DivvyUp hits version 2.0, brings new features and temporary price reduction

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DivvyUp is one of our favorite apps for splitting bills and calculating tips. It came out last summer and has picked up a few updates since then. Today the app has a major update to version 2.0 and is currently doing a promo on the premium features to celebrate. Detailed changelog for DivvyUp after the break.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll find DivvyUp at version 2.0. The update big update brings the following features to the table:

  • Auto Itemize Receipt with OCR is now FREE!
  • Want to pay a bill with multiple credit cards? Now you can group diners together in the breakdown to see how much to charge each card.
  • Hold down a saved receipt to give it a custom name
  • Added new setting to copy receipt images to Saved Pictures.
  • Misc. bug fixes

We know a lot of you will be excited to learn that the ability to automatically itemize a receipt using your camera (OCR) is now free. That used to be a premium-only feature, but now anyone can grab it.


DivvyUp now also supports paying for bills with multiple credit cards. Splitting a bill with multiple credit cards can be a paid with friends. Version 2.0 of DivvyUp will allow you group users together so you can determine how much to charge each credit card. Other cool features include the ability to rename receipts and have receipts automatically saved to your pictures album.

Premium features of DivvyUp (save previously itemized receipts, email receipt breakdown to others, etc) are now on sale for $0.99 for a limited time.

Download DivvyUp from the Windows Phone Store

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Reader comments

DivvyUp hits version 2.0, brings new features and temporary price reduction


Why do you assume its a tip calculator? It's to itemize a bill amongst friends or a group. If it includes a tip amount, great!

There's only an issue if you are expecting a low tip.  Not everybody can calculate 18% on the fly or whatever they want to leave you.  Also very helpful for collecting money from your stingy friends after a dinner.

Me too, I downloaded it aggeess ago, finally went to use it on Saturday, realized I had to buy it for it to work, so paid full price. Still didn't work as the restaurant needs to be well lit lol. I was in sarastro in London, which is quite dim, and using the flash didn't help. Oh well, nevermind lol

This app has saved me from so many "arguments" that I wrote the developer with that sentiment. With it saved the receipt image though, but the dev said it was not possible with the dev kit.

I have never understood the need for these types of apps. Any restaurant with a POS terminal and a server with half a brain knows how to spilt your bill among the people at the table for what they ordered. It's why the server asks you if the bills are separate or together before you order.

I've been to serveral restaraunts where the server won't seperate bills for more than 2-3 parties. This is where an app like this comes handy.

Tip Calculator by Smile does a great job with splits and it's free. May not have all the slick camera functions, but its pretty darn good in it's own right.

Tip calculator just calculates a tip. I use a calculator for that or estimate it. Divvy Up will factor what each individual ordered-like the guy that ordered the crab cake for himself along with three cocktails the calculate his share of the tax and tip. Then, you hit a button to email everyone a copy of the breakdown. Divvy Up is effing awesome.

Love this app, always use it at lunch with colleagues where one pays up first so we can leave right away. Especially very useful when some people are sharing different dishes

I've used Settle Up once. It's good, but geared towards trips. Divvy Up is for restaurant tabs. Much in the same way as Settle Up. The difference then is the tip field, and the ability to OCR the receipt for auto itemization.

If one of my friends/fellow diners were to scan our receipt and painstakenly assign people to each individual item just to ensure no one overpays by a dollar or two, I think I'd get new friends. 

If it's really that big of a deal to split the bill evenly, ask for seperate checks.

Two weeks ago, I had dinner with 14 people. Before I used the app, one couple was estimated to pay $80, and my share was $100. After using Divvy Up, my share was $130 and the other couple was $60. If that discrepancy isn't a big deal, let's grab dinner sometime.

As I said, "If it's really that big of a deal to split the bill evenly, ask for seperate checks." 

My wife and I typically dine with the same couples (at different times), and most often split the bill 50/50.  It's not worth splitting hairs over when we also go to eachothers homes, share eachothers food and wine, etc.  Their kids come to our home and eat our food; and vice-versa.

BTW..  you'd better stick to using this app, because you're a horrible estimator.  ;)

I guess it's to hard to push calculator on phone. And take the price of meal x it by .15 or what ever precent you want to give. Most my meals I eat at a restaurant is under 20. The server starts with 6 bucks on tip then depending on service it will range from 3 to 6. But on very good service I'll tip 10 bucks. And that was on a 8 dollar dinner lol

You miss the point of this app. You can have a party of ten, where everyone ordered their entrée of varying prices, where only five people wanted to eat oysters as the appetizer, each couple ordered different desserts to share and this app will calculate what each person's share is owed with the tax and tip of what they ordered.

It is not a simple divide the bill by ten. That's how people get screwed if they didn't order as much as others.

And if you have cheap people that can't remember how much there meals are. Then time to find better people to hang out with.....

Maybe you've never dined with more than a few people? It's not bout being cheap.

How do you remember how much your share is if you ordered a few drinks, shared appetizers among 2/3 of your party, ordered the fish special that was priced as AQ, and decided to split a dessert between three of you because you just wanted a few bites. Now, take your total and add tax and tips. Maybe you calculated yours correctly, but what about the others at table?

Biggest dinner date was with 17 close friends... But like I said I don't have cheap friends most just say hey here's 25 or so when they might have spent 12 at most...but hey if it works for you that's all that matter's