familiarity to people who were shocked and alienated with Windows 8 due to the loss of those small yet familiar GUI methods.

With a mouse, the W8.1 Update 1 feels more like Windows 7 than 8.1 ever did yet without losing the gestures and features that some of us already appreciate in the original Windows 8.1 release.

Yes. I wasn't saying that is new, I was saying that having that enabled along with all of the new features I mentioned in the paragraph below that is what really makes it feel more like Windows 7.

I should have worded it better or switched the order of the content in my paragraphs.

Good increment of performance, a nice mouse/keyboard improvement. My install process was of 2 hrs and 5 restarts, plus an issue on the store (freeze) solved with 1 restart additional.
A lot of good stuff for my.

And take 3 hrs my download from my mobile net :P

ill wait for the official release. I did the same for GDR3, ill do it with all updates

If you go to The Verge's post on the leak, they link through to a forum post that gives you the download links. Those are pulled, but underneath in the same post are links to the same files on Mega.

No issues here. After looking at installed updates, two of them still say "Pending Restart." Does seem a little quicker. Now if there was only a WP 8.1 early release.

Installed on my desktop PC and I love all the changes. I am waiting for the official release to put on my Dell Venue 11 Pro.

I really like it, especially because now it is mouse friendlier. Just really hope to see a set of new APIs in the future, so developers could update the app's UI to match desktop users. I mean the same app but with different layouts for both touch and mouse users.

No, it is a bit mouse friendlier. It's nothing about being inept. Duplicating a touch gesture with a mouse just isn't the same. They both coexist nicely with each other.

The cool thing is the mouse features only show when a mouse is being used. Otherwise it doesn't even appear.

Dont be surprised if in the middle of september you will still not get it.. we all know from last year what I mean with this sentence.

a catastrophe

the app header is ugly and is in the way in apps you used to go to the edge if the screen, the taskbar has a mind if its own when it comes to appearing, appclose gets me to the desktop even if checkboxed otherwise, contextual menus are ugly, search button is absurd and the power button again gives a kick to the already win8 developer preview-like ui design

for the first time i wont update, this piece of crap gets a HIDE from me


This option for appclose gets me to the desktop even if checkboxed otherwise too.

DANIEL !!! how can we report that?

It is annoying being kicked to desktop after clicking the X! Hopefully they will have that fixed according to your settings before this is fully released.

I would have to say that booting to desktop by default with no obvious way to change is annoying, an option should be given on first boot after applying the update.

- The title bar doesn't show unless your basically 1mm from the very top so that is a non-issue for me. The taskbar is shown by scrolling to the bottom then scrolling down again (or a very fast move to the bottom), to prevent accidental pop-ups, which I find to be a smart way of doing it.

If you have only one metro app open then it is obvious you will be taken to the desktop app. If you have 2 or more apps open you will be taken to the last open metro app. hope I am clear here.

I use a keyboard and mouse.  I LOVED the way Windows 8 worked BEFORE this update.  Microsoft--and all you people who puked these ideas all over them--are to blame for screwing up Metro.  I wish I could beat every last one of you.

I agree, MS should stand by their decisions and stop adding little fixes to bring the old way back. I could care less if not everyone wants to use or upgrade to Windows 8, they can stay on W7 for the next 15 years like those that stuck to XP.

Preach in brother, they cow down to these lowest common denominator that refuse to learn and ruins it for the rest of us.

 i have a little present for ya all guys who still don't have update... just read carefully this webpage ;)  I am not able  to send here any link but just try to google forum 'My digital life' and head to the topic DISCUSSION: Windows 8.1 Spring 2014 Update (Windows Feature Pack) to the page 92 to the post #914

Nope, i downloaded update 1 from this site, is hard to find links nows beacause or links are being delated by microsoft from share file services.

Installed on my Surface RT, and no joke it feels like a new device. Lag is a thing of the past...for the first time my RT feels fast. The rest of the changes aren't really noticeable on touch screens. On my desktop I disabled the metro apps on taskbar because it got horribly cluttered with all my apps.


Most definitely agree, my RT seems a bunch faster.  The update seems to have a bunch of under the hood improvements.  Glad I saw the post and downloaded the updates last night!


This option for appclose gets me to the desktop even if checkboxed otherwise too.

DANIEL !!! how can we report that?

I'm using Stardocks's Start8 for doing so, also features nice kb shortcuts and is useful for toggling desktop corner functionality.

Windows OS is getting better, a lot!!! Windows features the best on computation features. It probably lack some apps but in the meantime you can pin the web page on start screen, seems like an app!!! Or it doesn't? I love windows!!!

