DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket app debuts on Windows Phone [Update: Windows 8.1 too!]

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DirecTV owners in the US who are also big pro football fans and have a Windows Phone can now check out the official NFL Sunday Ticket app for Microsoft's mobile OS for the very first time.

The app will allow US DirecTV customers (sorry, rest of the world) to check out all of the Sunday afternoon NFL games live (no Sunday night games, alas) in the 2014 season if they are signed up for the NFL Sunday Ticket Max subscription. Non-DirecTV users in the US can still use the app if they purchase a subscription on the NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV website.

Here's a full description:

  • Live Streaming Video - Enjoy every NFL SUNDAY TICKET game, plus the RED ZONE CHANNEL
  • Instant Highlights - Relive the big moments. See all the big plays from every game, in near real-time
  • Fantasy Football Integration - Follow your NFL.com fantasy team while you watch your game
  • Big Play Alerts - Never miss a big play with on screen alerts
  • Social Sharing - Post comments to your social network and let your voice be heard
  • Scores, Stats, and Schedule - See scores and game stats for the current week's completed and in-progress games. Check the schedule for the upcoming games
  • Player Tracker - An indispensable feature for fantasy footballers. Track your favorite players' performance with a touch. Select your favorite players and get customized highlights and alerts all within the app.

Update: The Windows 8.1 version of the app is now live as well. Enjoy!

What do you think of NFL Sunday Ticket finally reaching the Windows Phone platform? Thanks to Craig for the tip!

Thanks for the tip Stephen M!

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DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket app debuts on Windows Phone [Update: Windows 8.1 too!]


Works and looks great with the little bit of time I've had with it! Was shocked to see it in there today. Btw, anyone with directv interested in acquiring a sub this year should call and (politely) let them know you are thinking of cancelling your service. ;) Works like a charm, but don't forget to cancel the auto renew next year.

The NFL Sunday Ticket URL in the article is broken just FYI. 

This is great news, though I'll continue to rely on other apps for streaming sports, including the NFL. One of the reasons I'm on Windows Phone is how easy it is to do this. Great to see more options though. These games will look great on my Lumia 1520. 

Care to share where you are streaming NFL from on your phone? The sites I use on my PC seem to all be flash based.

Sometimes we just gotta take it for what it is and if the video quality works well that's all that matters in the grand scheme of things. This is a welcome addition to our store.

Yeah with video apps the VIDEO is the crucial bit. Everything else is gravy.

By the way, Netflix, give us some gravy!

I've done that in the past, I've sent them emails and talked with them directly and all they can ever say is that they are not looking to have an app but if I really want an app I should switch to a different phone!

Who is "they"? The NFL makes the NFL app and DirecTV makes the the DirecTV Sunday Ticket app.  Two different "theys". :)

What's wrong with the DirecTV app? I've been using it for years with no problem. Is it one particular feature?

Exactly!  I'm am THRILLED that the Sunday Ticket app is finally here, but all these others that you mention are needed as well.

When will we get a direct tv app to login and watch out shows? I don't care about their NFL app, we have ESPN good that

Is this app supposed to make us feel better that ESPN just pushed sports center 2.0 to other platforms while we still got score center from early 2013?

You guys think we should download these even if we don't have the associated service to show support and get the download counts up?

So does that mean that the Xbox One app will be coming soon I hope?!??!! And I completely agree about WatchESPN comming to Windows Phone, PLEEEEEEEEASE!!! I'd like the WatchESPN on PS4 too : )

It'll be interesting to see if their streams are closer to real time. Last year when I watched through the browser they were so far behind that I'd get push alerts several minutes before seeing a play if I happened to be tuned into that game.

Used Sunday Ticket last year because it came with Madden 25. Price is a little bit too high this year for me. I only want to watch Redzone channel. I wish they sold that separately for a cheaper price.

This is huge.  Since the computer/device only version is available in NYC and running substantially cheaper than the Xbox or PS4 version, I can run the surface pro to the TV straight from an app or watch on the go with my 1020 rather than running it on the teeny tiny iphone.