Do you carry more than one Windows Phone?

Do you carry more than one phone? One in the left pocket and another one in the right pocket? That's a discussion going on right now at the WPCentral Off-topic lounge. Forum moderator, Guytronic, asks the question after a friend noticed him having a Lumia 635 in the right pocket and the Lumia 925 in the left. If you do carry more than one device, is it because of some sort of addiction or is it because of necessity?

While Guytronic carries both Windows Phone devices, others have responded carrying two phones with different platforms. For example, forum member, MSFTisMIA, admits to rocking the Nokia Lumia 925 and a Nexus 5 these days.

In addition to carrying more than one phone, others have also chimed in carrying a tablet with them daily. For example, Scienceguy _Labs says:

I carry a white 1520 and a white 1320 and an ASUS Vivotab Note 8 or an HP Elitepad 900 depending on the mood. Just to clarify. I teach 5th grade science, so all the electronics I carry around is part of my classroom act.

How about you? Do you carry more than one phone? Are they both Windows Phone devices or do you mix and match?


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Do you carry more than one Windows Phone?



If the SIM is the same or adaptable, you can swap it between phones.  One plan for both.  I don't do this though.  I have a GS3 now, but plan on switching to a WP8.1 device in October.  I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 I use for work/play, so I can run Android Apps on there if I need one of theirs.  For Data, I can just tether to the phone.  Better than paying a $10 "Line access fee" like the carriers want you to do, after shelling out more for a LTE tablet.  And I suppose I could carry around my GS3, but I probably won't.  It'll stay at home as an emergency backup.

I m using 920, I bought it last year 1st march, I love my windows phone, personally i don't like android or IOS, wp don't have more apps but it do have the apps i need, i had lots of bug with my WP but still i love it, i want to buy 1020 and 1520 or may be some future windows 9 or future wp

As they say, windows phone is a personal phone. And I love how I customize my phone that way. Noe if I bring two I might be suffering from MPD then. Hahaha! Seriously I'm serious 'bout it :D

Yes it did. They changed it shortly after posting. I find it odd that someone would be so bold as to just say things without proof.

3 of those are phones and one of them is a windows phone which is the articles topic..... Do your answer should have been no

Same for me... I carry a Windows Phone for myself and iPhone for work. Although I mostly just play games on the iPhone as the Windows Phone store is lacking many (many!) titles

I do. But its an iPhone and 1020. IPhone 5c as a music player and some apps, the 1020 for everything else. Eventually I'll probably sell the iPhone though.

Same here :-) 1020 as my main phone and an iphone 5S for facetime with family and friends abroad. I get at least 1 facetime call per day and if i dont carry my iphone with me I lose these facetime calls.

Windows, android and iOS... Have them all but carry android as the daily driver.

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Lol, if you think that's big, I carry my headphones, wallet, phone and a charger in my pant pocket

I carry a L920 and a L1520. One for work and one for private use. A L1520 where I could pop in 2 Sims and have both lines on one phone would be my ideal device.

+525... Who the hell would carry another phone?.... The sole purpose of smartphone is that you do all things on a single device... So the only logical explanation is obsession.... Though one might argue about using an entire phone for a single app or game.... It's simply pathetic if its for a game

Sometimes you don't have a choice. I have a company sim and a private sim. If I could put them both in one device and have them both active as two lines, I would not have the need to carry two phones. But until we have a WP device allowing that, I will have my pockets full :)

Yes I agree but OEMs rarely put dual SIM feature in high end.... Galaxy maybe.... But agree they can have a 1520 with dual SIM given its size ;-)

Aren't there 2 dual SIM windows phones that just came out? I can't remember the other one but I remember it was a high end phone with an 8mp camera and quad core processor

well, an example could be that someone could use one devvice for media consumption and the other as a phone. Some people, like myself, hate when receiving a phone call and music or video is interrupted. or when you;re driving, you can play your music without interruption as welll. or, you basically upgraded your phone and never got rid of the old one. theres a lot of variables, but one shouldnt put down others for choosing to have multiple devices 

Not necessarily :-) I bought a Lumia 900 a year later it was released. And I bought a Lumia 920 this February. I bought both of them for the price of mid ranged phones. Now I use one for cheaper calls and texts and another for cheaper internet. Well, you know the devices and just imagine all the benefits from longer availability to awesome photography :-)

Daily carry is an M8 and a SP3. Had multiple phones I would jump between for awhile but never slung more than one at a time. Traded them all for the M8.

I might get a 520 or similar for media while swimming.

I have multiple Windows phone for different activities, but I carry a Windows phone for me and sometimes an Android/iPhone for work.

Like I said earlier, I imagine a Harry Potter and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Priori Incantatem happening in the space between your pockets.

