A different Metrogram app appears in the Windows Phone Marketplace


Last weekend we broke the news of an unofficial Instagram client coming to the Windows Phone Marketplace and it was to be called Metrogram. Developed by Bil Simser (@bsimser), the app would give users access to viewing and sharing Instagram photos. Simser was also working on trying to get permission from the Instagram folks to actually allow Windows Phone users to submit photos--if that permission was granted, he would have a client with a few weeks to enable that feature.

Now, we got word that a Metrogram app has indeed landed in the Marketplace but this is not by Simser but rather by Nazer Aminou, the same guy behind WP Shortcut Tiles. Still, it's an interesting app but no, don't expect any ability to take pics with your phone and submit them to the Instagram network--indeed, all you can do is browse their network and login into your account. It's not bad per se, but obviously quite limited and not the full-featured Instagram client that Windows Phone users want.

Anyways, we figured we'd clear the air a bit by posting this. We're still expecting an app from Simser but we're unsure if it will offer anything radically different from this or maybe, just maybe he'll get Instagram permission to post photos. Of course there is also the possibility that Microsoft may step up and perhaps have made a deal for an official Instagram client. We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, if you want give Metrogram a spin here in the Marketplace. Thanks, peestandingup, for the tip in our Forums!

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A different Metrogram app appears in the Windows Phone Marketplace


The main reason it is so popular is because of the quality of the filters. It also has a ton of users so you tend to see really great photos when browsing. Doesn't hurt that the Iphone takes pretty great photos as well.
I still think that flickr has the best photo community but instagram is by far the best mobile photography community. It is a shame that Flickr didn't come to mobile the way they should have, they should be dominating this space but none of their clients are very good for mobile.. Although their latest IOS updates are a big improvement.

There are millions of iPhone users that love instagram, but might feel the IOS experience is getting stale, or perhaps feel the different features WP7 offers are better suited to what they want out of a smartphone. The only thing perhaps standing in their way is a list of apps they "couldn't live without". The more of these apps WP has, the better chance they will consider giving it a chance. Also, the less things the haters have to scream about when they're claiming WP is doomed to fail. Plus, big name exclusive apps coming to our upstart platform gets people's attention. All good things for WP. :)

I agree with other posters here without the ability to take photos it seems a bit pointless. I tried Apict and although nice it seems it only has one effect.

Very fast! Wish it would download more photos when you reach the end instead of refreshing! Keep up the great work!