Installed it on my desktop. My Logitech touch mouse pad didn't recognize my gestures.

The upgrade is very nice. I like the pin to taskbar and the power button the start screen. The right click options for tiles take away a little bit of the beauty of "metro", but it is a welcomed feature. Especially when I think of clients who use win8 in a business environment.

Yes - Surface 2 Pro and Dell Inspiron 10. I find the update cluttered. The power options and search were already very easily accessible, I don't need them on my start screen. Overall not bad, but feels like a mix of muddled ideas - a bandage to appease those that whine about the interface.

Downloaded it, but did not have time yet to test it in VMware, not gonna put unofficial stuff on my Surface, but for playing around with in VMware it should be fine.


its the official RTM.... so dont know what you mean.
of course I dont understand why some people tell you or say 6 updates to install, when you only need 4 updates, Bavo even marks the extra useless updates with an asterisk.
I wouldnt install them, but if you install manually the 4 correct updates, you always had the same update that will come in april.

Have tried upgrading to 8.1 from my Dell Inspiron twice, but couldn't get my graphics card(?) working. Amd just doesn't update my radeon hd 7730 driver :(

Guys a little help !!!! I own a dell latitude 5410 laptop ,i checked the dell website and its not compatible with win 8 . So can i update my win 7 to win 8 ??? Or will i have a problem with drivers and all keeping in mind dell doesn't have drivers for win 8 for my model !!!

let me tell you something.
I have a computer 8 years old or something, videocard is not even PCI-E its AGP, and well its old, boring and stupid. using Sata is not the best thing for example... like you cant install windows with a sata dvd, I have to use an IDE one.

the video drivers are from Vista because no new version were made... and while it doesnt work the best I wish, since its slow and old, you know, sometimes when it changes background, especially if you are using start screen desktop background, well it just lags.
BUT it works good, decent, its fine! not perfect but thats because its old.
so a more modern system like a latitude 5410 should work fine.
even if you cant find official oem drivers, you can always find non oem ones, or find drivers that work in newer dell latitudes that would work for your system but they never updated your latitude 5410 support page with them.
so you should try it if you want! :) I would do it, but im a fan of Win8 and how it works and the app store.

I installed Windows 8 on an ancient Dell D620 that came with Windows XP. Not only did W8 install without issues the laptop ran faster then it ever did with XP on it.

Did they fix the search in app and in mail?


Like searching for a TV show will allow me to search in netflix in the Start UI, and finally be able to search through my mail again?


Same here.  Just updated mine today from the bits available to MSDN Subscribers.

I don't think it's related to touch-enabled devices, because I also updated my Samsung Windows 8 Slate from the 2011 BUILD conference, and it HAS the power button.

Maybe it's something to do with lower-resolution devices?  The DV8P is 1200x800, but my Samsung is 1366x768.

The changes are mostly subtle, sure there is a slight speed increase but metro apps stay open in the background even though they have been closed, thus using resources which affects performance of slower machines.

I like the fact that metro apps can be minimised or closed from the task bar, this makes the experience a whole lot better but i can't help wondering if this should have been included in the first place.

Other subtle changed include an indecation of the number of new apps listed next to the all apps arrow, new apps are also highlighted. App categories are no longer devided by white lines and status bars are more noticable.

Microsoft has also improved searching from the start screen as befor the update i always experienced issues such as hanging and speed problems.

Overall it's not a bad update but there are still problems with the performance of the metro apps which is still noticable when you look at Event Viewer.

It could be your machine or video drivers.  There was a thing a while back about some old video card drivers not doing to0 well.  On my older desktop I had to disable hardware accelleration in IE 11.  For some reason that made metro apps 1000x faster.

On my new laptop there are no performace issues.

No, they don't use resources (with extremely few exceptions).  Microsoft uses the same memory & processor scheme that is used on Windows Phone to handle programs that aren't "active". 

So far, I hate most of what this update has done to ruin Windows 8.