I carry a L720 and a Nokia 102 feature phone :P.. What a contrast huh?!! Waiting for an upper mid range WP rocking dual sim functionality ...

I have an Icon and a 520 - the 520 because it was $40 and makes a nice mp3/gps/dev test device (if I ever get around to actually writing an app) and the Icon for work

You must be my twin. Same setup, but I just got a L635 (package deal from MS Store along with a Fitbit Flex for my wife) to replace my 520. Oh, and my Icon is my personal phone, but my company is too brick headed to even allow access to calendar and email from WP devices.

I carry two phones, one on Verizon and one on AT&T. I am a salesman and it is common for me to be in very rural areas and depending on which network picks up the best, I can pull out the best one. I have a Icon, LG G3 and  iPhone 5S. Of these 3 phones, I really like the Icon the best, but I have to use the others because of work.

I carry a 920 for work a 1020 personal and a dell venue 8 pro and use a Lenovo x1 carbon when I work at home. When I travel I take the phones and my surface pro 3. Would like a dual SIM high end phone...

If i could afford 2 i would. The problem with SD cards us the reason. I have out grown 32GB about 10 months ago. I need a 1520 basically.

I carry two. One L920 that used to be my private phone that I now use as work phone, and a L1520 for private use.

Lumia 1520 as my personal phone and a Nexus 5 as my work phone. It used to be an HTC 8X as my work phone. My ideal device is a flagship Windows Phone (930, 1520 or even M8) with dual SIM.

Yes, Lumia 920 and a Lumia 635.
Only reason is BT LE for my FitBit. Once the 920 is updated, I will find some other purpose for the 635.
635 sits in my work bag and is WiFi only, tethered to my 920.

I do carry two phones. One is my old Symbian N79 and L720. Like to use a small phone with gud specs and touch enabled bigger phone for movies and playing games, also browsing and more to it like, camera, OneNote, Office, etc.

I've been carrying a recently-acquired Lumia 520 along with my 920 most of the week because I like it so much. The SIM card gets swapped between the two pretty frequently and I just internet-share between them. I think if I didn't have the 920 first I'd be very happy with just the 520.

I have L1520 as daily driver and Samsung Note 1 purely for candy crush. Sad, I know. Don't troll on me... LOL (mainly to entertain friend's desperate candy requests)

If its not a work related necessity I think you're nuts to carry more than one phone, and with WP, again if not for work, who needs a tablet?

Nope... I carry my L1320 only..though I had L 720 my first and fav windows phone which I passed on to my sister..do have an Android tablet but I don't take it to anywhere much..and a 20MP pureview camera phone is on my wish list ...

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I'm waiting for WP9 til then my Lumia 920 will do. I'm starting to think WP needs a major overhaul. People are not buying the UI, change the UI... I like Metro, but I think Microsoft should rethink it. Most of my friends find the UI uninspired (especially when they see the Settings)

You're using the 8.1 update with the live folders and such..? It's pretty new to me and fixes it a bit of a break in the tedium along with the background. =[

although totally irrelevant to the topic, but yes, I already voted for that uservoice, they need to change how Settings look in the phone. At least some sorting or icons are needed.

Carry no. Own yes: Samsung Focus, Lumia 920, broken 925, and Lumia 520. Currently waiting on the next big thing

I carry a Lumia 1520 and 1020. If the screen on the 1020 was at least 5" and had a micro SD slot, I wouldn't feel the need to do this. Dream phone would be an Icon with 41mp PureView camera and micro SD slot.

I don't CARRY all of them but I do own Lumia 635 (currently using), 520&521, as well as the 925 which I need to replace for an audio/speaker issue... Wish I still had my 810 that I lost when getting the 925. =P

I carry a 920 and 925. I listen to podcasts/audiobooks for around 8hrs a day so sometimes I need to switch devices so I dont have a dead battery when leaving work. Also have my nexus 7 and surface 2 with me at work. I mostly leave the surface plugged in with an external monitor just running tweekdeck while at work. I use the Nexus 7 as a walk around with device as some of the apps I use either arent on windows phone yet or pleasant to use. (ie TD Ameritrade)

Its a moblie website in a app container. If you have used the iOS and Android version you would agree even the windows 8 version is poorly done. I wish I didnt have to use another device but if I want constant refreshing and tabing between sections easy I can't use my phones or surface.

No. However I will be carrying around my 1020 and my new Dell venue 8 pro. Anyone else have one? How do you find the device, battery, speakers etc

When u have a slick looking and snappy Nokia Lumia 630 Dual Sim then why bother carrying two phones and look like a nerdy telephone operator?

One day I shall have more than one gadget :D
Currently using nexus5 but I miss windows phone waiting for 730

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always carry my 920...sometimes hav my nexus 7 2013 and rarely take my ipad air....got all dem 3 oses..i also carry my bb bold 3 sometimes...but thats like a rare occasion..

