DIY Dual Shot Lumia 920

DIY Lumia 920 “dual shot” attempt yields one-of-a-kind Orange Nokia phone

We’ve seen quite a few projects come from our forums and the latest is from AccentAE86, who took the concept of Nokia’s “dual shot” Lumia 620 shell design and applied it to his Lumia 920.

For those who aren’t familiar, “dual shot”, especially on the Green Lumia 620, is actually a two-layer yellow and blue shell that results in a bright green color. It’s an interesting new design language that Nokia is evidently experimenting with and something we hope to see in future devices.

On the Lumia 920, Accent AE86 uses a spare shell, which is then sanded down and spray painted with a special paint called Duplicolor Metalcast. The colored paints are “transparent” and when red is added to a yellow shell, it causes it to turn orange. Throw in some clear coats, wet polishing and a nifty how-to video and you have yourself a serious DIY project.

DIY Dual Shot Lumia 920

If you thought changing the shell the on the Lumia 920 was enough of a project, we’re not sure doing this would much of an option—it looks quite time consuming and involved. Having said that, if anyone wants to open a small business by making and reselling these for the lazy, we’re sure many of you wouldn’t be opposed.

Head to our forums for the full discussion. Thanks, Muessig, for the tip!


Reader comments

DIY Lumia 920 “dual shot” attempt yields one-of-a-kind Orange Nokia phone


The orange looks great.
But it would have looked like a dual shot color if there was yellow left around the glass display on the front. Now, it just looks like a simple orange paint.

Same, would be great if Nokia made orange phones as well, in EU it would go great if you are on the Orange carrier.

Exactly..if it can actually look and feel awesome, I am willing to scrub my yellow 920.. :D but would want to try on a 900 or something first..or on a spare shell..if it turns out well, i'd love my phone even more.. :D

This is cool!
But there's no way I would even THINK about opening a 600€ phone just to change colours let alone mess with the shell colours.

And? I wouldn't do this to a car either. Not to mention that, when cars are concerned, it's illegal.

Modifying it. At least in Europe*. You can't modify your car without the express consent and approval of the company that produced it (Volkswagen, Mercedes, etc) for safety reasons.
And you can't repaint it without informing the authorities and taking care of the appropriate register paperwork.
Sure you can ignore all of this. But if the police stops you for any reason, you'll pay a heavy fine and/or lose your car althogether.
(*by Europe I mean the European Union which comprises almost all European countries. Should clarify this since apparently people don't really grasp it by themselves. Also...if you don't know European laws or even your countries...that's not my fault. Go get a Law Degree as I did ;) )

That's what's in the European laws. If your country hasn't passed laws in agreement with the European decisions, then that's between your country and the European Comission ;)

sorry i am modifying cars in germany and england. someone from UK should even think about "strict" laws when it comes to modification

No, thanks. I prefer it that way. I don't want to drive alonside idiots who geopardize their cars safety just because they want to be hipsters and change stuff around ;)

You mean jeopardize..?? Which college did you get your law degree from..?? I'll keep in mind to suggest everyone to stay away from it.. :D :P

Calling people who modify their cars hipsters? That's the dumbest thing I've heard.

I'll take freedom over some kind of fake sense of safety. You're more likely to be in a car accident just from the person's driving, not because their car is modified.

So my dad, who has been a mechanic for probably 25-plus years, is jeopardizing others when he puts new parts in his car and repaints it? This is why I'd never live in that nanny-state Eurpoean Union--people are convinced that everything is a threat, so they let the government run their lives, it seems.

The UK is only in Europe geographically. I know that, you know that, everyone knows that (and if the British people are smart, it will stay that way).

It's because of safety reasons. Not your safety, but the safety of others on the roads.
If you paint a car, there's not that much fuss, you just need to do the paperwork with the authorities to "legalize" the change 'cause your car is registered with the government (to assert your property over it in case it gets stolen for example).
But if you do other stuff like lowering the chassis etc, then you need the consent of the factory which has to allow it and issue a paper attesting that the changes do not compromise the cars safety.

I'm not sure where in Europe you live, but, it is allowed to modify a car in Europe, like tuning, turbo converting, lowering and change colour. But to be able to drive the car legally you have to got to a (usually) governmental car inspecing agency (not sure want it's called in english) to get it inspected and approved, and if you did the work properly, it's hassle free.

DJCBS doesn't pay even $1 for apps and gives a paragraph full of excuse when anyone asks him to care about developers, so i don't think he will take any risk with his phone and there is no way he can own a 100k car :)

See? You lost a good opportunity to stay silent. I drive a Mercedes-Benz CLS coupé. Which I can afford precisely because I don't go around throwing money around to pointless things like "helping developers for the sake of it". Yeah, I do value my money too much for doing stupid things with it like throwing it out of the windows jeopardizing products I buy just to be "cool".
When you grow up you'll know what that's called.
Now go back to your house-van. Or your church, Father Etios. got jeopardize right this time.. :D then that was merely an dont seem to own a WP..autocorrect and all..yet you say you dont throw money at useless stuff.. :D you are a man with a chest full of paradox.. :P I dunno why I feel like picking on you.. :P just some friendly condescendense.. :))

Dream on, hope your 2003 Honda civic is in good condition, LOL!! 
In real life, people like you wont even get an appointment to meet me.

Haha, I modify almost everything I own. Warranty is a word that doesn't even register in my brain. Lol. I have all these paints, sandpapers, and polishing compounds from my race car building hobby.

With all the shell and paint colour options, I would think any colour is possible. But I have no plans to make an indigo dual shot. My next project will be adding a metallic flake base to a Lumia 810 shell and then hitting it with this Metalcast red.

Drool!!!!!! I just did my black-> red conversion two nights ago and WAS really happy about it. Now, all I want is orange!!

The translucent red over the yellow plus the clear coat gives it an appearance of depth that simply painting it orange won't do.

Would love to see you try cyan on top of red to make purple or if magenta on top of cyan would make an interesting purple . I know the 820 and 620 have purple shells but I haven't even seen a store that sells them.

Got a spare white shell, going to try to make it matte using the first step. But I'm not sure if it'll strat to pick up the color off my jeans when I put it in my pocket =/

I just did the housing swap myself from black to white. It's like I just bought a brand new phone for 40 bucks. Good job on the paint tho.

Superb.... now that's what happens if genius buys Lumia... :) its super awesome.. color possibilities are endless.. i am imagining Nokia setting up a portal with pre-defined colors like 100s of them and then they actually make to phone for you..

I love the orange 920!  I have one yellow one and am thinking of buying another in black but I trying to be cheap and maybe risk buying one that is already locked AT&T and trying to unlock it!
Wonder how much the orange case kit is?  Anyone know?

had i've known i can matte my lumia , i would've gone for a Yellow Lumia instead of the red (although i'm most satisfied with that damn sexy color.

Huh..i guess thats fair.. :D yet, IMHO, yellow is the and yellow is a killer combination..the red on the lumia is way too dark to complement black.. :))

erm ok.... but why not just paint it bloomin orange????

going to trouble of that many coats and i'd want flip paint with some metallic flakes in it ;)

Good Job!! :-) i think nokia should work on a prototype, where back cover changes color when the theme color is changed ... it wl b a Huge hit !! :-)

Lumia 920, available in:
* Camero (BumbleBee) Yellow
* Ferrari Red
And now, our newest colour yet: The lambo orange