I was too late. Had started downloading through the direct links and the main update file only got about halfway before it stopped. Tried the link again and there was nothing there.

why dont you try the torrent by Wzor? again, you dont need a reghack, you dont have to install 6 updates and only the 4 updates for the update, not weird non explained 2 updates. and you get the same update since Wzor leaks the original files.

the first thing i will do when they release the update is changing boot to my lovely startscreen

Here's one thing about Metro apps that is annoying having to close with a drag down. Remotely it is a pain to get it to work.. I love closing apps with a drag down so much that I often find myself closing regular programs that way and unintentionally hiding them. Lol. The little black bar with the minimize and close X will be most welcome when doing a logmein session, etc.

well you can press "alt+f4" when you remote... or just let the app suspend.
Im always getting in my Win8 machine with a netbook where sata port in motherboard got burned, so I use awful ubuntu with an USB stick, but get in my computer through teamviewer.
so I know it can be painful to close apps remotely, of course I use the mousepad so thats also the problem once I used mouse and it felt alright... of course it feels fine from desktop to desktop though.
but I do alt+f4 or just go to start and forget about the app is opened and let it suspend.
of course the new bar to close and minimize apps will be useful, but I never complained about closing apps dragging from the top, it felt nice, even though you had to hold it a second on the bottom to close the apps at all and not like 8.0
like I have said, this update its like a double sword some might like it or hate it, still I didnt see wrong things in 8.1 that needed to be changed so much, apps in taskbar is nice, but right click popup in start screen is silly in my opinion for example

First, why on earth are you even BOTHERING to close the Metro apps?  Like Windows Phone, the OS manages that quite well.  Having said that, I find that TeamViewer works very well as a remote agent and I have no issue dragging to close, even on Windows Phone.

I have updated my laptop, two desktops, and Surface RT (1st generation) and all of them are working fine. I will have to say that I was worried about it slowing down my RT but it almost feels like it sped it up. However, the added power on the start screen does not appear on my RT. I wish they would hurry up and release the Surface RT with LTE!!

It's amazing how many subtle changes have been made to 8.1 and now 8.1 update 1. I happen to have an old window 8 machine laying around and I was at a loss as to navigation on it I'm so used to all the changes. Win 8 has come a long way already.

Not too bad, but I set a few things back to how they were before, such as the defaut photo viewer.  Oddly, I also set it to boot to metro. 

I would configure a few things differently depending on if the system has a touch screen or not.

I'll just be glad for the power button on Start. The button on my case doesn't work and there are currently too many steps required to get there (first world problems ahoy)

Updated last night, I like the changes especially because I run it on a non-touch device. Like the article says fairly minor update but good stuff nonetheless.

Small step backwards. I am one who has adjusted quite well to Windows 8.x on my non-touch laptop. First thing I did was track down the switch to start in Modern UI. I don't like that it defaults to the desktop after closing an app and I find the bar at the top ugly and distracting. I do love the Xbox Music changes. And overall performance seems good. Much I have yet to check out. While applying this update was arduous, it came off without a hitch and to get it early was worth the sleep lost.

I'm right there with ya, Mark.  I've undone probably 75% of the wreckage.  I'm betting I'll have to find registry entries to undo the rest of it.

Sorry, I love the slide down to close. I wasn't complaining about it other than the added new bar will be helpful for remote. :)

First, I rarely both with closing Metro apps.  Like Windows Phone, I let the OS manage it.  On the extremely rare instances when I do want to completely close an app, I've found that TeamViewer works great for me as a remote.  I can drag-to-close even on my Windows Phone.

Ita great except for one thing. The start button again. Microsoft should bring back the start button the way it had in previous versions. Enough Stalling. Give the people what they want. Then create a button to take those who like the modern UI or ad it with in the start button. I'm okay with the way windows 8 operates since the beginning, but you got people holding out of going Windows 8 because of that damn start button. Microsoft should just do it.

They'll eventually do it with Windows 9. It's just that they need to fully unify the desktop and Metro first.

Oh let me add. What I don't like is that if I download more than one app, I was able to check off all the apps that I wanted on my start screen. Not any more.. The same goes foe moving multiple app. I was able to click on more the one app and move them all at once. Not any more. Disappointing. Beside all that, I think the update is user friendly to mouse and keyboard. Yet. I'm more advanced and the other way was perfect.

I like it and got some good responses from my departement. But im not gonna push it on my other devices as the windows store is not working for me anymore

I hate the update.  Microsoft has screwed up the Metro interface.  It's been a pain in the rear UNDOING what I can of that garbage via settings scattered all over the place, but there are bits I still can't get rid that RIDICULOUS TITLE BAR on Metro the stupid context menus when you right-click.  And although they rebranded SkyDrive as OneDrive, they did nothing else with it.  You can't see folders & files shared WITH you, in comparison to the Windows Phone app, which DOES let you access them.  The only thing I like so far is that it is faster on both my laptop and desktop computers.