Does your iPod touch works smooth?? How would it work on iOS 8 if you have any idea?? Actually I have ordered one last week and kind of regretting but I want the taste of all three OSes too.

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I carry around my L925 and windows 8.1 tablet while out at class, but when just out and about, just the phone.

I carry a blackberry Q10 and a Lumia 920 that I occasionally switch out for my Lumia 1520 or OnePlus One.

I also have an iPhone 5s for work.

I carry a Lumia 822 and a Motorola RAZR D3, but am considering switching one of them for the Blackberry Q10. How does it work for you?

I love my Q10. I seriously dislike the Z10, and at&t doesn't like the z30. I'm upgrading that line to the Classic when it becomes available.

I have a Surface Pro tablet in the bag with it I have a Lumia 1020, in one pocket I have a 930 which is my personal phone and in the other pocket I have a 920 for work. I should really sell my 1020 now.

A 1520, 1020, Samsung Galaxy S5 (when on call for work), Dell Venue 8 Pro, Surface Pro (128GB).

How? Cargo pants and a Tom Bihn vertical messenger bag.

The snarky answer is I work for a living.

1520 - primary
1020 - pictures and backup
Galaxy S3 - issued by work
Dell Venue 8 Pro - tablet reader
Surface Pro - when Office suite necessary

The one thing all electronics share is that they fail, either to battery life or component failure. Backup devices are prudent and necessary.

well i still have my 900 from when i upgraded to my 920 and i'll probably kep both when i get my 830 or 730 unless my brother phone breaks or something and needs it i doubt i'll just throw it away

I used my factory unlocked att spec dvp for when I visited the US. Before I switched to my L929(in a otterbox) I would flip back & fourth between the dvp & my ativ s(good for offline gps) just as I did with my se x1a(use that mostly now for just external gps receiver for my laptop & getting mac addresses for 3ds homepass) & my dvp

Not carry, but have at my disposal, a L920, and a L520. I constantly keep them updated with the latest updates. I, however, have downgraded the L920 to 8.0 non dp to have it ready for the 8.1 w/cyan update from AT&T. My wife has her own L920 on dp 8.1.1 and my son has a L635. When AT&T drops the hammer on the L920 cyan update, I will update my backup and move my wife onto it and then do hers which will be our backup after that. I hope that's clear as mud. Oh yeah, I also am sporting a SP3 i5 128gb.

I carry my Lumia Icon around as a daily driver, but often have either my 920 or 1020 on backup for either photographic or battery-related reasons, if I'm out all day.

I use Windows Phone since HD7 (and before that Win Mobile since Moto MPX200), but 1 is enough. I was using a dumbphone for a while as a backup device, but dumped it few years ago.

I carry 4 Windows Phones! My Lumia 920 (primary phone), Lumia 1520 (My second phone), Lumia 630 and Lumia 530. And I carry all at once!
P.S. I used to use the Lumia 925, but now I gave it to my mom.

I only carry one phone but I'm alternating between the 1520, and the iPhone 5s. Just got the Lumia so it's gotten the most use this week, I haven't turned on the 5s yet, and my iPad mini is feeling neglected.

A 920, an iPhone 5 and a nexus 7 when I have a bag to carry it in. Two sims so two phones. And iPhone fills the app gap. Nexus provides the ultimate tablet experience and android on tablet is unbeatable IMO. So the best of all the worlds basically. ;)

It's very flexible. Multiple users, reads almost all video formats, has the apps as well. Multiple users feature is especially great for people who share their tablets among family members or when kids want to play games. You can have two different hay day accounts for example on a single device with just one game installation but different user files. The performance on kitkat is amazing. So..great for all purposes. Don't forget USB otg. Makes it very convenient.

I guess a huge advantage is the apps. And how is the productivity in an android base tablet vs. Windows 8.1? Cause the biggest reason I have my dell venue 8 pro is to have the best of both worlds. Buy I am not feeling the best part of the app store.

Yeah. Windows takes up a lot of space for the OS itself first off. And you cant use a tablet like a pc without connecting peripherals kike mouse at least. The android emulator bluestacks is good, but isn't as good as the actual OS. And android gets everything done anyway. So its a better choice for content consumption, as compared to windows which I feel is better for content production. I would have got the dell as well had it been available in India then, but it has serious limitations and I would have regretted it. Don't forget the battery life. I can watch 2 whole movies and read in a single charge on the nexus. Android is great for tablets IMO. Apple doesn't even come close.

I carry around a small back pack with my dell venue pro 8 (stylus and Bluetooth keyboard), my sol republic headphones, a 1020 for daily use and my 520 for music with Xbox music.

Nokia Lumia 1520 and a Samsung Galaxy S3. The Lumia meets all of my requirements except my voip solution company and their app does not support the WP OS :(