At this point, MS might be better off abandoning the idea of a "chromeless" user interface. 8.1 update makes a lot of things less consistent. You now have an unpredictable mashup of visible and hidden UI elements. They might be better served by making a new, completely redesigned, always visible taskbar that spans both desktop and metro. If need be, they could allow users to autohide this universal taskbar. This update makes it very obvious that MS has to issue a *major* rehaul to the UI in "Windows 9". Only good thing I'll say is that it does feel faster.

Windows 9 will need to have a UI overhaul in order to join Desktop and Metro together without being so damn schizophrenic...

Can somebody please, please, please tell me if Update 1 includes CalDAV support so we can all finally sync our Google Calendars on the native Calendar app???

Did I say please?

this update isnt about windows 8 apps... so no. if CalDAV support gets added, Im sure windows 8.1 will be have that calendar update without spring update. maybe someday CalDAV support will be added but this is not the update for that, I mean, calendar can be updated anytime they dont need an update like this.

Not much to see on the surface 2 I wish that IE was fixed for more website, they have to understand that if we are going to use the surface we don't have all the apps so we need all the websites to JUST WORK.

So it accidentally came out as a Update? Like other normal updates? My PC is set to automatically download them, why didnt i get it? It sasy my last update was like a month ago, and there is no new ones... Or did you manually have to scan for updates? Or... did one guy "get it" and just leave the download to everyone else on a Download Site?

the update will be available on april 8th, just the normal day of Microsoft to release the updates in April
but like any windows release, got leaked, so you can install it manually without waiting a full month for it.
I waited for Wzor to leak it and he has a pastebin with the torrent magnets and all that if you want to go there and get it manually :)

It required a registry entry to allow Update to get MS Internal updates.  MS typically will use the latest build of everything internally.  Once it was publicised they pulled the pug.  However, people already had the files by this point and they have gone up on shares.

Allowing Store app on the taskbar and showing the taskbar inside Store apps are briliant. I can now read news on Nextgen Reader, then move the mouse down to open the taskbar, hover on the Music app (on the taskbar) and change the music without having to use the keyboard or switching to the Music app!

I am happy to see the close button for metro apps as it was a pain to drag and close. Also the power button is a good option. The only thing missing is date and time on the start screen. I did not find the taskbar from bottom popping up on the metro apps odd but I will have to see if I will be using it. Overall I am happy with the update. But I still have issues with my belkin bluetooth mouse loosing connection randomly.

For those who has touch screen computers laptops and tablets when we will get the windows 8.1 update?

It seems like the old desktop people are angry and the modern UI people are angry.  For whatever reason I liked 8.1 and I like Update 1.  I'm not so sure what all the fuss is about.  I happily work in both modes and think MS has done a great job at creating this hybrid environment to bridge two styles of computing.

I am a little unsure about the new title bar.  But I haven't encountered it poping down on me by accident yet and it's nowhere to be seen when going all out touch.

This site tends to be anti-desktop and every other tech site seems to be anti modern UI (and anti-MS in general). And serioulsy, all this "you're stupid, you're an idiot" stuff for liking one way over another is kind of childish. This site has been going down hill with all the name calling in the past year. In a way I guess it's good as it means the masses are here.


If I could just figure out how to get it to return to the start screen instead of the desktop when an app closes, I'd be content. the checkbox for that doesn't actually get it done.


I like it, seems faster... ha jokes, its a million times better now u can hover over the task and header bars from apps. Great addition!

After using the update, i lost my activation. and when i tried to activate my windows, it says, "Windows can't activate. Try again later."

Anyone encountered this and how to fix it?

This is not progress. They should not be trying to find ways of integrating the modern UI into the desktop. The desktop needs to be completely eliminated & all the remaining desktop features (file explorer, control panel, etc) need to be integrated into the modern UI. I don't have a touchscreen & have no problems interacting with the modern UI, & I'm actually more productive using the it than I used to be with only the desktop. The desktop & traditional pop-up Start menu are dead, & they should remain dead. You PC neanderthals need to get over it & embrace the future of computing. Microsoft has replaced Apple as the computer technology innovater.

I hear what you are saying Pcmsatta, but some people are more resistant to change. I think this update will get more people to use the Modern Apps, and will help the merge over to Modern. Many of our clients don't use Modern, and this will certainly help them to start using them I believe.

For me, Windows 8 is the best, 8.1 is okay. I'm installing the update now I don't think 8.1 Update 1 will be better than 8.1. I'm using a notebook.

No Kajix75, I think you will love 8.1 update, especially on a notebook. Its great to be able to pin Modern Apps and to be able to minimize and close them now with a toolbar at the top. Loaded it on my Office PC from our MSDN subscription and will immediately roll it out to our clients from Tue.